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Mahogany is a hard wood but in the middle of the spectrum. It is much less dense than other hard woods like rosewood and most exotic dark woods, and more dense than softwoods like spruce and cedar. Early on it became the ukulele sound. Almost every Martin Ukulele was an all mahogany body. It produces a focused sound. Thicker in the low mid and. I have played the Ohana all solid zebra wood soprano, and it is a nice uke. Its very bright, but perhaps not as bright as spruce, as opposed to the more mellow cedar or mahogany models. Last edited by SweetWaterBlue; 03-13-2011 at 07:27 AM Solid vs Laminate. Another factor that influences sound is whether the wood used in your instrument is constructed from solid pieces of wood or from wood laminate. Laminate consists of thin layers of wood pieced together, and it is commonly found on entry level ukuleles. Solid wood instruments are ideal in that they are literally more solid.

Mahogany. Another popular wood in stringed instruments is mahogany. Mahogany is highly regarded as the best tonewood available for warm, balanced, mellow tones. You will find mahogany on our Mano models, with the top being solid mahogany. The benefit of a solid top is that solid wood is less rigid than laminated woods and can move and vibrate more Mango. Mango wood isn't as common today as it once was, but it's excellent wood either way! Originating in India, mango was among the common woods used for the ukulele. It's among the woods that are affordable to produce while at the same time, it boasts terrifically bright tonal qualities and physical ones as well

Choose the Right Ukulele Tonewood. Regardless of the choice of tonewood, choosing instruments with solid wood soundboards are a good start. Solid wood instruments take on the quality of the specific woods they are built from and are a major factor in the sound, appearance, and price of the instrument you buy Mahogany has a better sound. I have worked with zebra many times and I think the reason it is not used is because it is too dense and hard. There are other woods used in guitar making, like maple, but I have never heard anything good about Zebra's sound. 1.8K view Wood is a major factor in sound quality, but not the only one. Body size, volume and shape are important, so are the size and position of sound holes, the saddle and bridge material, internal bracing, back and side material, and string type and tension. Ukuleles all sound like ukuleles, but not all ukes sound alike Ukuleles made from solid tone wood also have very good quality materials in other areas. For instance the bridge and saddle will be made of bone, well adjusted frets, and precise tuners are just a few positive qualities that we want in our uke. Of course the look of a Ukulele can't tell us anything about the sound, but a good looking Uke is a.

The brand splits a lot of it's instruments into both the KA and MK series. Though they have budget ukuleles under $50, the Kala KOA-CT-T Port Orford Cedar Top tenor uke stands out as one of the very best.It's a professional ukulele, perfect for touring musicians, and the Hawaiian koa wood it is made out of gives an incredibly authentic tone While both instruments sound very nice, but the video samples are not a fair comparison of Acacia - vs - Mahogany. About 70% of the tonal production of an instrument comes from the soundboard and how it is braced. Are these two models braced the same? 20% from the back and sides, and the last 10% from the neck, tuners, and string selection In my opinion, the Collings and Kiwaya ranks with the best of the factory made ukuleles I've played, while the LoPrinzi is a step above a good import solid wood ukulele but a slight step below a good Hawaiian made solid ukulele. In terms of looks, mahogany is pretty much a no-nonsense looking wood. While curly mahogany is available, a great.

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  1. Zebrawood actually refers to many species within the Microberlinia genus. The common species is Microberlinia Brazzavillensis. It is a equatorial tree legumous tree producing pods with a native range in West Typically the trees are straight and up tp 40 m tall with a trunk diameter of up to 1 m
  2. Rosewood has been used in stringed instruments for centuries, not only as a fretboard wood, but also as the sides and backs of violins, mandolins and lutes. Rosewood is instantly recognizable by its dark reddish-brown color. Depending on the species, that basic color can range from very dark, almost black, to deep mahogany red or espresso brown
  3. A very noticeable step up from the rung above entry-level ukuleles, the Kala is more than enough for most uke players to play at home, or go out and play with others and never feel short-changed. The mahogany construction offers a darker tone, which complements its concert voicing, and a subtle body binding adds to the good looks
  4. Mahogany. As a guitar top, dense mahogany has a solid, punchy tone with low overtone content and good high-end response. Mahogany back and sides often emphasize bass and treble, with more overtone coloration and a woody sound (as opposed to the more metallic sound of, say, rosewood back and sides)
  5. Sound sample of the Kasch Zebrawood Concert Ukulele MUH-506.http://www.ukuleleplace.com.au/kasch-zebrawood-concert-ukulele-muh-506/Sound recorded with a Sams..

