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EZA. Super Class Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +40%. Big Bang Attack. Raises ATK & DEF and causes supreme damage to enemy. Overflowing Fusion Power. ATK & DEF +60%; raises Ki by up to 8. (the less HP remaining, the greater the Ki boost) Saiyan Warrior Race - Brainiacs - Power Bestowed by God - Prepared for Battle - Fused Fighter - Shattering the Limit If you want them as Vegito more often, than more crit than AA is good even if they have diminishing returns after a point. At 17 crit you still have a 50.5% chance to crit while at 25 it's up to.. LR STR Vegito Blue (Lead) UR TEQ SSJ4 Gogeta UR AGL Super Vegito UR INT Super Gogeta UR PHY Super Gotenks (For sealing) UR STR SSJ4 Goku Friend LR STR Vegito Blue LR Vegito is full hidden potential SA20 if it matters. But it is mainly just built from a team that I had already built before I left dokkan

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Imo, STR Vegito and Teq Gogeta's offense in their pre-fusion form is identical. They hit about 4 - 5 million damage range with the right links and support. Interchangable in my opinion. However, in their fused form, I am pretty sure STR Vegito, for a lack of a better term, Takes a Dump, on TEQ Gogeta Potara category has many extremely good Cards and is easily among the best Teams to take on difficult Events. One of the recommended rotations is the absolutely ridiculous combo, LR Super Vegito and LR Super Saiyan God SS Vegito. Although the two only share 10% in ATK and 2 Ki Link Skills, they are extremely strong Offensively and Defensively However, for units that have built in counters (Super Vegito generally), then crits is logically the best thing to do. But what about the new STR LR Vegito? At 55% he has a 25% chance to crit from his passive (source: Dokkan Wiki) and the free level 5 crit (10% chance) from the dupe system, which leads to: 1 - (0.75 * 0.9) = 0.325 -> 32.5%. His leaderskill is very good, it's F2P Friendly, it's full of top tier LRs and LRs that are coming up on EZAs. He's on 10 teams (8 I believe have SBR stages and/or ESBR stages). His defense is good across the entire game, including the god event, and it'll be very hard for him to age out defensively unless they really crank up the damage

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  1. e LR Vegito's stats: HP: 11897. ATK: 14587. DEF: 8784. Pretty good attack stat if you ask me. Now let's calculate his damage output on SSJ4 Goku team: Passive : + 80% ATK,DEF: No dupe system buffs: 1035515
  2. Raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes colossal damage to enemy. Vegeta's Pride & Goku's Rage. Raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes mega-colossal damage to enemy. A Common Goal. ATK & DEF +120%; reduces damage received by 30%; plus an additional Ki +1 per Type Ki Sphere obtained; medium chance of launching an additional Super Attack
  3. HE IS TOO DAMN STRONG TO BE FREE. Did Bandai ACTUALLY give us a good F2P unit?!If you liked the video, then make sure to LIKE the video and hit that big red.
  4. Lr super Vegito Teq vb/lr vb Str rose Merged zamasu Agl super Vegito rainbow (phy if I pull him) Phy goku black :/ Alternatively str zamasu :/ not a great last slot right now hence my hesitation to pull on his banner. If I pull Kefla or int zamasu I'll be a lot better off. That or sub an int unit in
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  6. The best spreads (IMO) are the 27AA/11 Crit or 22AA/16 crit. The latter equals a 49% crit chance with a 44% chance of another attack which will increase as Vegito gets hit before attacking. And..

Video Title: HOW GOOD IS LR GOKU & VEGETA/LR SUPER VEGITO WITHOUT DUPES? (DBZ: Dokkan Battle) -----.. - Fodder by his much better STR counterpart - Will easily get the full boost in this category - Shares the same name and type with his much better LR counterpart - Category bonus is rather situational: B21: World-Saving Hero Great Saiyaman 4 - Infinite ATK and DEF stacker - Decent hard-hitter and tank - Decent defensive support - Abysmal linkse Supreme kai trials:https://dbz-dokkanbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Supreme_Kai%27s_TrialsHow to farm Incredible Gems:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on0y_OtRsbsHuge..

