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  1. my cat gave birth three days ago to two healthy kittens. yesterday she gave birth but the kitten was dead and the placenta was not attached. she seems to have another kitten and is pushing. is it possible that she could give birth to another cat if the placenta was still in her? Thank you for submitting your question regarding Snow
  2. imized by carefully monitoring of the cat during delivery and the postpartum period
  3. my cat just gave birth 4 days ago to five healthy kittens. However, we have noticed that she has a lump on her stomach that isn't going away. Also, she has recently started breathing harder and faster than normal. I'm not sure if this is serious and I should take her to the vet. I have her water to try and cool her down, and she drank a little.
  4. After birth, there are a few problems that can occur: bleeding from the vagina or unusual vaginal discharge; prolapse of the uterus (womb) - straining can occasionally cause the uterus to be pushed out; disturbed behaviour - normally queens spend most of the time with the litter for at least two weeks and are usually very calm after the birth
  5. Most of the time, cats are healthy after giving birth, but occasionally something does go wrong. Vet Info provides some reasons why you might find a mother cat sick after giving birth. One reason might be something called galactostasis, which is characterized by full and swollen mammary glands
  6. Caring for your postpartum cat queen involves making her as comfortable as possible, while closely monitoring for any health complications that might occur. No two cats are alike. You should learn as much as you can about postpartum care of your cat in advance of her delivery, so you may readily apply your knowledge to your own cat's situation when the time comes for her to give birth

Pregnancy, birth, and the period after delivery are a stressful time for the body of a new mother. A new mother has a flood of hormones, milk production begins, and recovery from the birth process is in full swing. There are a few severe conditions to keep an eye out for in your mother cat My cat seemed fine at first but after she got up she still seems pregnant - like there might be another kitten or two in there. It is now almost 12 hours later and she just took the kittens from the bedroom where she gave birth to them (she gave birth at the foot of the bed while I was asleep) and she took them to a box in my closet in another.

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  1. If your cat is giving birth for the first time, your home is probably full of excitement. Once your cat navigates the birth, her care needs will change. By educating yourself about how to care for her after the kittens arrive, you can help keep the mother and her kittens healthy and safe
  2. Just like humans, cats go through several stages of labor when they are about to give birth. The first stage of labor happens when the uterus, the hollow organ inside a cat's belly where the kittens develop, starts contracting, the cervix starts to relax, and the cat's water breaks. Stage one lasts anywhere from 6-12 hours on average (up to.
  3. The cat will give birth in 4 days. It is already noticeable how the kittens are already moving in her stomach. ASM

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  1. The mama cat will likely stop lactating by the eighth week after the kittens are born. As soon as the kittens appear to be eating nothing but solid food, the mother cat's breast should be dry within a week or two. Typically that's week 10 for the kittens
  2. Several tell-tale signs will help you know when your cat is close to giving birth: Her appetite has almost doubled in the past few weeks. Her kittens are moving around in her abdomen quite clearly. She will display 'nesting' behavior, such as looking for a warm, quiet safe place to give birth
  3. Metritis and endometritis are types of inflammation of the uterus. It usually happens within 3 days of giving birth in cats. Queens will be much sicker than with retention of fetal membranes. Signs include fever, completely ignoring her kittens, refusing food, and not being active

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Obstructive dystocia is caused by disproportion between the size of the kittens and the maternal birth canal. Factors resulting in an inadequate size of the maternal birth canal may include disorders of the maternal skeleton (healed pelvic fractures), the pelvic soft tissues (severe constipation), or the uterus itself (uterine torsion or rupture) If a cat has four or more kittens that are actively sucking the milk, the process of reducing the uterus can be reduced to 24-36 hours. Along with bleeding in cats after giving birth, you may notice that the discharge from the vulva has a pungent rotting smell. The color of the secretions can vary from dark brown to black, green or yellow

Although most cats deliver their litter without any assistance, problems can occasionally arise which require the attention of a Vet. Always seek veterinary advice if any of the following occur: Twenty minutes of intense labour without a kitten being delivered. After ten minutes of intense labour a kitten or a fluid-filled bubble is visible in the birth canal, but not progressing If you see a cat dripping blood after giving birth, then this is not normal and implies there is a serious problem. Spotting is normal for about 48 hours after a cat gives birth. If it continues to happen after this time, you should take them to the vet to rule out a problem

