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  1. Assistive Device that helps you put on or take off your socks without bending over. People with arthritis or other physical limitations will find a sock aid helpfu
  2. try putting my left foot on my right knee to put sock on is so tight and hurts and pushes me back & and can not bend forward other leg does not do it? Answered by Dr. Steven Rosner: Hip arthritis: Difficulty crossing one leg over the other is a sign of..
  3. To don or doff your socks, you need adequate hip range of motion. If you're finding it harder and harder to get that foot up on your opposite leg, it could be because of lost hip range of motion. As discussed above, the fact that you can't put on socks could mean that severe hip arthritis is on its way. What if You Don't Have Much Hip Pain
  4. i am unable to bend my knee or raise it to put on socks and shoes. it takes alot of effort because of the severe pain it causes. it starts on the outside of my knee up to the innerthigh and the hip. it has been this way for 8 months

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  1. First of all, bending over to reach your feet can be painful to your back. Arthritis and other conditions may cause your back and hip joints to crunch, which you should not have to go through just to put on a sock. Furthermore, stretching out socks with your hand and trying to grip them securely can irritate those delicate hand joints
  2. It may be hard to bend over to cut your toenails, to put on your socks or to tie your shoes. At first, you may find yourself bending your leg in an awkward position in order to accomplish these things. Then you may be unable to do them at all. Additional aids such as a grabber or shoehorn might be helpful
  3. Put on Your Socks Without Bending. If you find it difficult to bend down to put your socks on or just want an easier method, this DMI Sock Aid is your answer. To use, just fold your sock in half lengthwise with the terry cloth facing out. With straps facing up, insert the small end of the sock aid all the way into the sock toe
  4. The use of a sock aid device will also help with putting the socks on. If you have trouble reaching your feet or putting on your compression socks, you could benefit from using a sock aid device. This is a device or frame that resembles a foot-shape. Simply put the sock over the device and slide your foot into the device, like a sleeve

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  1. So I've had to enlist my husband to trim my toenails and I have recently purchased an item that assist you in putting on your socks so you don't have to bend over. They're really not very expensive at all and you can find them on Amazon or many other medical type places
  2. The Flexible Deluxe Sock Aid is great for anyone who has difficulty bending due to back problems or total hip replacement surgery. People with arthritis will find this easy to use dressing tool allows them to put socks on without bending over. The Flexible Deluxe Sock Aid has a flexible plastic sheet that contours comfortably around the heel and keeps the sock open for the user's foot to enter.
  3. Lie down on your back on a mat keeping your feet on the floor and knees bent With your arms at your sides, press into your heels lifting your but off the floor towards the ceiling Try your best to stretch so that your fingertips can touch your heels Hold for ten seconds and return flat on your back and repea
  4. Doo know I can't bend it to put on my shoes and socks. I have to drag my leg out the car and I have to keep it pretty straight when getting out of the car. The pain feels like its in the back of my knee and deep under knee cap . Also a month or two ago when I would sit down it would hurt all down the back of my leg and butt

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  1. A sock aid is a piece of adaptive equipment, also referred to as an assistive device or arthritis aid, that allows people to put on their socks easily despite the pain and physical limitations. For arthritis patients who have difficulty bending and reaching their feet, a sock aid can allow them to independently put on their socks
  2. The condition, which cardiologists named bendopnea (pronounced bend-op-nee-ah), is an easily detectable symptom that can help doctors diagnose excessive fluid retention in patients with heart.
  3. Once you can put on your compression socks, you'll be ready to go! Wearing compression socks is a simple way to speed your recovery. Through daily use, you'll have the possibility of better circulation, tissue mending, drug delivery, pain relief, and reduction of swelling
  4. Frankly, if I can't lace my shoes up - I'm not going to work. At times I have had to warm up for it, and certainly recommend you do the same. Trying to get shoes or socks on first thing in the morning is a recipe for disaster and a lesson you'll learn very quickly if you're not willing to take my word for it