S - Lr Gogeta hit's harder than Lr Vegito here because of the fact that Lr Gogeta has higher attack and a higher ki multiplier, Also Lr Gogeta has the 11 aa and 15 crit setup vs Lr Vegito 6 aa and 15 crit setup, Lr Gogeta setup is much better which increases his apt higher than Vegito's Video Title: LR VEGITO BLUE ON THE POTARA TEAM! 100% RAINBOW STAR LR VEGITO BLUE SHOWCASE! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle)-----..

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As you might expect, the climb to both LR and UR Vegito is a long one! But it's well-worth the effort, whether you're a fan of the fusion or just want a viable Super STR. Considering the strength of UR and LR Vegito, it's no surprise Potara Medals are a pain to get; and, in fact, grinding them out is a task best left to near or at-endgame players Super Saiyan God SS Vegito is an amazing Free-To-Play LR that is capable of hitting hard, tanking a increase his stats.Super Saiyan God SS Vegito has a completely farmable Super Attack and he can be easily maxed out in the Potential System; the best Free-To-Play LR and one of the best units in the game overall

2) PHY LR Gogeta - my favorite since he came out, would always take as friend before I got him 3) AGL Gogeta Blue 4) AGL LR SS4 Goku 5) STR LR SS4 Vegeta 6) INT LR Vegito 7) AGL SSBE Vegeta 8) INT LR Boujack 9) STR LR Vegito Blue F2P 10) INT LR GT Trio/AGL LR Baby - tie Honorable mentions: PHY DBS Broly, STR LR Broly (my first LR 10 For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled Pull thread for Gogeta/Vegito Blue - Page 37 View all Otherworld's Dominant Power Paikuhan agi A Fiend Possessed Super Janemba teq Broly INT Boujack STR Gogeta SSJ4 INT Freeza final form (angel) Goku Blue and Vegeta Blue LR Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Transforming Gotenks (INT) Ultimate Gohan (TEC) Buu (Good/Evil) (TEC) Buutenks Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13.

Vegito Blue's can stack ATK & DEF on Super ATK, letting him grow to insane power levels, and he Links very nicely with AGL Gogeta, sharing 5 Ki and 35% from ATK Link Skills after Gogeta transforms. The cohesion and power of these two Cards together cannot be overstated. The Extreme rotation is composed of STR Rose and AGL Zamasu Let's get to the nitty-gritty now, here are the top 10 best LRs in the global version of the game. 10. Rampaging Vicious Saiyans Nappa & Vegeta. One of the most recent additions to the game and the unit that dethroned LR STR Broly as the World Tournament king. Above all, they are here because of their usefulness in the World Tournament, but. 2. Vegito's Potara A rather niche but incredibly powerful category. A Vegito focused team will give you all the attack and defense you will need to beat any event in the game. Keep the LR pairs together and TEQ Vegito and SSGSS Vegito units in the same rotations for some of the best 1-2 punches in the game. Team card LR vegito fullpower I'd summon. 2yr ⋅ aboveatlas99 ⋅ r/DokkanBattleCommunity. Well there goes all of my luck for LR Vegito /Gogeta. 1yr ⋅ DwightPunsFTW ⋅ r/DokkanBattleCommunity. (1000x1000) Close-up Recreation of LR TEQ Vegito. 1yr ⋅ A_Silvers_1997 ⋅ r/u_A_Silvers_1997 The image can be easily used for any free creative project Account with the new 6th anniversary LRs Also has TUR GT goku at 100% and gt vegeta at 79% Other good cards include LR Gogeta Blue at 100%n LR Vegito Blue at 69%, LR Super Vegito at 69% Plus LR Goku+Frieza Ready to sell. 1500 ds also on account View all Broly INT Boujack STR Gogeta SSJ4.