Alternatives to Maple and Mahogany. Maple is the only wood used for backs and sides in the violin family so it is well known to instrument makers, even though just a modest percentage of guitars are made with it. The fact that it is a domestic wood augments its popularity and it is often used on electric guitars, most notably the Gibson Les Paul Mahogany is lighter and less dense, and thus produces not only a warm tone, but a unique tonal clarity and open brilliance. And in time, Mahogany changes in color and tone more than any other wood we have experienced. For those who own vintage mahogany guitars and 'ukuleles, the aged tone is unsurpassable Koa (Acacia koa) Why people love it: Figured Koa is probably among the most stunning hardwoods on the planet. Why it's overrated: The price-tag is also among the most stunning on the planet. Try this instead: It's hard to dispute Koa's beauty, but many woods come very close for much, much less.Australian Blackwood is, for all intents and purposes, identical on all points but price The Got A Ukulele reviews page collates the largest independent list of instrument reviews there is online. Think of it as a 'Ukulele Buyers guide' to advise you as to what's the best uke! (Items in Bold are those that I think deserve the highest praise!) Uke High Tide Zebrawood Baritone w/ Preamp. $329.00. Home / Ukuleles / Uke High Tide Zebrawood Baritone. This beautiful Luna ukulele features a Zebrawood body, producing full, deep sound along with the instrument's baritone body size. Set-neck Mahogany construction and walnut bridge add lasting sustain and clarity to your tone

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Kala KA-TG Gloss Mahogany Tenor Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Fender Play Online Lessons, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth 4.8 out of 5 stars 74 1 offer from $144.9 Guitar Tonewood - Ovangkol is a plentiful wood, visually similar in tone to rosewood used for making acoustic guitars. This tonewood is found in acoustic guitars at Breedlove Guitars

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Sure, I own many solid wood ukuleles, some at the very high end, and given the choice and budget I would always buy them, but I also have laminate instruments too. It's horses for courses. One thing you won't find me doing is looking down on laminates as a whole other than looking down on badly made instruments as a whole African Mahogany wood is one of the most popular exotic tonewoods available for major manufacturers and custom builders. Mahogany is used in the bodies, tops, necks, backs and sides of guitars and mandolins. The uniform pattern of mahogany, along with it's density, compress midrange tones. However, it also provides a thicker sounds Music Deluxe (about $100) are constructed in your choice of maple, mahogany, ebony, koa, or zebrawood. It comes with a built-in strap pin and a bag, so you can take it to a gig, a music class, or a bonfire at the beach easily. Black rubber pegs; The traditional ukulele is made from the wood of an Acacia koa tree

Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)Following closely in Cuban Mahogany's footsteps, Honduran Mahogany is from the same genus (Swietenia), and it's closely related in nearly all characteristics. All species within the genus are listed on CITES appendix II, and nowadays a fair amount of this wood is grown on plantations. It's sold under a variety of common names, including American. The curly wood is used in guitar and ukulele tone wood. It's also used in fine furniture. Pheasant Wood kolohala (Cassia Siamea) Pheasant Wood kolohala (Cassia Siamea) Cuban Mahogany is a cites protected wood. It is extremely rare because of deforestation around the world. It is used as tone wood for acoustic guitars and fine.

