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Ramirez' dwarl cichlid virus is a viral entity that has been visualized in the spleen of the South American tropical fish Apistogramma ramirezi, which was a victim of an acute disease with high-morbidity Lymphocystis disease is a common viral infection which affects the skin and fins of saltwater and freshwater fish. Although it is serious, it does not cause any health problems; the disease only disfigures the fish. Fishes kept in aquariums or outside in ponds are both susceptible to Lymphocystis disease This is a common viral disease of marine, brackish, and some freshwater fishes. It is a chronic (long-lasting) but self-limiting (usually going away on its own) syndrome caused by an iridovirus. The virus causes hypertrophy, or enlargement, of the epithelial cells of a fish's skin and fins

Viral erythrocytic necrosis has been reported in >20 species of marine and anadromous fish (both cultured and free ranging) and is characterized by erythrocytic degeneration. Affected species include Pacific herring, Atlantic cod, and Pacific salmonids (chum, pink, coho, and Chinook), steelhead trout, and cultured eels in Taiwan #viral

A TikTok video in which a man appears to make a sea ray laugh by tickling it has gone viral, but many animal lovers do not find it funny. © Getty Images A stock image of a ray fish in the ocean. In.. The family Alloherpesviridae includes herpesviruses of fish and amphibians. This group of viruses are phylogenetically distant from the better characterized herpesviruses found in birds and mammals. However, many biological and structural properties are conserved in the order Herpesvirales #shorts #viral catching fish #how to catch fishIn this vedio i want to show you how to catch fish in the see or ponts.There are many easy types of catching f..

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) is a deadly fish virus and an invasive species that is threatening Wisconsin's fish. VHS was diagnosed for the first time ever in the Great Lakes as the cause of large fish kills in lakes Huron, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and the St. Lawrence River in 2005 and 2006. Thousands of muskies, walleye, lake whitefish. Viral Infection (Lymphocystis) in Fish. W. Worms in Fish Tanks - Are They Dangerous to Fish? Follow Us. Facebook. Twitter. Sign up for our Newsletter.

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  2. Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is a deadly infectious fish disease caused by Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus. It afflicts over 50 species of freshwater and marine fish in several parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Different strains of the virus occur in different regions, and affect different species
  3. Lymphocystis is a chronic disease of freshwater and marine fishes caused by infection with an iridovirus known as Lymphocystivirus or Lymphocystis disease virus (LCDV), which is a member of the family Iridoviridae
  4. Unlike mammals, the red blood cells of fish have DNA, and can become infected with viruses. The fish develop pale gills, and may swim close to the water surface, gulping for air. However, the disease can also develop without the fish showing any external signs of illness, the fish maintain a normal appetite, and then they suddenly die
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  6. SNAKEHEAD MURRAL FISH || Viral Meen || River Fish Coconut Milk Curry In VillageHi friends welcome to my channe wkuk snakehead murrel fish recipe these pictur..
  7. It has gone viral on the app, having received a whopping 6.8 million views and surpassed 1.8 million likes. Newsweek have contacted Vick for comment. A stock image of a dog staring at a fish

The technology comes from Whooshh Innovations, a company disrupting the world of fish passage — and popularly known for the viral fish tube, or salmon cannon. The experiment is taking. Lost fish becomes viral laugh in California neighborhood. Share Shares Copy Link. Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 2:17 PM PDT Apr 22, 2020 Victoria Ottomanelli. Fish used to prepare variety of delicacy such as deep fried, viral meen curry, viral meen varuval, viral meen kuzhambu, etc. It also used in salads and soups. Grilling, baking, poaching and Live Viral Fish are the preferable methods for healthy cooking

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Fisherman 'finds unopened bottle of whisky' inside fish, viral video starts debate online; Fisherman 'finds unopened bottle of whisky' inside fish, viral video starts debate online While the man was filleting the fish, he noticed something protruding from its stomach. He was thrilled to find an unopened liquor bottle Video. Feeding Frenzy: Sharks Enjoy 'Buffet' of Fish Off Long Island. It was no day at the beach for schools of fish gathered off Southampton, New York, on July 24 as sharks preyed on them. Drone. Spring viremia of carp (SVC) is a viral disease that can cause significant mortality in several carp species including the common carp (Cyprinus carpio). These species are raised as a food fish in many countries and koi carp have been selectively bred for the ornamental fish industry