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  1. It makes it so much easier. Now, if you're heavy like me, you can't really bend properly. So, If you're thinner, you can go ahead and just sit in a chair and do this. If you're more of my girth, I put it up where I can access it easier. So, all you do is take the sock place it over this portion and you slide it down
  2. Never Bend, Stretch, Or Strain Again With This Sock Helper! This sock slider is designed to make it easy to put on socks, especially for those who can't risk bending, stretching, or straining due to various medical reasons. With this sock aid, you can be putting on socks without bending.. This sock Aid Tool Kit makes it comfortable to put on and take off your socks and prevents the risk of.
  3. ded me of a time when that happened to me
  4. I haven't beenable to do so many things for so many years, that I will wait t bend down to tie y laces or put on my own pants. But I am thrilled to walk without my pre-surgical limp!!!! For you, at 11 weeks post-op, or earlier, to be able to bend down and touch your foot is a miracle
  5. Sock Aids. For people with severely limiting arthritis, who have difficulty bending and reaching their feet, sock aids can allow them to independently put on their socks. Putting on and taking of socks during dressing can become challenging and frustrating for people with joint damage, pain, stiffness, and fatigue caused by arthritis

The claim by Sock Slider is that by using the device it will be much easier to put on socks for those unable to bend over and perform the task themselves including those suffering from back injuries and things like that that make mobility a problem. The Hype. The hype is realized by the innovative nature of the Sock Slider device babyya2015. Nov 27, 2014 at 11:40 AM. @boy-mom1520, Putting on socks! Or pants, my sciatic pains don't always let me put pants on easily. Putting on boots, picking up the cat, any bending over causes me to throw up in my mouth a little! Getting up off the couch I'm like a turtle on its back I am 1 of the people who can't even bend to put my socks on, so what about Swiffer slippers, the type that just has the toe and the sole, you could slip your foot into it and not have to put it up over your ankles. 1 advantage of a full sock is you could run your foot along the top of the baseboards and get the dust off of them 1. level 1. wishfuldancer. · 5y. I'm 5 ft 2 and 250. I can still bend over and touch my hands to the floor, so I can put on my shoes if they are tie shoes, etc. The hard part is when there is an outer buckle by the ankle. Sometimes I sit and cross one ankle over the other knee and buckle it underneath, if that makes any sense

A very comfortable shoe, easy ( an underestimated word ) to put on an off, good looking , and I get complements. I strongly recommend you buy the socks, they are thinner than the regular socks a person wears with loafers, running shoes.. I'm going to save a few bucks and buy another pair. The Sock Slider is actually a clever little concept. It's a small cradle that allows you to fold your sock over it, holding it in an open position. You then place it on the floor using an attached handle, allowing you slide your foot into the sock comfortably. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the ad for this I thought it was a joke This product is a lifeline - I cannot bend down to put on my socks and I have one in several rooms around the house. Mr Weston - February 3, 2020 The Soxon is fantastic for putting on my compression socks - I take it to the diabetic clinic with me and everyone asks where they can get one - its marvellous Neither could George. George Adams poses in The Gazette studio on Aug. 7 with his creation. Adams is the inventor of the Sox Butler, which he uses to help him put his socks on now that he can no longer bend over to reach his feet. When George Adams turned 85, he found himself getting stiff. So stiff he wondered how much longer he would be able. No, you will not lose the ability FOREVER to put on your socks without the sock aid. No one can tell you just when you will be able to bend down and put on the shoes and socks, because this is an individual thing. But the day will come when you will be comfortable bending down to the floor and doing this. But until then, the sock aid, dressing.

• Maintaining a straight spine as you bend at the knees • Avoiding any twisting or turning as you bend and lift yourself back up. 2. Sit on a Bed or Chair to Put Socks and Shoes On. Putting on shoes and socks can be a daily challenge if you're recovering from spine surgery. It can also be an easy way to put too much stress on certain areas It makes putting on my socks a cinch. Before, I struggled and often had to have my wife help me because I can't bend due to a bad back. Now I can breathe easier and not have to worry about getting my socks on. No more embarrassment! I highly recommend this product for older folks and those who can't bend well enough to put on your own socks Essential Aids' range of products to help put on socks or stockings. Dorking, Batty, Etac and Brevetti are among the more popular brands of sock aid found available here. Using an aid for putting on socks and stockings is a useful part of many people's dressing routine. A sock helper typically loops over the foot, reducing the distance the. Features. Deluxe Socks Put On Assist Device: Helps individuals put on socks or stockings easily and independently. Ideal daily living aid for those having difficulty to bend down, recovering from back, knee or hip replacement surgery or for those with limited mobility Put your sock over the handicap sock aid so that it expands the opening of the sock. There are also grabbers (handicap reachers) and sock aid sticks that can be used to pull socks up if you are unable to reach or bend at the hip. Clip and Pull. There is a lesser known pants clip dressing aid for the disabled, called the Clip and Pull, which.

