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Over 120m Users Rely On Our Industry-Leading VDI Virtualization. Get Free Demo Now Securely Manage Data With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Learn How VDI Works & The Benefits. Test It Out Today With Our Free Trial Or Book A Demo A golden image is typically used in the non-persistent VDI model, also known as pooled VDI. With persistent, or personal, VDI, each employee's desktop runs from a separate, customized disk image. Individual settings are saved and appear each time an employee logs in to the machine Overview. Golden images (golden master, master image) are the base OS configurat ions from which all virtual machines in a VDI environment are built. These images serve as the foundation for the overall user experience. In the context of Workspot, a golden image is an image file on which the Workspot Agent has not yet been installed VMware Horizon - Windows 10 gold image - my best practices. This article is about my own experiences and best practices with deploy of gold image for VDI infrastructure. VM configuration. always use VMXNET3 network adapter If its possible - use flash storage array for OS HDD, i using thin provisioning. use separate VLAN for VDI desktop

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  1. VDI golden images allow to deploy several virtual desktops based on a single base image. This configuration simplifies a lot desktop management but also complicates updates. A VDI golden image contains an operating system and hardware configuration. Windows-based images can be managed using Microsoft Sysprep tool in order to clone the OS. The image usually contains also patches and.
  2. The apps and getting to one gold image. Continuing from the previous section, if you do decide to virtualize Office, App-V is the best way to do this. Other application virtualization products only support virtualizing certain versions of Office for Windows 7 but not for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  3. I have been trying to find a article that clearly describes best practices on how to patch VDI Gold images. Naturally we do not want to have to update the gold image every Tuesday and rebuild all images. My understanding is that we just need to patch the Clone images using normal process. EG WSUS and patch deployment program
  4. To deploy Windows machines, configure a volume license key and activate the golden image virtual machine's operating system with volume activation. See Activating Windows on Instant Clones. Verify that you followed the best practices for optimizing the operating system. See Optimize Guest Operating System Performance
  5. Golden Image Best Practices By having a golden image, you can build an update and software upgrade cycle to promote all 3 benefits mentioned above here. We have found that a common best practice is to build a new golden image with the current updates every few months, then deploy one VM to your existing collection
  6. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) installation—Intended for non-persistent endpoints that replicate (also referred to as spawn) from a golden image which has Traps installed. Temporary session—Intended for either physical or virtual endpoints (such as a Remote Desktop Server) that repeatedly revert to a snapshot (or image) on which Traps.

Create a VM. Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session is available in the Azure Image Gallery. There are two options for customizing this image. The first option is to provision a virtual machine (VM) in Azure by following the instructions in Create a VM from a managed image, and then skip ahead to Software preparation and installation.. The second option is to create the image locally by. For a non-persistent setup, the Teams desktop app must be installed per-machine to the golden image. (To learn more, see the Install or update the Teams desktop app on VDI section.) This ensures an efficient launch of the Teams app during a user session Use the /goldenimage 1 flag to indicate to the installer that this is a golden image deployment. C:\> CiscoAMPInstaller_goldenimage.exe /R /S /goldenimage 1. Complete installation. Freeze your golden image. After the 'Golden Image' has had applications installed, the system prepped and AMP has been installed with the /goldenimage flag, the host. Summary: It is time to create and optimize the golden image that we will use to deploy all our desktops. The primary purpose of this golden image is to run a basic test with the Login VSI benchmark tool, so I will optimize a Windows 10 VM to get the best performance (low latency) and user experience (low applications response times). Only some basic applications and MS office 2016 will be.

