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Buy Ground Cover Plants and Shrubs Online with Delivery Right to Your Door. Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99 from The Tree Center with Arrive Alive Guarantee A Variety Of Beautiful Vines To Enhance Your Landscape Year-Round. Looking for Season-Long Aromatherapy? Look No Further Than Amazing Vines & Trees Ground Cover Plants for Sale Online. Ground cover plants are a low-maintenance, aggressive perennial that is ideal for areas of your yard where the grass is not wanted, such as banks, under trees, borders, and any place you are looking for weed opposition

1-Pack Golden Creeping Sedum In A 2-in Pot in Pot. Model #67145. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1-Quart Pussytoes in Pot (L22276) Model #442437. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 13-oz Creeping Fig in Pot (L9249 Vinca minor Ground Cover. As low as: $16.95. More Info. Vinca Minor - Bare Root - 50 Plants Per Order Groundcovers - Buy Plants Online | Gardener DirectGardener Direct sells the largest, healthiest live flowers, plants and trees online

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  1. Lantana camara 'Gold Mound'. Fast-growing, heavy bloomer ideal for use as a bedding plant, in a mixed border or as a vibrant groundcover.... Call to Order. View Details. COMPARE
  2. Ground covers tend to produce subtle blooms and serve as an accent plant. Landscapers also include some ornamental grasses and self-seeding annuals under the ground cover umbrella. Many varieties prefer at least partial shade, but others succeed in increased sunlight when watered regularly
  3. Welcome to our online store. Classic Groundcovers is a wholesale nursery selling to the trade only. We do not sell to the public. To access our pricing and order online you need to registe r your company. Classic Groundcovers ships over 100 varieties of quality ground cover plants and perennials across the U.S
  4. Ground Covers. The term Ground Cover includes low-growing plants that never reach more than a couple of inches in height as well as others that might grow as tall as two feet or more. Most of these plants spread easily, which is why they're called Ground Covers. Just about any spreading perennial can be used as a ground cover, and even.

Plants that are called ground cover are fairly low to the ground and quick-growing, needing little maintenance and not a lot of soil. Ground cover, as the name implies, covers bare areas and lends gentle color and personality to a garden landscape. Most ground cover is very hardy and looks good year-round. Ground cover plants ideal for central. Spring Hill Nurseries. Bare Root Yellow Flowering Sunshine Happy Trails Groundcover Rose. Model #69333. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1. 2.25-Gallon in Pot Multicolor Flower Carpet Rose (L7018) Model #239854. Find My Store

Search Plants. STEPABLE Creeping Perennials; Drought-Wise Plants ; Search By Plant Category; Find The Right Plant For The Right Spot; Search By Plant Name; Search Plants By Hardiness Zone; All-Terrain Ground Covers; Go Shopping. STEPABLE Creeping Perennials; Get Ideas. Stepscapes Photo. Around Perennials; Bark Replacement; Courtyards; Curbside. Ground cover plants are the perfect option for you! You can buy ground covers online for your landscape. Our common groundcovers are nice on the eyes, low growing, and spread to the area they are planted in, low maintenance, and drought tolerant once the root systems establish Irish Moss - The most popular ground cover seed we sell in packets. Very tiny seed so sowing properly is essential to success, but when properly planted is a wonder plant that is often sowed in between stepping stones or rocks. Use Shake 'n Seed for easy sowing. Irish Moss typically only grows 2 to 4 tall

Ground Covers Unlimited is a wholesale nursery dedicated to growing high quality ornamental and native plants that perform, in order to reduce landscape maintenance costs. Since 1979, we have grown to service a network of valued customers across Canada and the eastern United States from our Bethany, Ontario location Starts 6+ Perennial Evergreen Ground Cover Perennial , Evergreen Ground Cover Perennial Evergreen Heirloom Plants. FreedomusTee. 2.5 out of 5 stars. (3) $10.99 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Previous page. Next page