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Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN) • It is caused by infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, which is a member of the Birnaviridae family (smallest of fish viruses). • A severe viral disease of salmonid fish. • Heavy mortality of young trout. 16. Transmission • Horizontal • Vertical Pathogenesis • entry via gills • digestive tract 17 The viral nature of lymphocystis disease was proposed by Weissenberg in 1914. By the 1950s at least six viral diseases of fish had been recognised and by the 1960s this had increased to 17. Since then the pace of discovery in fish virology has accelerated and this book describes 51 virus infections and another 8 infections with virus-like.

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  1. now nidovirus (FHMNV), fathead
  2. al distension, and fecal cast. Hemorrhage on skin and viscera primarily at base of fins, behind the skull, and above the lateral line. Anemia with pale gills
  3. Therefore, identification of viral particles in tissues of sick fish does not prove that the observed virus is the cause of the disease in progress. Management and Control of Viral Diseases. Viral diseases cannot be controlled with medication because they use the host's own cells for reproduction and survival
  4. Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) Another viral disease that is of concern to people who keep koi in ponds, this disease seems to mainly affect the koi's gills and is most commonly seen when pond water temperatures are between 72° and 78°F (22° and 25.5°C). Symptoms include white-mottled gills and sunken eyes. The gill damage impairs the fish's.
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  6. A Brazilian fisherman shared the unusual video on Facebook on 12th January 2020 suggesting nature is very beautiful. Later, Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan also shared it on Twitter. The video is viral also because Ducks usually eat fish (small) and what appears in the video is a duck feeding fishes

Live Murrel fish / Viral fish. Live Murrel fish is known as Viral meen / Viral fish in Tamil . It is a delicacy in Tamilnadu , Kerala and Andhra Pradesh . It is most sought after due to its distinct flavour and taste . Gross Weight: 800 gm to 900 gm. Net Weight: 560 gm to 530 gm. Cutting Type. Slices , Head packed Inside the viral Korean food phenomenon Katie Jackson 4/5/2021. A West Hollywood salon celebrates nurses with free makeovers. Australia name Wade captain for Bangladesh T20s Fisherman 'finds unopened bottle of whisky' inside fish in viral TikTok video. The best big screens in London to watch England v Italy final match. 2 days ago. Comedian sees shows cancelled thanks to his hideous racist tweets. 4 hours ago

A video posted to Twitter has gone viral that shows thousands of fish being dropped from a plane- all to help restock the fish population in a remote Utah Lake.. Releasing the fish by air is a more effective way of adding more fish to the lakes because there can be complications when maintaining proper oxygen levels instead of transporting them by vehicle for long distances A fisherman was filmed 'finding' a brand-new bottle of Fireball Whiskey inside a fish, sparking a debate on TikTok. Many are skeptical of the alleged discovery. Viral photo of McDonald's. Viral Diseases of Wild Fish USGS fish disease research is focused on developing advanced tools for rapid disease detection and control. USGS scientists are improving our understanding of the factors controlling the epidemiology of aquatic animal diseases and the impact of disease on wild fish populations Viral video captures fish tumbling from planes in Utah. FISH DROP: Thousands of fish were dropped from a plane into lakes near Bicknell, Utah July 6. The goal is to restock the lakes, which are.

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The median size of viral outbreaks was 10 cases (range, 2 to 380 cases). Overall, norovirus was the third most commonly reported pathogen associated with seafood and the most common viral agent, causing 31 (77.5%) outbreaks of viral illness 1. Microbiologia. 1990 Jun;6(1):21-9. Fish viral infections in northwest of Spain. Ledo A(1), Lupiani B, Dopazo CP, Toranzo AE, Barja JL. Author information: (1)Departamento de Microbiología y Parasitología, Universidad de Santiago, Spain. During a three years survey, a total of 149 samples from 20 farms of rainbow trout, salmon and turbot were examined for the presence of virus with the. Viral diseases are one of the major challenges that are threatening a sustainable growth of finfish farming globally. Vaccination of farmed fish plays an important role in commercial fish farming to mitigate viral diseases. In this review, we summarized the major viral diseases that have caused serious economic losses, and emerging diseases.

Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV), is a negative-sense single-stranded, bullet-shaped RNA virus that is a member of the Rhabdoviridae family, and from the genus Novirhabdovirus.It causes the disease known as infectious hematopoietic necrosis in salmonid fish such as trout and salmon.The disease may be referred to by a number of other names such as Chinook salmon disease, Coleman. Utah drops thousands of fish into lake from an airplane in viral video Asha C. Gilbert, USA TODAY 13 mins ago. Police investigate video allegedly showing DoorDash driver tamper with officer's meal An Introduction to Viral Lymphocystis in Fish. Lymphocystis is a viral disease in freshwater as well as marine (saltwater) fish. Coming from the Iridovirus family, it affects invertebrates and amphibians as well. It is characterized by skin nodules along the fins and the oral cavity

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  1. VIRAL HEMORRHAGIC SEPTICEMIA What is VHS? Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is an extremely serious viral disease of fresh and saltwater fish. It is spreading into the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. VHS has been found in Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, and the St. Lawrence River in New York
  2. In 2007, several American states, including Michigan, enacted regulations designed to slow the spread of fish diseases, including viral hemorrhagic septicemia, by bait fish. Because of the risk of transmitting Myxobolus cerebralis (whirling disease), trout and salmon should not be used as bait
  3. The Alpena Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office's Facebook post went viral after sharing its once in a lifetime catch in the Detroit River. The real life river monster measures just shy of 7 feet long and weighs a whopping 240 pounds. It's one of the largest lake sturgeon ever recorded in the U.S., according to the agency
  4. Fish Tries To Swallow Giant Eel In Viral Video, Netizens Say 'never Seen Anything Like It' In a bizarre video which has surfaced on the internet, a fish can be seen swallowing an eel. The video has managed to gather over 38K views
  5. So many giant fish. right here. Yeah. That's huge. Wow. It's really awesome to cast. so many. Wow. It's loaded with big cash. It's really hard to cast like You see, we still have a lot of them. So many of them. Oh. Wow. You see the kayak is loaded with big fish. Oh. It's kind of a small fish. Yeah. Wow. Look at that one. This is a monster catfish
  6. Viral video: Fisherman finds bottle of whisky inside a fish. A fisherman got more than what he hooked in when he cut open one of his catches to find a sealed bottle of Fireball Whisky inside. The clip, which has gone viral on social media, shows fishermen working on their catch in a boat somewhere in the open ocean
  7. Fish What the fish! Over 100-year-old 2-metre-long lake sturgeon caught in US, pic goes viral. The Alpena Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office called it 'a once in a lifetime catch' and said that this fish is one of the largest lake sturgeon ever recorded in the US

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Unexpectedly Heartwarming Rescue Of A Sick 'Ugly' Fish Goes Viral Animal rescue stories are always heartwarming , but you might not expect a fish rescue story to be. Despite people getting fish as pets so commonly, most people don't know how hard taking care of a pet fish can be Such diversity in an individual fish host and among members infected in a given geographic outbreak appears to fit a quasispecies model, in which diverse variants are genetically linked through mutation and may interact cooperatively on a functional level, collectively contributing to the success of the viral population (see Lauring and Andino. A video of aerial fish stocking in the state is gaining traction online and there's a Vermont connection. 2017 Northern Vermont University alum Jeremy Hall is a fish culturist with the Utah. Notably, CS-G@M-M nanovaccine showed durability of immunoprotection efficacy that could protect zebrafish from SVCV challenge. This work presents a novel design of smart teleost erythrocytes membrane-coated nanoparticles, which are inherently biocompatible, promising for eliciting robust adaptive immune responses in preventing fish viral diseases

