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LRC Elle Purrier Is The New Queen of the US 1500 Scene as Jenny Simpson Fails To Make US Team For 1st Time Since 2005. Elle Purrier turned it into a fitness test and she ended up with a 3:58.03. Ask questions to the LetsRun.com coaches, learn the purpose of every workout, get mental tips, and interact with other dedicated athletes at your competition level in our private training.

Welcome to the LetsRun.com Marathon Training Program. What you will find below are some general overview type of instructions as well as a link that will take you to your first two weeks of training For summer training so far I have done- a 15 mile week, then 22, 34. 37, 42, 50, and will do 55 and then 60 for my last week. My times are 4:34 for the mile, and 16:30 for XC

The program includes a day by day training description as well as unlimited interaction with the coaches and access to a private training forum where you can post questions with other runners. You also get a free LetsRun.com Supporter's Club membership ($99 value) which gives you access to big shoe discounts (20%) as well as exclusive LRC. Main Message Board Running Training Advice Forum High School Running Forum College Track & Field Running Forum Shoes and Gear Forum. Subject/Author. Last Post Posts. The LetsRun.com Supporters. Training. Shoes. Main Message Board Running Training Advice Forum High School Running Forum College Track & Field Running Forum Shoes and Gear Forum. Subject/Author. Last Post Posts. The LetsRun. The idea of this thread was about high mileage training for middle distance running, not about discussing an average sub-elite runner's performance. Thanks for all the info OP. Classic letsrun.

Specific distance training. Sub 30 MINUTE 10k guys - your training? A great discussion about serious 10k training. You guessed it - a lot of guys ran 100 mpw. Sub 14:30 5000m Training Similar to the above. It turns out that if you google sub XX 5k or 10k training you can find plenty of stuff out there. Sub 1:10 Half Marathon Training Hadd's One Approach to Distance Training Foreword by the Editor Hadd was the nickname of a long-distance running coach, who for many years gave his advice freely on the LetsRun.com discussion boards. He wrote a series of posts in 2003 titled One Approach to Distance Training, which is the core of this website You have to be a genius multi-millionaire local running stud to post on letsrun. 99% of letsrun poster have an IQ of 150+, earn 2 million a year and run 15 minutes or faster for 5k. Interesting cross section of society on there. Great site though. I agree, you have to be lighthearted to accept it for what it is As one message board poster once observed, LetsRun is basically 4chan for runners.. As a countermeasure of sorts, LetsRun kicked off 2020 with the announcement that, in addition to some.

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15.63s (100%)/ 14.89s (105%) x 4 = 62.5-59.5 sec on 400m. Types of interval training suitable for the 800m runner: Long aerobic intervals: 65-85% of 800m pace. The purpose of these intervals is to increase the Vo2 max and anaerobic threshold. This training is the aerobic support for the medium and short intervals LetsRun.com. Sports. 4.4 • 235 Ratings. Listen on Apple Podcasts. LetsRun.com's weekly podcast where we go behind the scenes of the professional running, marathoning, and track and field world. Listen on Apple Podcasts. JUL 8, 2021. Gail Devers (Guest), Sha'Carri & Bekele OUT, Monaco, and the LetsRun.com Intern

The Updated Training Wisdom of John Kellogg. John Kellogg is an enigmatic, immensely intelligent personality who is something of a legend in internet circles. He is best known for coaching Weldon and Robert Johnson, the twin brothers who founded LetsRun.com. Weldon Johnson was a 4:28 miler in high school and a 30:14 10k runner in college whom. Posted (November 12, 2003) by Joe Rubio at letsrun.com's message forum in the midst of a long discussion on 800 meter training, slightly edited: I've had decent success with 400/800 as well as 800/1500 people, I'll try taking a stab at this, besides I had this written up for an athlete in the past, I just recycled it here

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  1. The premise of Renato's training is to extend an athlete's ability to last a given pace, otherwise put, extend the length of time an athlete can run at the specific goal race pace until you reach the full race distance. Thus every event is matter of extension. To do so, you have to increase the volume of the specific training stress as you.
  2. As this is the case we will roughly translate some of what he said about his training below: Normally I run 181.5 KMs (112.8 miles) a week during winter training.. The mileage I ran when I was younger is larger than many people seem to realize.. I was running 100 miles (161ish kilometers) a week, already many years ago.
  3. On that last note, I'd like to introduce his base training, or what he called Phase I, which is the initial approach to developing a proper aerobic foundation for later training and racing. This Phase I was originally described in a long thread on Letsrun back around 2002

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