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  1. A Golden Image is a template for a virtual machine (VM), virtual desktop, server or hard disk drive. A Golden Image may also be referred to as a clone image, master image or base image. In this blog we will use the Golden Image as our vDisk in Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS)
  2. Navigation. Use this post to build a virtual desktop that will be used as the parent image or source image for additional virtual desktops. There's a separate article for RDS Session Host.. This post applies to all VMware Horizon 7 versions including 7.13.1 (ESB) and 7.10.3 (ESB)
  3. Windows 10 Golden Image Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise was chosen as the desktop operating system for the golden image. For each desktop, 2 vCPU, 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of hard drive space were provisioned. The following software was installed to allow Login VSI and Horizon View to properly test and validate the VDI environment
  4. Manually Creating Optimized Windows Images for VMware Horizon VMs provides step-by-step procedures for creating optimized images. These procedures include creating a VM, installing and configuring a Windows operating system, optimizing the OS, and installing the various VMware agents required for desktop deployment

best practices, horizon view, pcoip, performance, VDI, vmware To build a house you have to start with a solid foundation, I hate that saying but it's true. It applies to VDI just the same: to have an efficient VDI environment you MUST have consistent gold images Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a server computing model that enables desktop virtualization and covers the hardware and software systems required to support a virtualized environment. This article discusses the best practices when using the Apex One/OfficeScan client in a VDI environment

In this blog post, we'll cover VDI, how it works with Microsoft Defender ATP, best practices, and some lessons learned. When we talk about VDI, we often talk about two different deployment types: persistent and non-persistent. Let's look at both of these types and explore how they interact with Microsoft Defender ATP onboarding. Persistent VDI Below are the steps to follow to create an optimized golden image for VDI. Advertisements. STEP 1: VMware Template Configuration. Create a new Virtual Machine using the vSphere Web client. Name: depending on naming convention standards (Note: use a name of less then 15 characters Image Management is an approach of creating a master or golden image that contains the operating systems and all the required applications to deliver that single virtual image to multiple target virtual machines. Support for virtual RDS and VDI workloads: X: X: It is best practice to pre-calculate the number of users and types of. This article contains information about VDI-in-a-Box best practices for Windows activation. Requirements. VDI-in-a-Box grid. Background. This article is intended to provide information regarding VDI-in-a-Box golden image activation. VDI-in-a-Box 5.x supports both KMS and MAK Volume Licensing for Windows 7 desktops

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  1. s must carefully manage, update, and optimize their Windows golden images to ensure the VDI environment is scalable, stable, secure and fast. This is also one of the main operating costs of running a VDI environment. Images need to.
  2. Hi Scott, When using the Golden Image method, each new host created using that image will generate a new GUID on the first boot. For your VDI environment, if the machines are deployed weekly, you will have a new entry each week for each hostname, as you mentioned
  3. There is a balance between an acceptable level of security and an acceptable level of performance, and this varies from one environment to the next. This article discusses the use of antivirus software in a VMware Horizon ® environment, and changes that can be made to improve virtual machine performance without unduly compromising system security
  4. Assign the golden image device to the test group, leave all other devices unlisted. When a new version is released (there will be an email notification), test it on your golden image along with any other changes (e.g., Operating System patches)
  5. Enable Users Without Compromising Security Or A High-Quality End User Experience. See Why Now Is The Time To Refresh Your Thin Clients Today. Learn More
  6. istrator updates the golden image, the user will receive the latest version of the image, while retaining the personal data and personally installed applications. If PvD is backed up, it can be restored to another server in the VDI-in-a-Box grid in the event of a server failure

Horizon delivers the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including security, reliability, and access, across all types of client devices. It uses golden images, which means administrators need to maintain only a few master images, instead of having a dedicated VM to maintain for each user. Sizing Best Practices Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables organizations to deliver desktop operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Linux, remotely to user devices. Here are a few best practices you can use to improve VDI security. Learn more in our guide to breaking VDI security myths. Evaluate the operating system golden image for. MCS Golden Image best practices. I am testing converting from PVS to MCS and I am having problems find documentation on how to setup the base image. In PVS I need to shunt logs, pagefile, WEM cache, and other items that do a lot writing to a write disk Connect to the vCenter Web Client on your home site. Under VMs and Templates right-click the Gold/Master image and click Clone - Clone to Template in Library. Give the new template a name, select the correct Library and click Next. The template will now be published to the Content Library and then synced to the remote library