Vegito is formed by Goku and Vegeta each wearing a Potara earring, forcibly drawing the two men together into the fused individual in a brilliant flash of light. While the fusion is permanent for the Kais, it only lasts an hour for mortals. Retaining the memories of both Goku and Vegeta, Vegito is a more cocky, vindictive character than Goku. 1. Goku Black, Bardock, Vegito - 7 2. Goku, Adult Gohan, Vegito - 5 3. Goku Black, Vegito, Fused Zamasu - 3 4. Gotenks, Android 21, Vegito - This is a guide describing the Hidden Potential System, as well as what Potential Skills you can collect such as Type ATK Boost, Type DEF Boost, Recovery Boost, Combo Attack, Critical Hit, Evasion, and Super ATK Boost. We also talk about using the Reverse system to Reverse Dokkan Awaken your Cards. This makes it easier to use Duplicates to open Hidden Potential Paths and give your character. LR Goku & Vegeta work very well with other Goku or Vegeta Cards, especially their golden-haired variants. In harder content, their transformed state also pairs well with Super Saiyan God SS Vegito Cards.. Their strongest Team is Potara, but they also do great on Super Saiyan, Majin Buu Saga, Joined Forces, and Kamehameha Teams

The newly released LR can link with Limitless Radiance - Super Vegito both before and after transforming into Super Powered Fusion - Super Vegito: before transforming the links shared give a total of 25% ATK and 2 Ki from Prepared for Battle, after 25% and 2000 ATK and 4 Ki with the addition of Fused Fighters to the Link Set of the LR How do you get Potara medals for LR vegito blue? There are only two ways to get Potara medals for Vegito in Dokkan Battle, one is through limited Baba's Treasures stores, where if you are lucky there are medals, you will have to pay about 70 incredible gems for 10 Potara medals. And the other one is selecting the Supreme Kai tests Details about Dokkan Battle Global LR STR Vegito, LR TEQ Vegito, 32 LRs, 6034 Stones Android See original listing. Dokkan Battle Global LR STR Vegito, LR TEQ Vegito, 32 LRs, 6034 Stones Android: Condition: Very Good. Ended: May 30, 2021. Price: US $84.99. Shipping: Free 4 day shipping. Get

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Vegito is a mixture of both Goku and Vegeta's characteristics, with a few deviations. - 1x LR STR Vegito - 1x LR PHY Majin Buu - Many Free to Play LRs SA 20 at 97% *(Not rainbowed to accommodate for different play styles)-5074 Dragon Stones (Stones cannot be transferred to iOS devices) - 324 Red Coins - Rank 510 - Story Mode Completed - Most. Vegito (ベジット. , Bejitto), called Vegerot in the Viz English manga, is the result of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta by the use of the Potara Earrings. Vegito is the most powerful character in the original Dragon Ball manga. His Fusion Dance counterpart is Gogeta - 1x LR AGL SSJ4 Goku - 1x LR STR Vegito - 1x LR PHY Majin Buu - 1x LR TEQ Vegito (+1 Dupe) - 1x LR INT Vegito (+1 Dupe) - Many Free to Play LRs SA 20 at 97% *(Not rainbowed to accommodate for different play styles)-4766 Dragon Stones (Stones cannot be transferred to Android devices) - 265 Red Coins - Rank 528 - Story Mode Completed - Most EZA.

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The winner of SR Awaken Competition: Vegito will be chosen on June 5 by CakeBuu , Rodamaty Geass and Super Saiyan Kolra. Judges points: 3 points for and 2 points for and 1 point for . If there is no clear winner then it will go to a vote. Anything goes - the card doesn't have to transform, or it can LR Vegito/Gogeta Blue. Dokkan Battle Global LR STR Gogeta, 24 LRs, 5827 Stones Android . SP Gogeta BLU's Strike Attack is high, but he still prefers Blast Attack. Gogeta is a great F2P card that fits nicely on the Team, when there is a lack of a Top-Tier pick. r/DokkanBattleCommunity 2 LR MUI 1 LR SSBE 2 STR Vegito(last rotation, that guy almost made me keep spending) 2 STR Golden Frieza and Gohan 3 LR Gohan(he was my only featured unit for 800 stones straight lmao) 3 LR Cell 5 AGL SSBE 4 TEQ Majin Vegeta 3 Kefla 1 Beerus 1 SSBKK 2 Hi