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For this reason, what has become known as the parlor guitar was born. I put that in quotes because, to be frank, there is no universally-accepted definition for a parlor guitar.There are certain characteristics that are common in most common parlor guitars including a smaller width, elongated lower bout and a 12th-fret neck-to-body junction, but not all parlor guitars follow this. Ohana ukuleles are some of the cheapest solid wood ukuleles around. A number of their instruments are solid mahogany yet priced at under $200. That's very rare. Obviously, with the instruments being so cheap, they are not made in the US but China. As you can see from Ken Middleton's review below, this means that the finishing and set up. The concert and tenor are slightly larger, both tuned to C like the soprano. The largest ukulele size is the baritone, which is tuned to D. Ukuleles are either made of solid wood or plywood covered with a wood laminate. The type of wood will determine the look and sound of the instrument and is a large determiner in price Amahi Ukuleles. At Amahi Ukuleles we strive to offer the highest quality instruments at affordable prices. We offer six distinct categories of ukuleles - explore them below

Solid woods vs. laminated wood. Generally speaking, higher quality ukulele bodies are made with solid woods while more affordable models are made with laminates—several thin layers of wood glued together and sometimes topped with attractively grained veneers. In some cases, ukulele bodies are made with laminates while the top, which most. The Alvarez Regent Series RU22C is the ideal starter ukulele for many reasons. First and foremost, it has a fuller, louder sound than most ukes of its size. Second, as a concert-size uke, it's. Ohana Ukuleles, based in California, USA, is a maker of fine quality classic and very innovative instruments. Design and research start here, producing one of the most extensive and varied catalogs of instruments, including sopraninos, soprano, vita, concert, tenor, multi-string tenor, baritone, bass. Ohana uses traditional and exotic tonewoods and custom shop features offered in their limited. Lanikai specializes in providing ukuleles for discerning musicians requiring dependability, playability and style; whether songwriting, recording, or on stage. With a wide range of tone woods and premium features, Lanikai ukuleles provide you with inspiration that sparks creativity and fuels musical passion

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The spirit of the volcano lives in this tree and radiates from the lumber. The problem with Koa is that it only grows on one set of islands in the world, only well on one island and only at its best at higher elevations. The wild cattle and pigs on the Big Island of Hawaii find immature Koa bark to be a delicacy and can strip an acre of these. The best acoustic guitars are made out of wood. This remains as much a truism in the 21st century as it was hundreds of years ago, despite huge recent advances in the development of alternative guitar materials (particularly carbon-fiber). Learn about the woods that go into acoustic guitars and how they are used by Yamaha Back & Side Exotics. We try and supply the most exotic tonewoods available as well as the more common luthier woods. Our tonewoods selection will vary over time as some woods are harder to source for guitars. (OS) =OUT OF STOCK (NA) =NO LONGER AVAILABLE (CS) =COMING SOON This is a brief review and demonstration of a Caramel (made in China) Zebra wood baritone ukulele, model number CB103. Be sure to check out the new short loo.. Family-owned full service, musical instrument store opened by Daniel Elliott Jr and Stu Herreid in May of 2012. Daniel had already been working on a business plan to open his own music store, while Stu was looking for a new meeting place for the rapidly growing ukulele club he had founded a few years earlier. They decided to join forces and the.

The color of this wood varies from pinkish-mauve to golden blond colors, and when oxidized, it can exhibit rich, dark colors. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of guitars made from this wood. Its interlocked grain make the wood more like mahogany and easy to blend with other types of wood Acoustic-electric Baritone Ukulele with Zebrawood Top, Zebrawood Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, Walnut Fingerboard, and Luna Electronics - Satin Natural $ 329 .00 Or $14.00 /month § wit Zebrawood has a Janka rating of 1575 and a Specific Gravity around 0.74, 46lb/ft3 Ziricote Mexico and Belize Cordia dodecandra H=4.1, M=3.6, B=4.1, S=4.1, O=3.8, T=4.1 This wood is sometimes called Mexican Ebony, though it's not really black and it's not an ebony Supporting Woodworkers for 18 Years! - Exotic Wood Veneer, Vacuum Press Systems, Tools and Supplies. There is more than 355,000 square feet of domestic and exotic veneer currently on our website and we're offering these great veneers by the sheet and in small, affordable lots. From amboyna to zebrawood, there's something here for everyone Since first being introduced in 2008, the Kala U•BASS® has grabbed the attention of bass players and media alike. Bass Player Magazine praised the original U•BASS® for its colossal low end and huge fun factor. The Acoustic-Electric U•BASS® features a custom Shadow pickup and EQ with built-in tuner to dial in the sonic boom