Pachysandra is an evergreen ground cover for shaded areas. Select Pachysandra Plants as your shade loving evergreen groundcover. Japanese Spurge is an excellent choice for shade loving plants!Try Pachysandra Terminalis along shaded paths, trees gardens, and on steep hillsides in either partial sun or shade Ground covers are low-growing plants that spread quickly to form a dense cover. They add beauty to the landscape and at the same time help prevent soil erosion. Grass is the best known ground cover, but grass is not suited to all locations. Other ground cover plants should be used where grass is difficult to grow or maintain.Unlike grass, most ground cover plants cannot be walked on. They can. Mostly used in wildflower gardens, this one-of-a-kind ground cover that is in bloom year round with light purple bell-like flowers,... starting at. $5.99. more info Heavy flowering and reblooming, for a blanket of colorful blooms through summer. 3 ice plants for a disease-resistant, evergreen, drought-tolerant ground cover. Live Help 812 260-214 Ground Covers. Whether you're looking to transform a tight space, deck out a container, line a pathway, or fill in the gaps between stepping stones, groundcovers are versatile powerhouses when it comes to their multi-use abilities in the landscape. Our collection of groundcovers features everything from foliage heavy plants to low-growing.

Crown Vetch (Coronilla varia) - An extremely fast and aggressive plant, Crown vetch produces a quick ground cover for erosion control with white to pink flowers. This legume should be planted for erosion control in certain hard-to-reach areas such as steep, dry, rocky slopes and low fertility soils Hundreds of plants can be used as ground cover—including vines, grasses, plants with spectacular blooms, even low-growing shrubs—and they're perennial, meaning they come back every year from. Spotted deadnettle (Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy') will easily cover an area 2 to 3 feet wide.Its heart-shaped leaves are silvery white with a green edge and will brighten any area under trees or shrubs. The plant is about 6 inches tall and has white flowers for a long period in spring and early summer Rainbow Creeping Thyme Planted Blue Rock Cress Plants - Perennial Ground Cover Flower, Natural Growth for Home Garden 200 PC/Bag: 12 3.1 out of 5 stars 195 $8.39 $ 8 . 3

Evergreen groundcover 50 bare root plants in one order Periwinkle blue flowers Shade loving plant Fast growing ground cover New (4) from $12.65 + $7.95 shipping Frequently bought togethe Welcome To STEPABLES! Under A Foot Plant Company has been dedicated for 25 years to finding fantastic plants that are durable, dependable and tough for your landscaping needs. When you use our plants under your feet, around your shrubs, or over your retaining wall, you can rest assured that we have put these plants through rigorous testing to.

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When your are searching for ground cover plants, drought tolerant ground cover, or ground cover flowers near me; A&P Nursery has the plants you're looking for in Mesa, Queen Creek, and Gilbert. With our wide selection of ground cover plants homeowners and landscapers from all over the Phoenix Valley come to us for the locally grown plants they can rely on Most other native groundcovers spread more slowly. To achieve a quick cover, space them closely, as suggested in the table below. You can save money by ordering small plugs online. From an ecosystem perspective, it is best to think of these plants more as the ground layer, where numerous insects shelter, than as just a groundcover

Add drama to your landscape with Raleigh ornamental grasses and lovely water plants. Leave no detail unnoticed with ground cover perennials, fill-ins between stepping stones, or spill-over on retaining walls. Butterfly & Hummingbird Plants Chris Burrows/Getty Images When you buy Centaurea montana 'Amethyst in Snow', you may be thinking of it as an upright perennial plant with attractive flowers. What plant labels typically fail to mention is that, under the right growing conditions, 'Amethyst in Snow' makes a flowering ground cover that will spread nicely. When grown as a ground cover, it is an easy-care plant that requires.

Ground cover plants are all-around problem-solvers: They retain moisture, control erosion, and provide habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. While grass is typically the best way to. Ground cover plants certainly need not be limited to grass. The very definition of ground cover from a landscaping perspective is a low-growing, low-maintenance, perennial, spreading plant that keeps the ground from being bare. Note: This is a different plant than a cover crop. Related Post: Cover Crop Groundcover.com. CARE ON DELIVERY: Upon delivery, immediately remove from boxes and water. Place outdoors or in a greenhouse in ideal growing conditions for the species. Plant when conditions are ideal. Plant bare root plants immediately. Plants in trays may be planted later, but must receive daily care, i.e. water and sunlight Ground covers are the perfect solution for bare areas, under trees, in difficult to mow areas or in spaces where grass can't grow. With shallow, sturdy roots, ground covers are easy to grow and require low maintenance, and are also known for controlling weed growth, which can cut your weeding time in half, giving you more time to enjoy your garden Ground cover plants can add visual interest to the often-neglected areas of a garden, but don't be fooled - they're more than just a pretty face. They also help you reduce maintenance by suppressing weeds and eliminating mowing when you use them to replace grass. Low-growing plants also enrich and help your soil to retain moisture