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Best practice is to not join it to domain. Especially if you're using sccm or anything else that gets loaded via gpo that can mess with things when running sysprep. It's going to sysprep the machine anyway, so there is no reason to join it, just creates more work and complexity. 1 Use the VMware golden image optimizer to set up your golden image according to your usual procedures and policies. Then, install Carbon Black on the image and run the performance scan. After that, WSS VDI takes care of all further configurations, delivering properly secured instant clones to your pool Best Practice: Keep a Golden Image without Agent; Patch the Golden Image - (new Golden Image) Clone the patched Golden Image; Install Agent on the Cloned Golden Image; Use the VM created in step 4 as template. List of Figures in this Guide Figure 1 - Resources > VDI > Update Image Figure 2 - Search for a Template Figure 3 - Select a Templat

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GOLD_IMAGE_HOSTNAME. This is just the hostname of the gold image, which can be confirmed by following the below steps: Open a Command Prompt with admin privilege. Type hostname then click Enter. Take note of the hostname. Edit the batch file and replace GOLD_IMAGE_HOSTNAME with the name of the host computer I will detail every step I take in building an image for VDI desktops from VM Configuration all the Starting with his Windows 7 guide and then moving over to his Windows 10 Golden Image you should consider it since separating that workload is a VMware recommended best practice. You don't want your desktops overrunning resources meant.

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CREATING MASTER IMAGE. A master Image also known as a base image or a golden image is the most important part of the VDI deployment scenarios. Create one VM as a master image, and Horizon 7 can generate a pool of virtual desktops from that image. You can Use VMware optimization tool to optimize the golden image A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment consists of three key components: • Virtual desktops • VDI management environment • User profiles and data Protection of virtual desktops is based on the commonly used, shared golden-image approach. It is important that the data protection methodology used is appropriate fo Adititonally, best practice for instant clone pool is to create a VM clone of your final snapshot, and running the pool off of the clean clone (you need 1 snapshot on the new clone) So flings are technically supported, just not by GSS. Officially supported means all kinds of contractual SLAs and GSS will pick up the phone In our enthusiasm in 2016, it made sense to release the Login VSI Tuning Template for VMware OSOT, but it is ancient now as most things in IT. First, all the good tweaks we found now come standard in all these tuning tools; there have been so many changes in Windows 10 that tuning programs are updating at least a couple of times a year to keep up

The common practice in provisioning for VDI is to deploy a number of different golden images to groups of virtual machines and assigning them to relevant labs. Whilst still using imaging, imaging for virtualized desktops is a much simpler and more flexible task, given the machines aren't physical, alongside a number of other facets BEST PRACTICES FOR MITIGATING RISKS IN VIRTUALIZED ENVIRONMENTS Security of Pre-Configured (Golden Image) VM / Active VMs VMs exist as files on a virtualization platform, which can lead to unauthorized access, resulting in machine configuratio Optimizing the golden image is one of the best practices when creating a VDI environment. There are multiple tools available that can help you out with applying all these optimizations. This research will take a closer look at the VMware Operating System Optimization Tool (OSOT) and the performance benefits when using it