Hopefully, this brief guide will help give you some ideas on what to expect when your feline is pregnant. 5 Stages of Feline Pregnancy. There are roughly 5 cat stages of pregnancy. The first stage is when a cat goes into feline estrus (also known as heat). This is a cat's fertile period. Cats can go into heat and breed as early as 5 to 6. Finally, although a cat may normally experience accelerated breathing and panting during labor, once finished giving birth, your cat's breathing should return to normal. If you notice that after giving birth your cat is breathing quickly, restless, anxious, shows lack of coordination when walking, falls, hypersalivates, has a fever and/or her. Cats need a warm, calm, safe place to give birth, and your cat will deliberately seek out such a place prior to giving birth. Your cat will usually display nesting signs several days before the birth is imminent, and this is the perfect opportunity to direct her to the nest that you have already prepared for her A swollen belly is always a cause for concern, and your cat should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Several health conditions including heart failure, severe infections, cancer, and hemorrhage can result in fluid buildup in the abdomen. These are all serious and life-threatening problems

Giving birth is a natural process, and it is no different for cats. She will rely on her maternal instincts. All you have to do is stay by her side during the birthing process to monitor what happens. Only intervene if something goes awry. Approximately two weeks before your cat gives birth, put a box in a location that your cat can visit. After giving birth. After giving birth, your cat is likely to be very hungry, tired and need to rest. She will need to stay with her kittens to feed and bond with them. Make sure they are in a quiet space, free from noise and disturbance. There is a risk that your cat may reject her kittens if she doesn't feel comfortable, relaxed and able to. it is normal that the stomach gets hard,those kittens grow fast in the belly of your cat so it is the same as in pregnant human women the belly gets harder.my comment was more about if the cat is in labour(you ask more than one question here but this is ok)and please post a picture of the kittens when it is possible for you to do so. - trond. Is it normal for a mother cat to shake after giving birth? This DEFINITELY IS NOT NORMAL. YES - you should call a vet immediately. Since you came to Quora FIRST - I am guessing that you don't gave a vet. SO - Call a Veterinary Hospital - and - A.. Cats can also experience interrupted labor which can last between 24-36 hours. Once the queen has progressed to the second stage of labor with stronger, more frequent contractions and/or noticeable straining, delivery of a kitten may take between 5-30 minutes. Giving birth (labor) in cats is divided into 3 stages: 1

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Cats often have a feel for when they are right about to give birth, and as a result they begin the nesting process. A nesting cat will begin searching for a quiet, dimly lit, comfortable and secluded haven where she can birth and care for her litter in peace and calm At the 9th week the cat's appetite gets poor, the belly drops (previously, it was rounded and was located right behind the ribs - now it looks kind of drooped and closer to the hips). Clear mucus exudes from the vulva and the mom-to-be starts looking for a place for giving a birth to kittens

Hello. My cat Snow gives births to 7 adorable kittens on May 15, 2017. Ever since then she keeps having diarrhea and I am really worried. Is it normal for a mama cat to have diarrhea after giving birth? Please help I am really worried. Congratulations on 7 kittens from Snow!!! Sometimes stress during labor can cause soft stool/diarrhea To feed a cat after giving birth, during lactation, you should feed your cat with kitten-suitable feed.It should be fed specialized food because it needs to stay strong, healthy and must produce enough nutrient-rich milk to pass on to the kittens. As a general rule, your cat should be fed 2 or 3 times per day and should always have fresh clean water nearby After giving birth, a wild cat even changes the nursery often, so that natural enemies can't track down the little ones by their smell. Shortly prior to giving birth, your cat will therefore retreat to a quiet hiding place within the flat; favourites are wardrobes and drawers, as they provide a safe space where no one can observe them After a cat gives birth the mother will experience some of the same body changes as a person would. A belly on a mother cat may still be fat until she loses the extra stored weight needed to. Sometimes another period of labor contractions in cats starts in a few minutes after the birth of the first kitten and sometimes it may take several hours. In rare cases, the labor stops at all and the cat-mother starts taking care of the newborn kittens giving a birth to the rest of them in a while. This is absolutely ok, if the cat feels well