The loudest wood tops, such as Sitka Spruce, are lightweight and stiff, while maintaining the necessary strength. Denser woods, for example Hard Maple, often used for necks, are stronger but not as loud (R = 6 vs. 12). When wood is used as the top of an acoustic instrument, it can be described using plate theory and plate vibrations This series includes the P-03 Mahogany model, the P-09 Rosewood model and the PV-09 model with a cutaway. These guitars have a somewhat elongated body, making them different in both tone and look from something like the Baby Taylor. Unlike most parlor guitars, the Larrivée guitars are American-made, solid-wood guitars that boast a great tone Discovering the premium solid-wood ukuleles and acoustic guitars from Enya Musical Instruments. Shop the best selling Nova U, MAD, X1, and Acoustic Plus ukuleles. MS Blue Solid Mahogany. from $119.99 from $119.99 Regular price $129.99 $129.99 Save $10 Close (esc) Quick shop Mahogany: Mahogany is the most commonly used wood type. High-end instruments are crafted out of solid mahogany. Mahogany ukuleles of all quality levels can achieve a lovely, soft sound. Spruce: Spruce is not as prevalent as other wood types, but these options are a popular choice for beginners

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Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukulele, Mahogany Top, Back & Sides OUB200K. $289.99. Was: $499.90. or Best Offer. Only 1 left! Oscar Schmidt OU320 Zebra Wood Concert Ukulele! $81.99. 2 watching. Oscar Schmidt Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag, HD Nylon Shell, Storge Pocket, UB4 Oscar Schmidt Model OU9 Ukulele 4 String Concert Size Bocote Wood. Kmise Banjolele 4 String Banjo Ukulele Concert 23 Inch Length 18 Frets Sapele w/ 8 inch Polyester Film Drumhead Aquila String GCEA. $53.99. Kmise Guitalele Mini Travel Guitar Ukulele 31 inch Mahogany 20 Frets 18:1 Advanced Tuner Dual Truss Rod with Strap Lock A-D-G-C-E-A. $69.99. Kmise Ubass Ukulele Bass Baritone 30 inch Mahogany DGAE w. This wood has gained in popularity since the early 1990's when Brazilian Rosewood was designated an endangered species. Furniture manufacturers used it as a Brazilian Rosewood substitute but it stands on its own as an instrument tone wood. Item Number: IW34526. IW34526. $185.00. Backs 1/8-3/16 x 8 1/2 x 23 3/8

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We carry plastic bridge pins, and pins made from Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Boxwood, Tintul (a great Rosewood substitute which is easily exportable) and Bloodwood. We also have bone bridge pins and black horn bridge pins. Nearly all the pins we sell can be paired with a matching end pin, or strap pin. Find pins with a 3-degree taper or 5-degree. Alongside maple, mahogany is a classic ingredient in both slab and multi-wood (or laminated) bodies, and is a common neck wood, too. It's also used in single-wood bodies. As for the classics, the Gibson Les Paul Jr., Les Paul Special, and SG were made of solid mahogany (with mahogany necks), and countless makers have used the wood in both. Luna Guitars Baritone Zebra Acoustic-Electric Ukulele. Your Price $ 329.00. or $14/month‡ with 24 month financing*. Open quick view dialog for Luna Guitars Tattoo Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele { inCheckoutPromo:[] } Luna Guitars Tattoo Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele. Your Price $ 139.00 msrp:209.0,lowPrice:139.0. Due to the individual nature of each board, please use this list as a guideline only. Unless otherwise noted 9″ - 11 1/2″ wide boards are an additional $1.00-$2.00/ BF and 11 1/2″-14″ wide boards are another $1.00-$2.00/BF. Boards over 15″ wide are individually priced depending on the species. Additional price increases occur. You can get a fretless model as well (fretless and fretted solidbodies are on their way, too), and Kala recently introduced two additional models in different woods: The U-Bass 2 features a solid spruce top with mahogany back, sides, and neck, while the solid Acacia model, with its striped wood grain, is the real looker of the bunch