The Creeping Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) is a low-growing, low-maintenance sun-loving ground cover plant that produces stunning purple flowers every year.This hardy tiny plant has tall long creeping stems that provide good evergreen cover in your garden. Being only 1 to 2 (2 - 3 cm) tall, this is a perfect plant to give you a green cushion of foliage in large sunny areas Buy Bishops Weed Online. Bishops weed is a very tough and a quick to spread low growing white and green variegated ground-cover. It prefers afternoon shade and thrives in most any soil conditions. Works very well in developed areas with borders or boundaries, however if planted in unrestrained areas left unattended it can become invasive

Red Creeping Phlox - This carefree wonder quickly blanketsBuy your 3-month blooming , deer and rabbit proofCanada Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) - Guide to Kansas Plants

Bishop's weed is a highly aggressive ground cover best contained with sturdy concrete curbs or pathways. The piggyback plant, a well-known houseplant, flourishes in partial to full shade outside. It stays about 6 to 8 inches tall. The foamflower, a relative of the piggyback plant, grows best in the shade. It produces an abundance of flowers. North Hills Creeping Phlox Plant Extra blooms, extra-tough Zone: 3-10. $12.99. Pink Emerald Creeping Phlox Plant A Ground-Covering Blanket of Color Zone: 3-9. $12.99 - $14.99. Atropurpurea Creeping Phlox Plant Colorful Ground Cover Zone: 3-9. $12.99. Penngift Crown Vetch Plant Resists Drought, Pests, Disease Zone: 3-9. $16.99

2. Sweet woodruff ( galium odoratum) Named for the sweet-smelling aroma it emits, sweet woodruff is an easy-to-grow, deer- and rabbit-resistant spreader. In addition to being a ground cover, you can use this plant in potpourri and perfumes. Sweet woodruff pairs well with coral bells and rhododendrons It is a gorgeous ornamental plant to have as a ground cover as it creates a green carpet that turns red in autumn. Baby's Tears is low-maintenance and can grow both in shade and sun. Related Posts. Top 10 Plants for Your Garden to Help Save the Bees. Top 10 Plants for Successful Underplanting Bunchberry. Bunchberry is a fast spreading ground cover that grows four inches to six inches tall with erect stems. The flowers are smaller than most dogwoods averaging 1/2 inch to 1 inch across and are greenish-white or purplish in the center. The bracts are creamy white and in the autumn, scarlet red berries appear

Ground cover plants are perfect for covering large areas, suppressing weeds, and creating a dramatic planting effect. Some will grow to around knee- or hip--high, others will lie low and hug the ground. Ground covers are valuable for banks and slopes where they help retain soil and rainfall Creeping Red Fescue Grass Seeds. Creeping Red Fescue Festuca rubra. As low as $19.95. Per 5 Pounds. Plant Creeping Red Fescue for an easy, low-maintenance ground cover. It is beneficial for erosion control and will attract wildlife to your lawn or meadow. Perennial. (Festuca rubra) Learn More Ice Plant Delosperma nubigenum. Ice plant is a popular blooming low growing shrub or ground cover that can be used in many different landscape settings. Plant in tropical to desert style landscapes for a pop of color with very little maintenance. Ice Plant comes in a few different colors with yellow, purple and red being the most popular Blue, periwinkle flowers rise just above the deep green glossy foliage in spring. This is an excellent ground cover for shady areas of the landscape. This Plants Growzone: 4-8 How to Care for Periwinkle Plants. Before you buy a Periwinkle plant, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving Buy 5 - 10 and get 15% off Buy 11 - 25 and get 20% off Buy 26 - 99 and get 35% off Periwinkle is considered one of the most popular plants for ground cover in gardens. They are often used in bulb gardens, to provide cover for bulb plants before they sprout