Hyperpowered Strike Super Saiyan 3 Vegito. Is That Your Best? All allies' evade enemy attacks (including Super Attack), guards against all attacks, attacks effective against all types and Ki +12 for 1 turn; can be activated after performing 7 Super Attacks and HP is 50% or above (Once only) Card art by Dokkan Diety and found here Universe 3 team: LR STR Super Vegito, STR Majin Vegeta, EZA STR Krillin, LR STR Vegito Blue, TEQ Ultimate Gohan, TEQ Caulifla with LR STR Super Vegito friend I wasn't super fast, and I used items, but I did beat them. I have not yet attempted Universe 2 and Universe 4, and of course the other 8 universes are not yet available. Was able to do one more multi to get a GSSR on the tickets. Didn't get shit in the normal multi but pulled a dupe LR Vegito from the tickets! ^^ I'll never see LR Vegito come out normally with this HP aside from forcing it or something like SBR or EZA. X I have not yet attempted Universe 2 and Universe 4, and of course the other 8 universes are not yet available. -edit- Universe 2 team: LR STR Super Vegito, LR INT Super Vegito, EZA AGL Super Vegito, EZA PHY Vegito Blue, TEQ Ultimate Gohan, TEQ Caulifla with LR STR Super Vegito frien Home › [Global] Dokkan Battle Farmed Account 3200-3600LR.

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Vegito's UR and LR are kind of insane and fit amazingly on any team needing some STR in its ranks. You need Potara Medals in order to Dokkan Awaken Determined Fusion Vegito up to UR Engraved Strength Vegito and later LR Super Saiyan God SS Vegito. As you might expect, the climb to both LR and UR Vegito is a long one Featured Cards:Lr Vegito, Teq Vegito Blue, Str Ultimate Gohan, Phy Vegito Blue Account Album Story Progress:Fresh Format:Sale $15 Origin of Account:Rerolled Myself. Since phy vegito blue leader skill will be replaced by the teq vegito blue(if I ever pull him), hopefully LR vegito blue gets a better leader skill than phy vegito blue. Vegito had.

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Gunclip Depot, Inc. 42448 Riverdale Dr. Aguanga, CA 92536; 949-633-7703; Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm PST; gunclips@verizon.ne His passive is what makes him so good because it adds 50% attack when you get 5 or more ki. If he is not able to get 5 ki, his damage is not nearly as good. 5. Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) - Successor of the Strongest. This is another character that is good because of the passive skill. He gets 2 ki as long as your hp is over 50% lr vegito blue hidden potential. By February 20, 2021 Uncategorized.

Dokkan Search. Units LR - AGL Baby (1016380) LR - AGL Goku (Ultra Instinct) (1020290) LR - AGL Kale & Caulifla (1016820) LR - AGL Majin Vegeta (1010150) LR - AGL Mighty Mask (1011620) LR - AGL Nappa (1019380) LR - AGL Super Saiyan 4 Goku (1015740) LR - AGL Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) - Resolution in Battle (1017610) LR - AGL Super Saiyan Goku. Gogeta. Super Gogeta's power level listed at 2,500,000,000. : PHY Super Vegito has a dupe in him SA10. The classic SP Vegito RED adds reliable Bulk and a way to check the Yellows that threaten his Super Saiyan counterpart, while SP Super Gogeta GRN can be brought instead if enemy Transforming Warriors reveal themselves, and synergizes with his base form's Blast-oriented style. Dragon Ball Z. Gogeta faces Hearts. Finding themselves overwhelmed in the face of Ultimate Godslayer Hearts' power, Goku and Vegeta opt to fuse into Gogeta in the hopes they can match his strength. After his fusion succeeds, in the anime, Gogeta disregards Hearts' claim of superiority and simply smirks, voicing his desire to have some fun and then transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, approaching Hearts and. Find all the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game information & More at DBZ Space