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Find a great collection of Acoustic Guitar at Ibanez. Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps, plus guitar accessories like tuners, straps and picks Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. Harder woods create good, solid long-lasting joinery in furniture. The hardness of wood varies with the direction of the wood grain, and varies from piece to piece. So a Janka rating is an average of numerous tests performed on all directions and numerous pieces Official website of Aria Guitars Co. Leading in quality and excellence of electric, acoustic, bass, and classical guitars since 1965

Reviews. Compare. Compare Now site51340723648946716070 1340719768623. Open quick view dialog for Kohala KPP-B Baritone Ukulele Player Pack. { inCheckoutPromo: [] } Kohala KPP-B Baritone Ukulele Player Pack. Your Price. $99.00. msrp:189.0,lowPrice:99.0 We hire local talent at all of our factories and launched initiatives to work with reclaimed wood and replanting projects. Stay In Tune. Our unique headstock shape was created with the avid player in mind, looking for perfect tone and pitch every time. This smaller shape allows strings to stay straight, limiting the amount of detuning when not. AU $399.00 New. Kala Ka-te Acoustic-electric Tenor Ukulele Mahogany Active EQ 1 Only. AU $329.00 New. Cordoba 15tm-ce Electric Tenor Ukulele With Mahogany Body and Aquila Strings. AU $269.00 New. Tanglewood Twt19b Tiare Tenor Ukulele All Figured Ebony W/gig Bag. AU $165.00 New. Eddy Finn Ef-1t Tenor Ukulele Basswood Aquila Strings

FAQ has been compiled by a founder of Ukulele Club Slovenia, Carlos Yoder, our long-time friend and supporter, and it is designed to help you start your ukulele journey in a nice and easy way, just how the ukulele should be! We strongly believe in learning and growing together. Let your music take Flight Acoustics - Guitars by Dean. Official Dean Guitar website showing the world's finest selection of Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, guitar pickups, guitar amps, and related gear Start your Guitar Building journey here; with the world's most trusted DIY Guitar Kit supplier. Since 2012, Pit Bull Guitars have been trusted on quality, service, price and advice. Delivery to most Countries in just 3-6 days The zebra wood body ukulele is probably one of the greatest value ukulele for the money, and that is why it is an superb instrument good for the beginners. The instrument has a buffalo bone nut and saddle, and there is a truss rod that is embedded in the neck for neck adjustment

Genuine Mahogany (Honduras) Flamed Hawaiian koa is the premium wood for building Ukuleles and high-end acoustic guitars. Whether you choose to add flamed koa to the top of your acoustic or solid body, the tone will benefit from added sweetness and pronounced midrange. Zebrawood Zebrawood has a very unique and high end look with heavy. Mahogany used as the body and top wood on a Gibson Les Paul. Many guitar and bass bodies are made from Mahogany.There are 49 types of Mahogany, but many are practically extinct because of the wood's popularity for furniture and musical instruments, and the types used today are not the same as the Mahogany used in guitars in the 1940s or 1950s Lohanu Ukulele is a Canadian Company that strives in providing the highest quality ukulele bundle and customer service at its price point. We developed the Lohanu brand to provide the Best Quality Ukulele Bundle and Best Value you can get for its pric e! Our ukuleles are one of the BEST SELLING Ukuleles on amazon USA and Canada.. Our Ukuleles have the MOST Total Reviews and the Most 5 Star. Acoustic Guitars cont. New for 2021 - A stunning pair of Autumn Vintage Burst electro acoustic guitars have been added to the Winterleaf collection TW5 E AVB TW4 E AVB Winterleaf Concert and Tenor models, both with cutaway bodies and our very latest 2021 model Premium Plus Eq system onboard for high level stage or studio performance