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  1. VIRAL HAEMORRHAGIC SEPTICAEMIA (VHS) It is first time discovered by Schaperclaus (1941) and later on confirmed by Zwillenberg(1965). The virus is a member of the family Rhabdoviridae. This disease becomes suddenly chronic causing very high mortality rate. The growth rate of the fish decreases earlier. Viral haemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is a.
  2. Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (syn. Egtved) is a systemic infection of several salmonid and a growing list of marine and freshwater fish. Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus has now been isolated from some 80 species of fish throughout temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere
  3. der that anglers and boaters play an increasingly important role in preventing the spread of this fish virus and invasive exotic species
  4. Palmitic acid is the most common saturated fatty acid in animals, plants, and microorganisms. Studies highlighted that palmitic acid plays a significant role in diverse cellular processes and viral infections. Accumulation of palmitic acid was observed in fish cells (grouper spleen, GS) infected wit
  5. In addition, the two virus DNA vaccines have been also tried for other viral diseases of fish like spring viraemia of carp virus and hirame rhabdovirus. Even though most of DNA vaccines have been developed for viral diseases of fish, DNA vaccine was tried to prevent bacterial kidney diseases of salmon caused by Renibacterium salmoninarum
  6. g viral on social media. The eyes of this fish are very big like aliens. Romans go down more than 3 thousand fee

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  1. Patrice Evra up to his old tricks in wacky viral Instagram video as he tells England to win their first tournament since 'the dinosaurs were alive'... all while holding a RAW FISH and chips and.
  2. Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Egtved Disease What is VHS and what causes it? Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is a serious, highly contagious and fatal disease of fish. It affects a large number of fresh and marine fish species. The disease has occurred in farmed rainbow trout in Japan and Europe and in wild marine fish in the Atlantic and.
  3. g that the popular tilapia fish is a dangerous mutant fish has gone viral again prompting the fact-check website Snopes.com to dispute the claims.. The meme claims that eating tilapia was worse than eating bacon or a hamburger and that it has been killing families due to the toxic compound dioxin allegedly in the fish
  4. Indiana Department of Natural Resources Entry Requirements. Additionally, if the fish originate from outside of the Great Lakes basin, three-year hatchery certification is also required for ceratomyxosis, proliferative kidney disease, bacterial furunculosis, bacterial kidney disease, enteric redmouth, and infectious hematopoietic necrosis
  5. A video of a bird of prey capturing a large, shark-like fish in its claws has gone viral on social media, evoking multiple references to the science-fiction cult movie phenomenon Sharknado. The.
  6. Some of thelink between the living and non-living. Some of the important viral diseases of fish are briefly describedimportant viral diseases of fish are briefly described here.here. Spring viremia of carp (SVC)Spring viremia of carp (SVC) Swim bladder inflammation (SBI)Swim bladder inflammation (SBI) Viral renal disease of eelsViral renal.
  7. The fish viral vaccines licensed today are, similar to the bacterial vaccines, all based upon inaetivatedantigens formulated inoil emulsions. These an gens rnigh

OLIVER HOLT: Simone Biles was the biggest winner in Tokyo last week because she finally took control of her life... it's not a victory if all an Olympic gold medal leaves is emptiness and a. Viral Hemorrhagic Septicaemia (VHS): This disease is caused by an unequal shaped fish virus with RNA. This disease occurs in salmon fishes. Transmission of the disease occurs through the water by a flagellates. The symptoms are kidney swelling, reduced appetite, obvious distress, erratic spiral swimming, multiple haemorrhages in skeletal. The literature about fish viruses and fish viral diseases has mostly been written by those who have a dominant or, in some cases, an exclusive interest in fish health : researchers, practitioners, culturists, and production managers. Accordingly, the books is intended to be of particular interest to them

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World Fish Aquarium. A video of a giant fish devouring a live crab with a satisfying crunch is going viral online, with the clip watched more than 20 million times. The short video starts with a. Since going viral the 'Fish Girl' has become more popular than you think and even though she can't be found it's not stopping people from talking about her and uploading clips of her. There is a @fishgirlofficial account that has nearly 40,000 followers on TikTok and 2.7 million likes, although were not sure if its a fan-made account or. Lymphocystis is a common viral disease of freshwater and saltwater fish.The virus that causes this disease belongs to the genus Lymphocystivirus of the family Iridoviridae.. Aquarists often come across this virus when their fish are stressed such as when put into a new environment and the virus is able to grow.. The fish start growing small white pin-prick like growths on their fins or skin. Smart News Keeping you current Don't Get Too Excited About That Viral Goldfish Wheelchair The contraption, though surely built with the best intentions, may do more harm than good Angler's Calm Reaction to Carolina Gator Hunting Inches Away Goes Viral. By Rebecca Flood On 4/13/21 at 12:14 PM EDT. It launches itself onto dry land and chases after the fish, clamping it.