The back pain you are feeling when you bend over is likely due to a muscle pull or strain. It could, however, be something more serious such as a herniated disc. If you are experiencing severe. Device to Assist Putting on Socks, Pants, and Shoes: After a knee surgery this summer, I was stuck in a straight knee brace for about 2 months. Unable to bend my knee, I found it difficult to do simple tasks such as putting on my socks, shoes, and even my pants. This problem inspire

Easiest way to put on socks and stockings without the need to bend! Ideal for anyone recovering from hip or knee injuries. Three-finger design sock aid is the best selling sock aid on the market and works with little effort, even the first time. 29? (74 cm) long straps with loop handles eliminate the need to bend and are easy to manipulate Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart for stability, then bend just your knees and lower yourself, carefully keeping your back straight and upright. You have to put on your socks while in the reclining position. Lay back on your bed, draw your knee to your chest and carefully reach down to slip socks on over your feet

If you can't bend to put a sock on, you certainly can't bend to take it off. A sock aid won't help in this case. A dressing stick is a good adaptive tool you can use in areas that are out of reach. Look for dressing sticks with a post that can be tucked under the fabric of the sock or for those with small claws that can keep a grip on the. I can't bend over to wash my feet in the shower at the moment as my hip is playing up, so it is a godsend. It really gives the top and bottom of my feet a good wash, and even gets between my toes. Since the wife has to do up my sandals she is a lot happier that she doesn't have to hold her breath while she does it DMI Deluxe No Bend Sock Aid to Easily Pull on Socks, White. This convenient DMI Sock Aid provides an easy way to put on your socks or stockings without bending. Use sitting or standing. Terry cloth cover helps prevent the sock from slipping; nylon lining reduces friction. Hand wash with mild detergent and hang to dry I No longer have to bend and struggle to put my socks on Janet - March 9, 2021 I wouldn't say this gives pain relief, but it certainly helps put on socks etc, very easy to use, saves relying on somebody else to help with dressin

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Dressing aids are devices that are designed to provide support for individuals with disabilities, weaknesses, or age-related infirmity who may lack the flexibility or are unable to get dressed independently. Dressing aids like a long handle shoe horn, a sock aid, leg lifter, dressing sticks, one-handed button aid, elastic shoelaces and arthritic hip kits are examples of types of assistive. To effectively put on a compression sock without folds, bunching or the risk of circulation loss, use these tips when donning socks at home: 1. Insert your hand into the sock with your palm up and the sock's heel facing you. 2. Stop when the tip of your thumb has reached the heel pocket. 3. Close your hand and turn the sock inside out. 4 So we developed this guide that will help you to put on your compression socks or stockings properly. Steps in Wearing your Compression Stockings . Follow these steps when puttng on your compression stockings to maximize its effect on your legs. Allow 1 to 2 fingers of space between the bend of your knee and the top of your stocking Socks Put On Assist Device: Helps individuals put on socks or stockings easily and independently. Ideal sock slider for those having difficulty to bend down, recovering from back, knee or hip replacement surgery or for those with limited mobility Because the knee can't bend much, the patient won't be able to sink down far enough to sit on a regular toilet seat. This seat should be in the bathroom to allow the patient to sit and do things such as remove/put on shoes/slippers, remove/put on socks (and surgical stockings), remove/put on clothes, and sit while showering

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One customer had chemo 8 years ago and to this day he has so many problems with his bones that he can't even bend over to put his socks on without an apparatus to help him. After one prostate massage he didn't need the apparatus to put his socks on. He could bend over with no problem. WEBSITE: TANTRATANTRA1.WEBS.COM 774-205-533 You're doing the right thing going to see your Dr. They may have you get an MRI to see what the cause is. I know the feeling of putting on your socks and shoes. I have to get on the floor and bend to put then on, I can't raise my leg high enough to reach. I also had alot of pain just pulling my pants up over my leg, that has calmed down some I bought this as I've just had a hip replacement and have to wear compression stockings for 5 weeks, but as I can't bend more than 90 degrees at the hips I can't put them on myself. So I'm reliant on others to do it for me. With this and another aid to remove them, sock-eez, I'm able to do it myself. Definitely a goo Do not bend over, raise your legs, or cross your legs while you are dressing. Use helpful devices so that you do not bend too much. Use a reacher, a long-handled shoehorn, elastic shoelaces, and an aid to help you put on your socks. When you are getting dressed, first put pants, socks, or pantyhose on the leg that had surgery

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taking off your shoes and socks is less of a must-do and more of a strongly recommended. If you have an injury or ailment that prevents you from going barefoot, you can certainly work around that by wearing flexible-soled shoes or grippy socks.. 4. Sand Socks for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball and Snorkeling (Black, Small) -Water Booties & Socks. By Sand Socks. More Pictures. In addition improves balance and feel, while protecting from against heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt March 2011. Definitely was out of breath after getting off the couch last night, which was a trial in itself! I haven't bothered with socks in months because of that, but I did have to put on pantyhose for work the other day. I feel like they should have a pregnant women Olympics, events like putting on socks and walking up a flight of stairs means it can't bend and turn as much as a natural hip. So you'll need to move differently now than • Put the other sock on with the sock aid, or bring your foot toward you and slip the sock shoelaces so you don't have to bend. • Sit on a chair. Put your foot into the shoe. Use a reacher or long-handled shoehorn to pull the shoe o The joy of wearing socks independently Can't bend over and wear socks with lumbar pain? The family members helped to put on the socks and felt embarrassed. The 70-year-old is still struggling with socks to wear good socks Antdvao socks assist helps you solve this nightmare It is possible to wear socks easily without bending over

Dressing aid makes it easier to put on socks and stockings and take them off Helpful for people who can't bend over after a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, for use during recovery Lightweight, sturdy aid is also helpful for the elderly and people with disabilities or handicap I can't bend my knee. Should I be worried? One of the most popular articles I've ever written on my site is one titled, Signs your knee injury is serious. In it, I share 5 or 6 signs and symptoms that could suggest that you might have broken or torn something in your knee. Difficulty bending your knee is one of those signs Kane 11's women's socks have similar features to their men's line, though they have quite a bit more variety in color and pattern options. Each sock type is priced based on how much wool was used in its construction, so your no-show Laylo socks are going to run you $10.50, while the larger Treeline are $25.50 a pair All I did was bend over to make my bend and I experienced the most excruciating pain I have ever known. The only reason I moved at all that day was because I refused to pee in bed. It didn't go away and after a few days a friend with a similar experience sent me to her back/orthopedic doctor/surgeon who diagnosed the problem immediately This sock slider is designed to make it easy to put on socks, especially those who can't risk bending, stretching or straining due to various medical reasons.. Putting on your socks has never been easier and faster! With EZ- Sock Slide Aid, you can be putting on socks without bending. HIGHLIGHTS The sock slider comes with a handle that functions as a shoe horn

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Lower back strain is a common cause of back pain when bending over. The position can put significant pressure on the lower back, causing the muscles and ligaments to stretch excessively The Sock Slider-Sock Aid Device is designed to make life easier for everyone, especially those who can't risk bending, stretching or straining due to various medical reasons. With this sock aid, you can wear your socks and even shoes in an instant and prevents the risk of injuries due to unnecessary straining. It works with all kinds of socks

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Can't bend legs. CANT REACH TOES. Arithitus in back. I , of course, use the product to put on my socks. It is light weight and easy to use. The side straps were a bit short for me but were easily extended. The best part is that the product works as advertised. A no frills product at an economical price It took 45 minutes to put my socks on this morning. My back been getting increasingly twingey over the last couple of days, last night it bought the farm, nearly blinding pain when I got up to go to the bathroom. Woke up this morning took a 20 min HOT shower, couple of advil and tried to get dressed. Underwear went on OK, shirt tie and pants fine When you know you put two matching socks in the laundry, and only one comes back, don't give up. You may still be able to find its mate. To answer this burning question, we spoke with a pair of experts from Sears Home Services, Travis Robertson, Knowledge Manager, and Adrienne Berain-Normann, Knowledge Author Other activities that require bending at the hip include putting on your clothes (pants, socks, etc.) and tying your shoes (wear slip-ons or use elastic shoelaces that you don't have to untie). There are sock aids to help you with putting on socks or hose and shoe horns with extended handles to put on shoes. 4. Remaining in one position for. Apr 13, 2013 - Device to Assist Putting on Socks, Pants, and Shoes: After a knee surgery this summer, I was stuck in a straight knee brace for about 2 months. Unable to bend my knee, I found it difficult to do simple tasks such as putting on my socks, shoes, and even my pants. This problem inspire

I agree with the sock thing. I researched severe leg and foot cramps and they also suggested to put a heating pad or hot water bottle at ur feet. Tried it and it worked great!!! So glad because I've had them so bad I have been in tears and I can't get out of bed to walk around to walk it out. Some have lasted 20-40 min... horrible pain I can't get my compression stockings on. Is there a trick besides a big butler? - and then work them up the calf and then the thigh. They should be difficult to put on since they are compression hose. Answered by Vein Specialists . Keep your feet bone dry, apply powder to your feet and get a box of latex gloves from the drug store or home. This lightweight, terry covered plastic sock aid, makes it easy for socks to be put on, even if you can't bend down. The terry on the outside helps hold the sock in place, and the slits in the plastic allow it to bend around the heel. The pulling strap makes it possible to use with just one hand. Additionally, it is f ully washable You can't put your foot down. You have to find some way of walking. You can't tolerate anybody being there. You can't tolerate, you know, to put a sock on is - can be excruciating. I mean I remember at times I just couldn't even put a sock on and I just came to work with no socks once, but I managed to get a shoe on For the last 12 months my wife has had to put my socks on for me, this was a back breaking job as i have to use the strongest compression socks there are, to keep my legs down, even the district nurses could not put my socks on like my wife, SO YOU CAN IMAGINE our DOUBT of your product, BUT, WOW WOWWOW, our first attempt ended half right, and.

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A sock can and should be worn under the walking boot to keep the skin from soaking in its own sweat. The sock should be clean and dry. It should preferably be a sock that wicks away moisture. If the sock gets sweaty or damp it should be changed. How To Put On The Walking Boot? Start by putting on a large sock and pull it up as far as it will go can't put on socks - Regenex . How to put on dog booties. Lena prefers to stand over the dog with the dog between her legs when putting on socks. Then I have full control, and my hands are free. Before I put the sock on, I brush away snow or dirt from the paw. The sock must sit high so that even the dewclaw is covered CUSHIONING - Cushioning affects durability, comfort, and warmth. No Cushioning & Ultralight Cushion - Often considered liners, uncushioned or ultralight cushioned socks are best for running or hiking in trail runners when it's not super cold out. Sometimes people wear liners under a pair of light or medium-cushioned socks to help prevent blisters, though many ultralight hikers wear them alone I am so happy that I discovered affordable socks. The zippers make it so easy to put on. I can't bend from waist down at this time so the zips come in handy. I will be purchasing other type of compression socks from this company. I hope they all have zips

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To provide maximum comfort the Soxon Sock Stocking Aid features a low friction towelling inner, this also helps to glide socks effortlessly over the foot and ankle. Features and Benefits: Allows user to put on socks and stockings; Ideal for people that can't bend over; Simple to use and highly effective; Long pull loops; Low friction towelling. Okay. Let's put it on. let's see if it's hard to put on a sock uh fairly easier than the other ones actually boom look at that all the way. This out that's what you do next step. We're just gonna put it on our foot without bending over. so what you do is lay it down and stick your foot in like this all the way But you know that when you get up in the morning and you can't put your socks on that something's not right. I just couldn't bend

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Loom Knit Socks That Fit Solution #2: Check Your Gauge. Your gauge is very important when knitting socks. If you ignore this you're going to put a lot of work into socks that may or may not fit. Even being off by 1/2 stitch per inch can change how your sock feels No need to bend or stretch, just place your sock over the body of the sock aid, then pull on the tapes to slide the sock onto your foot with comfort and ease. 1 x Sock Wearing Aid. Sock cradle size: 270 x 180 x 110 mm

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So we developed this guide that will help you to put on your compression socks or stockings properly. Steps in Wearing your Compression Stockings . Follow these steps when puttng on your compression stockings to maximize its effect on your legs. Allow 1 to 2 fingers of space between the bend of your knee and the top of your stocking Myth #3: Compression socks are hard to put on and take off. Today, new technology and materials make compression socks more comfortable and functional. However, there are certain standard techniques that make it easy to put them on and take them off. For example, never bunch them up. Instead, grab the heel pocket and turn the sock inside out Instructions for Use: 1. Easily pull the into the sock aid and put the feet into the slot. Take hold of the two ropes. Continue pulling up until the sock aid is removed from the socks. Foam Handle: The foam handle is soft and non-skip with comfortable grip.The sock slider is designed with comfort grip handles, each handle has thick foam padding for a comfortable, nonslip grip

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How to Do a Sock Bun: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Slip the sock over your hand. Once you the sock on, make a C-shape with your hand. Put your fingers into the toe part. Try to get your thumb into the heel part. If you can't reach it, tuck the sock into the groove between your thumb and fingers. Open and close your hand Review summary for Allstar Innovations Sock Slider The Easy on Easy off Sock Aid Kit Shoe Horn Pain Free No Bending Stretching or Straining System that Packs up for Convenient Travel As Seen on TV, based on 999 user reviews: OVERALL - 7.2/10

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