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  2. 55% Lr Teq Gogeta & Lr Str Vegito With Level 10 Link [Top 5] Dokkan Battle Best Teams. Let's wreak havoc with the Top 5 Dokkan Battle Best Teams [Top 5] Dokkan Battle Best Teams but this category also has some of the hardest-hitters in the game like the newly added LR Vegito and LR Gogeta, LR Ultra Instinct Goku, and STR SSBKK Gok
  3. LR-Tier = Legendary Rare Tier = LR GOKU TEQ , LR FRIEZA STR , LR PICCOLO INT , LR Androids 17&18 AGL Z-Tier = Vegeta SSJ4 , Goku SSJ4 , SSB Vegito , SSJR Black Goku , Omega Shenron S-Z Tier = Super Vegito , SSJ3 Gotenks , Super Gogeta , Broly Phy , Buuhan , SSBKK Goku , Vegeta SSB INT , Merged Zamasu , Trunks Rage IN
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  5. Account 76 has new lr vegito x2 and gogeta x2 + rainbow lr cell, lr ssj4 str vegeta, lr black, lr ssj3 goku, lr int vegito + other amazing units and 272 stones Good buy and great transaction. Good seller, would recommend to others. L. Lastwarrior New member. Jan 31, 2020

Agl super vegito eza For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Fight on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled Super vegito should be the first category EZA - Page 3. 20 or higher with a character from the . Potara's best guest leader will be LR INT Super Vegito, which has been a relatively common friend to find since its release 1 LR INT SSBE Vegeta 2 LR AGL SSJ Gohan (2nd and 3rd dupes) 1 LR PHY Buuhan (1st dupe) 2 INT SSJ2 Angel Goku (3rd and 4th dupes) 1 TEQ Ult Gohan and Golden Frieza and bunch of dupes of INT UI and AGF (probably #15+ for both)..bought a dupe of STR Vegito with Coins and have enough to buy Videl and an SSBE dupe whenever they come back Vegeta SSBE.

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2) PHY LR Gogeta - my favorite since he came out, would always take as friend before I got him 3) AGL Gogeta Blue 4) AGL LR SS4 Goku 5) STR LR SS4 Vegeta 6) INT LR Vegito 7) AGL SSBE Vegeta 8) INT LR Boujack 9) STR LR Vegito Blue F2P 10) INT LR GT Trio/AGL LR Baby - tie Honorable mentions: PHY DBS Broly, STR LR Broly (my first LR 10 ; 100 LR Str UI Goku LR Teq Blue Vegito LR Str Blue Gogeta LR Int Godku LR Int Rose Str SSBKK/Beerus/Whis The team will be kapow zoom crash, and the enemy is dead. 1122x1080 Vegito Super Saiyan Blue by rmehedi on DeviantArt. I've been running full fusion team LR Gogeta Blue LR Vegito Blue AGL SSJ Gogeta PHY VB INT Gotenks AGL SV Account has: - 1x LR STR SSJ4 Vegeta (+1 Dupe) - 1x LR INT Cell - 1x LR STR Vegito - 1x LR INT Vegito (+2 Dupes) - Many Free to Play LRs SA 20 at 97% *(Not rainbowed to accommodate for different play styles)-5708 Dragon Stones (Stones cannot be transferred to iOS Descubre en TikTok los videos cortos relacionados con vegetto dokkan. Ve contenido popular de los siguientes autores: Creator107(@imsoboredrn), 1300?(@fwwdavi), Nick Lane(@jaylanegaming), (@shugesh), Ejvicky15(@ejvicky15) Sanus. Aktualności; Usługi; Specjaliści; Galeria; Kontakt; Diety; int vegeta lr

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DOKKAN BATTLE GLOBAL LR INT SSBE Vegeta, LR Frieza&17, 37 LRs, 6157 Stones iOS - $115.57. FOR SALE! Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE 15456015256 The leader is Dokkan fest gohan and the units I added were Lr vegito, Lr gogeta, f2p goku gohan, int goku black, and Lr ssj3 goku. The leader is the Dokkan fest ssj4 vegeta and the units I added are eza ssj2 vegeta the tanky one, eza 2019.08.29. Potrzebujesz szybszego ładowania wideo? What is marriage like for a down-to-Earth office worker and a total otaku? Your job is to defeat Potara. The Latest & Hot News in real time. Andre Iguodala Pete Davidson Suicide Squad Philippines Olympics Messi MECQ Back 4 Blood Rodrigo Duterte Phoebe Bridgers Lee Da I

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  7. LR STR Super Vegito — causes immense damage to enemy and
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