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A little boy has captured the hearts of millions after a video of him passionately talking about the distinguishing features of fish has gone viral — and fans can't stop gushing about his thick. Viral Stunning! 3.5-feet-long Moonfish, weighing 45 kg washes up on Oregon beach - See pics. A colourful, giant fish weighing about 45 kilos washed up at a beach in US Oregon. It was identified as Opah fish which is commonly known as moonfish or redfin ocean pan Zoonoses Associated with Fish (Including Aquarium Fish) This document provides information on various diseases that can be passed from food, bait, ornamental and tropical fish and shellfish species to people. The zoonotic diseases associated with fish contact are primarily bacterial infections Herpesvirus disease of koi is a recently discovered infection in koi - an ornamental domesticated variety of the common carp. The gills of the infected fish show serious tissue damage. Due to death of gill tissue, the fish are unable to breathe and have acute respiratory distress accompanied with lethargy. Mucus secretion can be seen on both. Chennai Seafood Home Delivery | Buy Fresh Fish Online Chennai with Affordable Price Murrel Fish - Viral(1kg Size) - LIVE [MURRELLIVE] - Murrel fishes are raised in a farm and transported live to our shop and are cleaned on the day of delivery

Why Eating Fish is Going Viral. June 18, 2020 June 20, 2020 by Ruthie. Why Fish? Fish is a staple in many households because of the wonderful health benefits it gives. As a family, we don't consume as much meat as we did before. For some reason, we got caught up in the bandwagon, again, which is good, I believe The video of a fisherman who found an unopened bottle of whisky inside a fish while filleting it on a table has gone viral on TikTok. The video shows the fisherman on a boat, filleting the fish. Given the wide range of fish species affected by the virus, broad geographic distribution, pathogenicity, disease course, mortality rates, and high dispersal potential, VHSv could indeed be considered one of the most serious viral pathogens of wild and farm-raised fish worldwide (see Skall et al. 2005a, b; Kim and Faisal 2011) Viral Diseases of Aquarium Fish Eva-Maria Bernoth, DVM, and Mark StJ Crane, PhD Ornamental fish are susceptible to many viral patho- gens, some of which are readily identifiable, whereas others remain obscure. Identification is not always pos- sible owing to lack of resources or inability of the virus to grow in available fish cell lines 'Aerial Stocking': Viral Video Shows Clouds of Fish Falling From Plane Into Utah Lakes The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources replenished high-elevation lakes in the state by dropping tiny fish.

AHMEDABAD: Images of dead fish at the new Aquatic Gallery at Science City went viral on social media on Tuesday as the images showed several fish either immobile on the sand or several carcasses. There are over 82 different fish species affected by viral hemorrhagic septicemia. 23 species in the Great Lake region of the United States have witnessed large scale die offs due to viral hemorrhagic septicemia (MDTAA, 2009). On the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada die offs of Sardines and herring hav Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is a serious systemic disease of fish. The VHS virus (VHSV) is carried by at least 50 species of marine and freshwater fish. The infection is subclinical in some species, but it is associated with severe disease and high mortality rates in others. Clinical infections are economically important i This disorder causes swelling on one or both eyes. The swelling can be a tumor or viral infection. Pop eye is usually a symptom of a disease and can be avoided by preventing infections in the aquarium. Antibiotics such as Tetracycline can cure the ailment. Most fish that suffer from pop eye survive at the end

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The latest Fish news and breaking stories from LADbible. Exclusive and up to date coverage giving you the news you want. Man Drinks Can Of Whiskey Through Fish's Lips In Viral TikTok Video World Canada Fishing Fish. Avid fishers have shared a shocking video of a river dinosaur, which has since gone viral online, amassing more than 126 million views. The couple, thought to be. Viral: Moonfish weighing 45 kgs washes up on Oregon beach, experts point to climate change - The large fish called Opah, washed ashore on the coast of the US state of Oregon recently, pictures of which have intrigued social media users