Good ground cover partner to Geum 'Lemon Drops' and Briza media. 45cm x 35cm. AGM. RHS H4, USDA 5a-9a. Ground cover plant cultivation. Sunny outlook. Open, dry and sunny conditions support a broader range of ground cover plants if soil is open and aerated to keep microbial activity alive Pay close attention to descriptions of plant heights as you make your selections. You don't want to shop for a ground-hugger to plant between paving stones and come home with a two-foot spike variety! I love the ground cover plants that meander through my property A great ground cover for cooler zones 2 through 6. Do very well in a woodland setting, rock gardens and higher elevations. Buy Plants and Seeds eBay affiliate. Soil and Water. You will have to simulate the rich leafy, humus laden soil of woodlands, as well as its even moist character. The soil should be a trifle acidic to suit bunchberries When planted in groups, heuchera works well as a ground cover or along garden edging. The plant prefers partial shade or full sun and well-draining moist soil. What's more, it requires. Ground covers are a low maintenance water wise alternative to lawn grasses, especially in trouble areas where grass will not grow. Prev 1 2 3 Next Ajuga A popular ground cover plant that spreads quickly by runners

Pineapple Ground Cherries add interest to your garden with unique, pretty, papery husks dangling from short, spreading vines. Closely related to tomatillo but with a sweet, complex flavor, the golden yellow fruit is perfect for snacks, preserves, dessert toppings, or as the base for an interesting salsa An easy-to-care for ground cover, there are a few varieties of thyme to consider. Perfect for low foot traffic areas, thyme is soft to walk on, looks great, and can help you keep the weeds down. Doone Valley grows to 5cm in height, has a faint lemon scent and features green and gold leaves with a purple flower Mondo/Monkey Grass Dark green grass-like ground cover and border plant. Spreads by underground runners. Space plants 6-18 apart depending upon size of clump. Dwarf and variegated varieties also available. Evg. ALS - 8T This plant creates a ground cover that resembles the needles of an evergreen tree. When the plant blooms, the yellow, pink, red, orange, and white are rather stunning to look at. It will grow well in poor soil and full sun. In general, the plant will remain between three and eight inches, and it can grow easily in zones two through 11. 2. Sun Ros

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Ground Cover Perennial Collection. 'Beat the Weeds' with this exciting collection of ground covering varieties, capable of creating a carpet of rainbow colour and smother weeds due to their creeping habit. Reaching a mature height of just 25cm, they thrive when planted in moist but well-drained soil in direct sun or partial shade In this section, we've handpicked the best alpine plants for ground cover in the rock garden and mixed borders. Alpines are plants that grow naturally in an alpine climate, at a high elevation above the tree line, guaranteeing that they are very hardy and well-adapted to even the harshest conditions, whether that be low temperatures, drying winds, drought or poor soil 200mm Emerald Falls In Hanging Basket - Dichondra argentea. (0) $14 .98. more. Available. in-store only. Compare. 140mm Ground Morning Glory - Convolvulus mauritanicus - Garden Carpet Range Pure Beauty Farms 2.25 qt. Aztec Grass in 2.75 in Grower's Cell Tray (6-Plant) Model# BOPIS4488 Perfect Plants 1 Gal. Asiatic Jasmine Groundcover Shrub (5-Pack

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How to Plant Ground Covers. Before you begin, check with your nursery or garden center about the best type of ground cover for your needs and situation. Once you have selected plants, then Roto-till and work in topsoil to about six inches in depth. Be sure to place ground covers at recommended intervals Ground covers, like any other plant, vary in their moisture needs, depending on the plant category and maturity. Soil texture and climate influence water needs as well. Texas with an average annual rainfall of 34.25 inches and average temperature of 69.4 o F is the perfect condition to plant native or improved innovative ground covers Black mondo grass is among the coolest looking evergreen groundcover plants available, though technically, it's not green. This small grass-like plant has bronze to black, thick, grass-like leaves. It's winter-hardy down to -20 degrees F, and its foliage color creates a beautiful contrast with other garden plants Hard to zone 4, it grows up to 10 inches tall and in spring blooms with white or pink spikes. Also known as bugle weed, ajuga is a matting groundcover that grows only 6 inches tall in shades of purple, green and pink. In early summer, it sends up spikes of blue, lavender, or pink flowers. Great for rock gardens, too Ground Cover Shrubs. For those awkward gaps in a herbaceous border or a tricky shady area under a tree, choose groundcover shrubs. They'll add colour and interest to the fronts of borders and will smother weeds wherever you plant them. Coming back year after year with very little maintenance, ground cover shrubs are great value