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A cat that has given birth can develop eclampsia during the late stages of its pregnancy, but also in the first several days after giving birth. Some of the symptoms that you can notice if your cat is unfortunate enough to develop it are increased salivation, restlessness, stiffness, muscle twitching, fever and lethargy Approximately 2 days before your cat gives birth, she'll start to produce milk. Another physical sign that your cat is in labor is that her temperature will drop two days before her delivery day. Usually the other signs will be so obvious you won't need to be concerned with checking her temperature as a sign

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When giving birth to a cat: allow for a duration of two to six hours. The last thing a nursing mother cat needs is stomach pain and diarrhea, which cow's milk can make. Three days after the cat's birth: gender determination. At some point you have to look for a new home for your kittens And sure enough, as the days went by and the size of the new mom's belly noticeably slimmed, her breathing also returned to normal. Just as the experts said from the beginning, no need to worry. The experience taught me something new about healthy behavior after a cat has given birth

By week seven, your cat will have a pregnant stomach. We're in the home stretch now, and it'll be undeniable that your feline will soon give birth. Your cat may begin nesting, so now is a good time to introduce a nesting box, though she won't need it for a few more weeks Early Stage. This is a 4-week period after fertilization. Several symptoms may be observed, including weight loss, morning sickness, and lack of appetite due to nausea. In the second week, cats develop pink nipples that are swollen and sensitive to the touch. In the third week, lumps are felt when touching your cat's abdomen

A cat will start weaning her kittens at about 5/6 weeks after birth and will go into heat again and give birth roughly 2 months later. My recommendation is that unless you are in the business of breeding a purebred cat (even a purebred cat is not a baby making machine) take the stress off of her and have her altered cat pose. cow pose. plank pose. revolved triangle pose. malasana. hanumanasana. Poses that involve major abdominal strength should be avoided until cleared by a midwife, doctor, or pelvic floor physical therapist, concurs Yoga Teacher Val Minos. Many women experience abdominal separation, which, if not healed properly, can cause. Why some cats have primordial pouches. The pouch exists to protect your cat's internal organs. When cats fight with each other, they tend to aim for the vitals with their claws. Cats use a move called bunny kicking to target a rival's sensitive belly. Out in the wild, abdominal tearing from a kick would be very bad news Usually, cats or queens (unsprayed cats) have 5 kittens in the litter on the normal average. However, there are cases where a female cat can have up to 8 kittens on the average level, depending on the breed. In addition to that, if the cat is depressed or it has a malnourished and a stressful pregnancy, it can only give birth to 3 or 4 kittens. We kept the boy cat his name is Stewart and the three girls we had to give away. I dont know when she is going to give birth. She sleeps alot and her nipples are bright pink. I pet her alot but she wont let you touch her stomach really. Im just waiting to see when she will give birth. Can you give me more symptoms of what happens during cat.

Yes, a cat can give birth and still be pregnant. As confusing as it might be, momma cats don't always give birth to their entire litter in one go. They might not even go into labor for the next kitten right after they have the first, which can lead to long birthing times and a still-pregnant cat between kittens. That means that it's. My pregnant cat is giving birth to one kitten every 3 - 4 hours, but doing well. Eating/drinking, not straining or bleeding/birthing fluids until right before. The births themselves take about 5 minut

Fat cats are cute, but not every cat that looks like it has a big belly is overweight. Although the part of a cat's underside that swings when it walks may look like a paunch, it's actually not a. NancyH. Cat Health, Behavior, Care Expert. Bachelor Degree. 31,958 satisfied customers. my female cat had kittens on 9- 6- 06 and she is now my female cat had kittens on 9- 6- 06 and she is now in heat due to the fact that the humane socitey told me i had to wait till 9 weeks after the birth