A new technique to catching fish from sea. Viral Fishing. Related Videos. 3:26. That's is Unique Technique to catch Fish. Follow Page #viralFishing . The topic of fish fraud or seafood fraud is complex, spanning countries and continents and often appearing in the news in relation to the efforts of conservation group Oceana. An April 2019 Twitter thread about a small experiment to identify samples once again brought the issue into the social media spotlight Some fish diseases are easy to treat, where others are deadly. injuries, or even congenital abnormalities. Some diseases may be viral as well. Most diseases have treatments available, and proper filtration can help prevent recurrence of diseases whether the tank is freshwater or saltwater. Advertisement. Part 2 of 3: Setting Up. So many giant fish. right here. Yeah. That's huge. Wow. It's really awesome to cast. so many. Wow. It's loaded with big cash. It's really hard to cast like You see, we still have a lot of them. So many of them. Oh. Wow. You see the kayak is loaded with big fish. Oh. It's kind of a small fish. Yeah. Wow. Look at that one. This is a monster catfish

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Viral News News: A video posted on Twitter by an account called Sci-Nature Hub shows a duck standing over a carton of feed, near some water. Video of a duck 'feeding' grain to fish is going. Carp Pox is a viral disease which is caused by the herpesvirus infection. It is one of the oldest diseases seen in fish. As the disease weakens the fish with infection and lesions, it leaves the fish susceptible to secondary infections by other microorganisms. The fish also become disfigured by the disease

Cyprinid herpesvirus 3. Synonyms. CyHV-3. Koi herpes virus. KHV. A platinum Ogon koi, with skin reddening due to Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 infection. Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (also CyHV-3, koi herpes virus or KHV) is a species of virus causing a viral disease that is very contagious to the common carp Cyprinus carpio SNAKEHEAD MURREL FISH Viral Meen River Fish Fry Cooking In Village Village Fish Fry Recipe. Cristiano Ronaldo Dailymotion videos. 10:10. GIANT FISH FRY - Villagers cooking big fish fry in village cooking style - Village Food Cooking. Honey Tv. 6:35 Stay-at-home mother, Marika Daniels, captured the hilarious and now viral image of her three children - Levi, four, Logan, three, and Landon, 18 months old - as they posed with plastic fish Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy (VER) is a viral infectious disease affecting more than 50 marine fish species worldwide and it is considered one of the most important threats for mariculture in the Mediterranean

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Houston-area boy fights big fish in viral video. Every fisherman has a big fish story that their friends can find hard to believe. But 9-year-old Van Schwemer of Webster actually did reel in a. A viral video shows a duck 'feeding' grain to a fish. A video shared on a popular Facebook page shows a duck 'feeding' fish from its own food bowl. The unusual scene has gone massively viral. It's raining fish at Utah lakes. Aerial fish stocking, a historical method to release fish into waterways by airplane, was used by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to stock 200 lakes across the state in July. The airplane can hold up to 35,000 fish and hundreds of pounds of.. 'Finding Dory' did not increase demand for pet fish, despite viral media stories. by Diogo Veríssimo, The Conversation. Credit: Martin Pelanek / shutterstock; Disney / Pixar If a piece of. This consists of throwing really big and expensive fish back into the water. This is something very unusual among the players, as when they catch these species, they keep them and then sell them to Tendo and Nendo or CJ. For this reason, it is particularly curious to see how he releases them, and this has made the clip go viral with over 18,000.

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Viral: Andhra father gifts 1000kg fish, 250kg sweets, 10 goats, 250 pickle jars to newlywed 6:03 AM. Share to Facebook; While this story of gifts was all about a father's love for his daughter, one story of gifts went viral recently for a couple's bizarre list of wedding rules Warming rivers in the US West are killing fish, putting industry at risk. SAN FRANCISCO - Thousands of baby salmon are dying in one California river, and a whole swath of endangered salmon could be lost in another. Fishermen who make their living from adult salmon once they enter the Pacific are sounding the alarm as extreme heat waves and. Non Technical Summary Our research team from the University of Toledo will continue to investigate the emerging viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) disease, which is a new strain of rhabdovirus that broke out in Lake Erie and other Great Lakes regions causing massive fish die-offs that threaten fisheries, economic development, tourism, and negatively affect public health perception

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