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The uses of this fast growing easy care ground cover are many! It is resistant to drought, nematodes, and other pathogens, it needs little if any fertilizer, and spreads via rhizome so it is easy to control. You can use it to mitigate storm water run off, its great for parking islands. It likes sandy soil and full blazing sun! You can walk on it Find perennial flowers, seeds & plants in a variety of colors, textures, forms, and fragrances available at affordable prices from Burpee. Sun & shade border perennials, Hydrangea, Lavender, Roses & much more. Shop perennial flower seeds and plants from the most trusted name in home gardening - Burpee. Burpe Compact perennial plants that can be planted under taller plants add interesting layers to your garden and help to keep the weeds down. Although there are some shade ground cover perennials that bloom brilliantly without much sun, many rely more on foliage and color variations rather than flowers to create interest

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By definition, ground covers are plants - often creeping, spreading or climbing - that top out at 3 feet (1 m.). Perennial ground covers are often used as an alternative to grass. They are low-maintenance plants that provide excellent erosion control, even on steep slopes or other difficult sites. Many do well in shade Epimedium x rubrum produces flowers with three colors. These are excellent ground cover plants for dry shade. USDA Growing Zones: 5 to 9 (depends on species) Sun Exposure: Part shade to full shade. Soil Needs: Dry to medium-moisture, well-drained soil. Continue to 5 of 12 below. 05 of 12 If you want a ground cover thyme that works to fill in fast, then choose Caraway Thyme (shown above creeping all over a plug tray). Scented like a Caraway seed, Caraway is one of the few thyme ground covers that has a fragrance. It has deep green leaves that are set about a half inch apart along reddish stems Creeping thyme, aka thymus praecox, is a drought-tolerant, ground cover plant that's a perfect addition to rock gardens, as it does not do well with the heavy foot traffic lawns typically receive.Grown in full sun, thyme is also used to flavor certain foods. USDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 8 Examples of ground cover thyme plants: English thyme, caraway thyme, and wooly thym Creeping Cedar Overview. · 43,008 views. Below are common attributes associated to Creeping Cedar. Buy this plant from 2 Gardenality Business Profiles ». Plant Type: Coniferous, Groundcover. Temp / Zone: Zone 3A · -40° to -35° F, Zone 3B · -35° to -30° F, Zone 4A · -30° to -25° F, Zone 4B · -25° to -20° F, Zone 5A · -20° to -15.

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Toe Ticklers / Stepable Plants - Buy Plants Online | ToGoGardenTo Go Garden sells quality flowers, shrubs, trees, and various other unique and rare plants in a Grower to Garden model. This means that the plant comes straight from the original grower to your door. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to deliver a superior quality, healthier plant to you, reduce waste and emissions, all the. Ground Cover Thymes. (14 plants) Sort by: Botanic name Common name. Thymus. Creeping Pink Thyme. $108 / tray of 128 plants. Temporarily out of stock · Notify me. Thymus

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1. Stop soil erosion with spreading ground cover plants. Grow ground cover plants on hillsides, near streams, or in other areas where water wears the soil away. The roots of these ground plants will spread and absorb moisture. The densely growing plants will also help bind the soil For a ground-cover over a large area, plant on 4 to 6-foot centers. To soften the edges of a terrace or driveway, plant 2 feet back from the edge, so that you don't need to trim. It is possible to trim back over-long branches. Simply cut back to just after an upward-growing shoot, and the cut end will never show Crassula is a large genus of succulent plants that come in an extensive array of colors, shapes and sizes. Most crassula species are highly adapted to growing in harsh environments and can withstand a wide range of growing conditions which make them ideal ground cover. Crassulas that make great ground cover are Where & How to Plant Lavender as a Ground Cover. Lavender (Lavandula spp.) makes a fragrant ground cover for dry, hot areas. Place the plants 12 to 18 inches apart in well-draining, sandy soil