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First, cats do not shed the lining of their uterus. So contrary to popular belief, heat should not involve vaginal bleeding. If your female cat is bleeding, contact your vet. Since human females shed the lining of their uterus every month, cramping, bloating, and related symptoms can be present Also, she was a hand-raised cat that was abandoned by her mother shortly after birth. Will not being raised by a cat cause her to be a bad mother cat or will instinct take over? --Shelly Dear Shelly, Pregnant cats will decide upon a nest a few weeks before birth Just as is the case with human childbirth, cats do not give birth to a firmly fixed schedule, and so you should potentially be prepared for a few days' difference between the guidelines and the reality of what will happen with your own cat! Here is an at a glance guide to your cat's pregnancy from conception to birth, week by week After the first week postpartum, you'll probably lose even more weight. But your belly might still look like it did when you were pregnant. This is common, and after you give birth, both your. The kittens do not sleep, constantly mew and appear agitated. The kittens are not getting enough milk. After the first day, a healthy kitten should have a plump, distended tummy. Mama cat has a fever over 102.5 Fahrenheit (about 39 degrees Celsius) within two days of giving birth

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After you give birth, lots of women expect that their belly will return to its normal size almost immediately, Ribaudo says. It takes about 6-8 weeks before the uterus is back to its. Loss of appetite - In the run up to giving birth, your cat may lose her appetite and stop eating altogether. If the time has come and your cat is displaying signs of labour, now is the time to put all your research to good use and help her bring her new kittens into the world safely Step 3: Be Ready. After all of that is done, not much is left for you to do. But remaining calm and being ready are the best things you can do to help. Be aware that: Your cat will start yowling or meowing loudly when in labor, so if you hear this in the night, don't panic. Labor can last up to six hours Do increase your cat's feedings during pregnancy -- she will probably need to eat around 1.5 times more than usual. Do place a comfortable birthing box in a warm room about 2 weeks before your cat is due to give birth. Don't. Don't touch your cat's pregnant belly -- this could cause abortion or damage. Consult a vet

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Is it normal for a cat to bleed after giving birth? If you see your cat is bleeding after giving birth, you will want to know if this is a normal occurrence. At AnimalWised, we discuss if there is a normal amount of blood or if there is something you may need to do something about. A cat's pregnancy will last approximately 60 days. After this. Apply similar rules to your dogs : Wait 30 minutes after a walk to feed them and at least an hour after feeding to walk them. dogs who exercise before or after eating can develop bloat. Mostly a problem with large breed dogs, bloat is a digestive problem that causes the stomach to blow up like a balloon

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When a cat gives birth, she needs to ingest the afterbirth and clean up the kittens. Some cats will vomit and/ or have diarrhea as a result of this. If the vomiting and diarrhea were not severe and she is otherwise doing well (eating, drinking, active, taking care of the kittens), then this was likely the cause Either way, you need to get her to a vet ASAP or you will lose her. It's not normal for a cat to not eat after giving birth. Usually they are absolutely ravenous after the birthing is over and they have had a bit of sleep. I know you said that you don't have the money to go to a vet right now, but in this case, you've got to try to borrow it.


Breeding, pregnancy, and birthing in cats may seem simple, but can have complications. Cats can have multiple litters in a year. It is important to know when your cat may be expecting to give birth so that you can be available to provide assistance if necessary. It is important to know what signs indicate that your cat may be experiencing difficulties delivering the kittens and know when. Large wild cats such as tigers, lions, and so on also have primordial pouches. There are a few reasons why cats have this excess skin, namely: Defense while fighting - Ever seen cats fighting? They tend to try and wrap their opponents up and use their back legs as their main weapons to kick them in the stomach Maybe they're wearing layers of Spanx, but the reality is that there's no magic way to have a flat stomach right after giving birth. Six to eight weeks postpartum, your uterus is still. A cat's gestation period is around 60 days, or two months. The first 30 days are pretty uneventful as far as what you're going to see. Around the 30-day mark, you may start to notice that your cat's belly is getting bigger and firmer. You may also notice that her nipples are getting firm and darker pink When cats are pregnant, just like any other mammal, they will try to protect their belly from being rubbed, so if your kitten that loves belly rubs suddenly stops allowing you to touch it, it may be a sign that she is expecting. Note that during this period, your pet will gain between two and four pounds, and that is completely normal