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AV solutions are installed on the golden image of a virtual machine (VM). A golden image is a template for a VM, virtual desktop, or server that is cloned to quickly deploy additional machines to the organization's environment. We have several internal VDI 'best practice' documents when you are ready to deploy Cylance in your VDI. This concludes the creation of the non-persistent VDI policy for Carbon Black. In the next part, I'll go through the installation process of the sensor in the golden image. Golden Image. Before we can install the sensor there are a couple of things we need to gather. First of all, we need to download the .MSI file from the CBC Management page When you create a machine catalog for VDI desktops, you create one of the following types of desktops: Random non-persistent desktops, also known as pooled VDI desktops. Each time users log on to use one of these desktops, they connect to a dynamically selected desktop in a pool of desktops based on a master image Master Image - Domain or No Domain Hey all, Is it best practice or better w/ fewer issues to add a master image to the domain or leave it on a workgroup and let quick prep w/ a customization file add the computer to the domain according to the pool settings After the imported virtual machine (VM) is created and you have paired it to Horizon Cloud, but before you convert it into a published image, you customize the VM's guest Windows operating system (OS) to install and configure the things you want and need in the image. After the VM has gone through this customization, it is sometimes called a golden image, to indicate the image is configured.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is very complex. Many companies set out to build a Windows-based VDI or DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service in the cloud) offering for their users but poor planning and execution can lead to hitting brick walls which ultimately lead to projects stalling out or outright failure, as in scrap it completely and do something else after much time and money spent As a Chrome Enterprise Customer Engineer, I often get asked by administrators of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments what our best practices are for backing up user profiles. For example, many ask us how to minimize backup size to speed up user log-in and log-off into the Windows environment and reduce impact on the overall user. An image that just went online will update depending on the On-Demand scan VDI setting from the OfficeScan server. What is the best practice for VDI client usage? Refer to this KB article: Best practice for setting up Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in OfficeScan 10 SP1/10.5/10.6. What platforms are not supported by this version of VDI client

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  1. My personal Key findings. Use Citrix Optimizer, not VMware Optimizer, or take your time to study VMware Optimizer real good.; Use BIS-F all the time, it won't hurt and there is no reason not to.; You may want to create an OU structure in your Active Directory, that lets you assign different GPOs to your Golden Master Images, then to your active VDA Worker
  2. the duplicate agents. Refer to Cloud Agent Preparation for Cloning / Gold Image for information on how to install an agent into a gold image without initial provisioning. This is the recommended method to prevent duplicate asset records. If you are using software distribution tools, ensure that you package the Qualys-provide
  3. implanting VDI projects in mid-sized and large IT environments. Particular attention will be placed on understanding the storage implications of different VDI implementations and how this impact performance and overall project cost. The emphasis will be on practical configuration options and how best to leverag

This article covers optimizations, best practices, and recommended settings for configuring Microsoft Defender AV in a non-persistent VDI environment. In my first VDI post I described how the non-persistent VDI deployment type works and interacts in a VDI master/child relationship Step 3: WorkSpace Golden Image Creation If you do not have a current image and this is a new install, you will need to create a WorkSpace to connect and create your golden image. If you have a current Golden Image that you would like to modify and add the CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor, please skip to Step 12 Warning: If the sensor is uninstalled from the master image, cloned VDI will fail to register and display within the Carbon Black Cloud Console. Note: We now support Horizon instant clones and Carbon Black at the GA level.For those customers upgrading to Horizon 7.13 from a previous Horizon version, you must remove the batch file (example batch file path: C:\CB.bat) inserted into the golden. It is best practice to store user profile information and data elsewhere. Citrix uses the following formula to determine the storage capacity requirement: 2 x golden image x number of images (assume 20 GB for an image) 70 GB for VDI-in-a-Box; 15 percent of the size of the image / desktop (achieved with linked clone technology) Example

Explore the best virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software to manage your desktops efficiently: Virtual desktop infrastructure software manages desktop environments and allows organizations to run applications and operating systems from a central data point. Manual management of desktops is a time-consuming process and is prone to errors VIAB will leverage this virtual machine to create a base desktop image, which will be used later on when creating templates and policies as part of the virtual machine creation process. Again, a golden image concept, just as with XenDesktop and provisioning services (PVS), only managed and configured in a different way

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Deliver Top Performing Virtual Workforce Experiences By Improving Security & Reducing TCO. See Why Now Is The Time To Refresh Your Thin Clients Today. Learn More Quick Background on Microsoft VDI & RemoteFX. Behind the Scenes on How MS-VDI & RemoteFX Work. Golden Image. User 1. User n. Day 2. Day n. Day 2. Day n. Day 1. Day 2. Day n. Clone. Personal Virtual Desktop: Golden Image. 1. n. VIR312: RemoteFX - VDI: Implementation Best Practices and Lessons Learned Subject: Microsoft TechEd North. The following KB articles are recommended best practice methods for creating the base OS installation for System Image capture. If using a Legacy enabled BIOS, use the Single Partition Golden Image KB. If the BIOS is in UEFI mode, use the UEFI KB. KACE highly recommends minimal partitions on your base OS The IT advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) deployments are undeniable. while IT manages a single golden image of desktops that can be easily deployed to hundreds or thousands of employees—often from an inexpensive thin client or repurposed PC. Read the best practices. Let's get started. Then after all this is done you need to run the composer which will use the chosen Golden image with snapshot to create (a very sorry to certain people) or provision a VDI VM replica (note the name as some people call it template but I think VMware calls it a VDI VM replica)

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  1. After the download is complete, use the /configure parameter to install Office 365 Pro in the golden image: \server\Office15\setup.exe /configure \server\Office15\configuration.xml. After Office 365 Pro is installed you can finalize the golden image to create your desktop-pool. Office 365 Pro on a shared compute
  2. Make sure that the golden/original VDI image is not connected to Azure AD as hybrid device. So, the new VDI machines will register to Azure AD when it starts with a unique device ID. If you are relying on the System Preparation Tool (sysprep.exe) and if you are using a pre-Windows 10 1809 image for installation, make sure that image is not from.
  3. Provisioning for VDI systems MA 4.8.0 and later, introduced the ability to install McAfee Agent in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) mode for solutions such as Citrix VDI, Microsoft VDI, and VMware VDI. Installing the Agent in VDI mode on virtual images avoids the potential duplication of the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) each time a non‑persistent VM instance is started
  4. Empower users with the best flexible work technologies. The IT advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) deployments are undeniable. while IT manages a single golden image of desktops that can be easily deployed to hundreds or thousands of employees—often from an inexpensive thin client or.
  5. d that VMware recommends not to take more than 32 chain snapshots of one VM. Now, all you need to do is head over to Horizon ad

o Historically, a best practice is to install things like VMware tools and the Citrix VDA as part of the base image or golden image. • Install all C++ Runtimes. o With respect to ProfileUnity and FlexApp, this is definitely considered a best practice. • Anti-virus exclusion We have one golden image and non-persistent VDIs are spawning from it. we installed traps in the golden image with VDI enabled=1. I can see the golden image install type is coming as a golden image, but the VDI generated from this has install type standard instead of VDI. I can see the vdi=0 as well in the VDI machine trapsd.log Hello, This post is a follow-up or compliment to creating an image of Windows for mass-distribution (Windows 7). On that note as well, the folks over at Deployment Research have a great post on creating an updated Windows 7 master image with MDT, very helpful.. This summer, Windows 10 is upon us, and we have already begun slowly transitioning some areas to Microsoft's ultimate operating system For a well functioning VDI environment all components should be well tuned and optimized. For VMware Horizon View environment there are several components where optimization practices could be applied - View Connection Brokers (Connection Servers, Security Servers), vSphere infrastructure, Virtual Desktop templates or golden images, end user devices

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Golden Image: In network virtualization, a golden image is an archetypal version of a cloned disk that can be used as a template for various kinds of virtual network hardware. Some refer to the golden image as a master image because multiple copies are used to provide a consistent process for using a disk image. Using golden images as. virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution could help enable a number of compelling use cases. For example: one or more golden images and edit these images as needed to support various user Adopting best practices for a successful deployment DVS Simplified is a tested and validated solution, and is fully. This image might be referred to as a Shared Master, or Golden Image, but the purpose is the same. In many cases, this image will be cloned (copied) each time a VDI session is spawned. Changes made when the user is logged in will be discarded (with appropriate changes saved off and applied the next time this user spawns another session

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The employment of master or golden images is a saving grace for the technical owner of the VDI environment. End-user IT management has now been simplified in a way where each specific end-user can be serviced as a momentary application, instead of a unique consumer of a variety of complex applications and IT resources Automating VDI golden image patching with PowerShell and Chocolatey Posted on June 28, 2020 by Greig Mitchell — No Comments ↓ One of my jobs at work is managing and maintaining a VMware Horizon Horizon VDI environment for around 300 users The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps in preparing and optimizing Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, 2016 systems for use with VMware Horizon. For Windows 7, 8.1, and Server 2012, 2012 R2, an older version (b1130) of the OS Optimization Tool is available for download. At a high level, the process of creating a golden image VM consists of the. The year 2018 started with rumors around RDmi and ended with Microsoft announcing Azure Virtual Desktop, releasing Windows 10 1809, and, perhaps most importantly, making important changes to how Office is delivered. This article will give you a clear view of the changes and what you can expect in 2019. Read more about Azure Virtual Desktop over here When building and deploying a master image with ConfigMgr for VDI usage, it's needed that a ConfigMgr client is installed. I did this multiple times in Citrix and VMware environments. Before the image is used for production usage, it's needed to prepare the ConfigMgr client first. Here are the steps that must be followed to do this

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Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) technology came to the rescue around 15 years ago. Today, it is part of the larger End User Computing (EUC) ecosystem and involves a centralized OS that is hosted, run, and managed in an on-premises data center or co-location. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window VDI is a virtualization technology where a desktop operating system is run and managed in an on-premises or cloud data center. Virtual desktops and apps are delivered over a network to endpoint devices. End users access the desktops and apps as if they were running locally Best practices for VDI golden images management. VDI golden images allow to deploy several virtual desktops based on a single base image. This configuration simplifies a lot desktop management but also complicates updates. A VDI golden image con..

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Disaster recovery: If a vulnerability is discovered in the image, the admin can simply rescind it and allocate a different version. In the event that some sort of malware or virus has penetrated a specific node or the underlying host of a VM is compromised, the admin can delete the guest OS or clone image on that node and move the VM to a different, healthy host, with little chance of it. In previous consultancies I've worked, it was common practice to frequently patch corporate VDI templates. Whilst continuous patching is a good thing, it is quite often laborious. Any attempt to automate this is seen as difficult and organizations often give up and continue with manual processes. Here I will show how it can be don We use Hyper-V on Server 2012 R2 with Remote Desktop Services to deliver Virtual Desktops to our client using our ERP software. With RDS you can setup a golden image or template image, customize the way your want and roll it down. Keep in mind that all you really have to manage your setup is Hyper-V manager and your RDS Server, Server Manager When implementing a VDI solution, it's important to consider a number of factors to make sure the solution is as secure as possible. Virtual desktops should be secured in the same way as physical desktops but the way the two solutions operate is different so security considerations will also be slightly different


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Use the Apex One VDI Pre-Scan Template Generation Tool to optimize on-demand scans or remove GUIDs from base or golden images. This tool scans the base or golden image and certifies the image. When scanning duplicates of this image, Apex One only checks parts that have changed. This ensures shorter scanning time Windows Virtual Desktop Optimizations Script will improve your WVD performance by minimizing app graphic redraws, background activities that have no major benefit to the VDI environment, and generally reduce running processes to the bare minimum VDI infrastructure best practices VDI projects require considerable underlying and complimentary infrastructure to work well.. The scale and scope of these projects into themselves is left to other books, but - Selection from Windows 10 for Enterprise Administrators [Book

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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. VDI is a variation on the client/server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing If you have virtual disks in your on-premises environment with software and configurations that you need (sometimes referred to as golden disks or golden images), you can save time by importing those virtual disks into Compute Engine and using the resulting image to create virtual machines.The import tool supports most virtual disk file formats, including VMDK and VHD VDI Infrastructure overview. Note — Testing of this configuration was done in a lab environment. Many factors affect production environments beyond prediction or duplication in a lab environment. Follow the recommended practice of conducting proof-of-concep