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The Peanut Plant is also a no-fuss type of ground cover. Just buy several seedling plants in small black bags from the nursery or plant stores. Like other plants, the ideal time to transplant the Peanut plant seedlings into the soil is during the late afternoon. The young plants will be given time to adjust in their new environment during the. Choose from our wide selection of Ground Cover Plants. We are leading Georgia's Ground Cover Plants seller online. Ground Cover Plants bring a pleasant element to the garden Ground Cover; Why Plant Native! Where to Buy; Find a Plant $ 0.00 0 items; Home / Ground Cover. Plant Range Ground Cover. Australian Native Ground Cover Range by Plant Native! Aussie Crawl Read more. Grevillea laurifolia. Aussie Sunset Read more. Grevillea (G.baueri xG.Alpina) x G.Rosmar.Lutea. Ecoturf Sod, LLC offers property owners in Florida a more cost-effective and low-maintenance substitute to grass turf. The Ecoturf perennial peanut sod offers a convenient alternative and is hardy and frost-resistant. Interested in maintaining your lawn without spending a fortune? Order quality sod due to high demand, plants may be in limited supply. Our network of growers and licensees grow and supply our plants to garden retailers throughout the country. Many independent garden centers, home improvement stores, and grocers carry our products, but we are unable to tell you if a specific plant is available at a specific retailer

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Once the creeping oreganos are established, the weeds won't be coming through. Closer spacing, putting the plants about 8 to 10 inches apart, instead of 12 to 18 inches apart, will cover the ground faster. This is nice if you are having a lawn bowling party soon and want to show off your new oregano lawn Myrtle ground cover (Vinca minor), also called periwinkle, is an evergreen plant with small, star-shaped flowers that develop in spring. The plants display blossoms in purple, white or blue and grow approximately 6 inches tall, spreading quickly from long shoots Primarily used as a ground cover, Thymus serpyllum (Creeping Thyme) is a dwarf, aromatic shrub forming a low cushion of tiny, pointed, glossy blue-green leaves that turn bronze in the fall. Blooming profusely from early to mid summer, it features clusters of tiny, deep pink-purplish flowers. Rich in nectar, they attract butterflies. Although the leaves are aromatic, they are rarely used in. in layers: from canopy trees to ground cover. Different bird species rely on different layers to forage and nest. So, by providing a greater variety of layers in your yard, you can attract a greater variety of birds. This guide separates each habitat layer and suggests several native plants for each layer that are known to benefit birds Features. Creeping thyme ground cover seeds are nestled in a 100% recycled roll-out mat. Roll-out garden mat measures 17 x 5'. Easy to trim for custom coverage. Place garden mat in prepared soil, cover with dirt, water daily and watch the seeds germinate. Developed by a horticulturist. Similar Finds

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This low-lying ground cover plant produces flower blossoms in an array of outstanding colors. This particular species of ground cover plant is the fastest growing plant on this list, so it needs to be trimmed regularly, especially if you are using it along a pathway or as a border.. When the plant isn't in bloom, creeping phlox has tiny green leaves, transforming into a blanket of color when. The Best Ground Cover for a Drainage Ditch. Drainage ditches are constructed to contain slopes, which direct water runoff downward. Bare slopes develop erosion problems when no plants are on the.

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100PCS Seeds Chrysanthemum Flowers, Ground Cover Plants. Chrysanthemums grown all over the world, display their wonderful colorful blooms. They are available in a wide range of colors with many variations of each hue. There are many colors to choose from. Family: Asteraceaea Variety: Chrysanthemum Style: Perennial, A A low growing free flowering ground cover plant, Heterocentron elegans is commonly called Spanish Shawl. When in full flower it is bright and cheerful, and it grows well in sunny positions protected from frosts. It adds colour, helps prevent weeds and although it will spread is easy to maintain and confine Ground covers. This group includes low, spreading plants from a few inches to a few feet high. It takes a planting several years to fill in completely, so for the first few years, mulch between plants to keep down weeds. You'll see how important this is if you ever have to reach into prickly juniper foliage to pull weeds Buy nursery-propagated native plants. Most retail nurseries and mail-order catalogs now offer native plants. There are also a number of native plant sales held in the spring. Do not remove native plants from the wild. Taking native plants from the wild depletes native populations. Also, many wild-collected plants do not survive transplanting The origin of this ground cover stems from tropical South America. The perennial peanut groundcover evolved in tropical conditions and has adapted superbly to subtropical and warm climates. In the northern hemisphere, this would include locations below 32o north latitude, Florida-Georgia state line, and boasting a long, warm growing season Planting Density: 1-2 plants per m². Uses: Ground cover and specimen planting. Position: Full sun to part shade. Suits free draining to moderately heavy soils (prefers free draining soils in Sydney), avoid soils with ph above 7. Tolerates frost and drought. Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched.