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Still, If you want to hide a knot under the beads in your bracelet, you can. You may want to have glue by your side before trying to tie a lark's head knot. Trim off the excess cord and put a drop of glue over the knot. You can then slide the knot under the bead https://beadaholique.com - Andrea Morici, Beadaholique's senior designer, demonstrates how to make knots used in jewelry making, including the overhand knot,.. To tie an overhand knot: Form a loop by laying one end of the rope over the rest of it to form a loop. Where the string touches is where the knot will be. Take the end of the rope and pass it through the loop A lark's head knot is a very easy knot to tie. It is used to attach cords in beadwork, macrame and jewelry making. Half hitch knots can be useful as well as decorative. It is a good knot to use to add a pendant to a necklace or a focal point to a bracelet because it looks pretty and is secure

If your bracelet cord tails are excessively long, trim them equally on both sides. Place a bead on either end of the bracelet cords, tie an overhand knot on each end of the bracelet cords and secure in place with a dot of quick-set glue. 06 of 06 Example of a Mala Bracelet Pull the two ends so that the bracelet ends come together. Tie another knot in the same fashion, going through once or twice if the cover beads will fit over the knot. Pull the knot snug against the other knot. Cut the loose ends leaving about 1/8 inch so that it doesn't slip back through the knot

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If you can slide the knot under one of the beads, trim off the extra string and put a drop of glue over the knot. Slide the knot under the bead. If you can't fit the knot under one of the beads, tuck the tail ends inside the beads instead. Put a drop of glue on top of the knot to seal it Thread the beads. Take one bead, and thread it onto one of the strings of yarn. Push it almost to the top of the string. Take the needle from the second string and thread it through the same bead. Pull on both of the strings to tighten and center the bead below the knot Hold the length of beading wire in your hand or outstretched on a flat surface. Step 2 Take the loose end of the wire and bring it back toward the other side of the beading wire in a U shape. Step Basic knotting technique. Slide the first gemstone bead all the way down to the empty end of your cord. Make a loop by passing the end of the cord with the single bead under the rest of the cord with the remaining beads. Pick up that gemstone bead and drop it down right into the center of the loop, but don't tighten it into a knot just yet

Stretch Bracelets - How do you hide the knot? by Sheila Meador. (Georgia, USA) Occasionally I make a few stretch bracelets, and I'd like to know a good way to hide the knot in the cord to finish it. Do you use a bead with a large hole? I've seen that done. Just curious to see if my JMJ friends have used a different method Jewelry Knots. Surgeon's Knot for tying elastic cord (stretch bracelets).... Saved by Lisa Yang Jewelry. 1.5k. Jewelry Knots Wire Jewelry Jewelry Crafts Beaded Jewelry Jewelry Bracelets Jewelery Handmade Jewelry Pandora Bracelets Necklaces. More information... More like thi How to Tie a Knot for a Bracelet - 5 Ways Overhand Knot. The overhand knot is typically used at the end of a thread to keep the beads from falling off. Square Knot. The square knot is equal on both sides. Surgeon's Knot. Lark's Head Knot. Sliding Knot Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading DIY Beaded Jewelry: Useful Skills, Knotting Techniques & Materials To Make Handcrafted Jewelry: How Do You Tie A Knot In Jewelry Create a knot on each of the tails on your bracelet. Supplies for using the crimp covers. Once you have created a knot on both tails, grab the crimp cover pliers and the crimp covers. Use the tip of the pliers to place the crimp cover over the knot

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Explore Large Holed Beads. Combine your sliding knot bracelet with large hole gemstone and metal beads for interesting and colourful designs. Perfect for adding to charm bracelets as well as incorporating on to thicker cords and wires for your beading designs and macrame Instructions on making the square knot braided couple bracelet with alphabet beads: step 1: make the starting cord. 1st, cut 5 pieces of 25cm blue nylon thread, then tie a knot on one end; 2nd, place one end of the nylon threads on a fixing tool, then braid a square knot with the 2 nylon threads on sides;. 6th, add the alphabet bead 'r' and 's.

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  1. The colorful pieces of jewelry made out of plastic pony beads worn by ravers are referred to as kandi and are sometimes woven in a pattern to make a cuff bracelet or a wide choker. Since elastic cord is smooth and tricky to tie in knots, you will need to use a specific technique to secure the end so that the cord does not easily unravel and.
  2. Make a loop in the way described below. Attach the thread on one side of the beaded tape. String 14 beads on your needle. Bring it down. Now take the needle through the 9the bead down (Mine is a bigger bead). This will create a hoop. String 5 more beads on the needle and then take the needle down and attach the other side of the tape
  3. Cross the left end of the cord over the right end and wrap it under the cord on the bottom. Pull it through the loop in the middle, just like you would when making a simple overhand knot. Twist the same end of the cord over and around the other end of the cord one more time to create a double wrap
  4. Create a big enough knot that it cannot slip through the bead tip hole and trim the excess stringing material. Add a dot of GS-Hypo cement to the knot and close the bead tip around the knot. Be sure to use a pair of chain nose pliers to pinch the back hinge on the bead tip for a tight closure

The knot is also very useful in making beaded jewelry. It's usually used to secure two ends of leather, elastic cord, or yarn. Related Knots. Granny knot: Easy to tie but inferior to reef knot. Sheet bend: More secure as a bend, can be used with different size ropes. Surgeon's knot: Square knot with a twist, often used to tie sutures and in. May 15, 2018 - Read Interweave's guide on learning how to tie a sliding knot to add an affordable closure to your beaded bracelets, necklaces and more. May 15, 2018 - Read Interweave's guide on learning how to tie a sliding knot to add an affordable closure to your beaded bracelets, necklaces and more. Pinterest. Today. Explore

Tie the string into a couple of knots and then trim off any excess string using your scissors. Put a pinch of super glue on the knot to secure it. Let it dry before you wear it. String a clasp and the clasp close onto the ends of your beading thread if you would like to tie your bracelet with a clasp. Tie a knot on the clasp loop on both ends Step 1: Slide beads and tie knots. 1st, slide a 14mm turquoise bead onto the black thread. Position the bead in the middle of the thread. 2nd, put the two threads together side by side and tie a knot on the side of the bead. 3rd, tie a second knot with the two cords on the other side of the 14mm turquoise bead to keep it in place DIFFUSER BRACELET - HOW DO YOU TIE THAT KNOT? Your beautiful 20/100 bracelet kit arrived. You ooh and ahh over the pretty beads. You touch them, roll them around in your fingers, feel the weight, the smoothness, see the potential Put a new thread through the beads that you would normally go back through. (this picture depicts where you would do it from (pic 99) in the hummingbird booklet.) (pic 2) I prefer to use a square knot, as it is less likely to come apart. The point of a square knot is to tie it in opposing directions

Holding both strands together, tie a knot close to the end of your beads. 7. Slide clasp bead onto both strands. 8. Tie a second knot on the other side of the clasp bead and try on bracelet to see if it fits. Adjust the knot if necessary and pull tight. Trim off excess leather and you're done Tie knots at the end of cord to prevent the cord from fraying or to stop beads from sliding off the ends. Attach a cord to a clamshell beading tip. Tie an overhand knot in a doubled piece of cord to create a loop that will form part of a clasp 6) Take your excess cord and wrap it around the cord in between the two bead balls to tie a square knot (a square knot is two knots-the first knot is up and under and the second knot is the opposite-down and over- Basically, you tie two simple knots but just alternate the direction) Do not pull your cord too tight to strengthen your knot. The cord will snap if you pull too tight Step 9: Thread the 2 remaining pieces through the aligning holes, so that the ends of the elastic are on the underside of a bead.Tighten any slack in the elastic (you want it to be fairly taught, so that it will sit snug on your wrist). Tie a knot on each elastic piece inside the bead

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  1. utes before cutting the excess stretch cord. G-S Hypo Cement is waterproof, dries clear, and is great for intricate work such as silk, leather, and thread
  2. Finished!!! Now you can wear your very first handmade hemp bracelet with pride! Alternative to the bead clasp: If you don't have a bead to use for the clasp then you can just tie a large knot at the end where you would normally put the bead. Although this method works just fine, I highly recommend using a bead clasp
  3. 6/2/15 10:57 AM. WonderHowTo. Easy Square Knot Bracelet with beaded lines. To make this bracelet you only need to know how to make a square knot. This is a good bracelet for beginners in macrame. Video Loading
  4. 5 beads per inch x 16 inch necklace = 80 stitches or knots in the whole necklace 80 stitches x .25 inch per stitch = 20 inches of cord just for the knots 16 inches desired finished necklace length + 20 inches for stitches = 36 inches of cord 36 inches + 6 extra inches for finishing = 42 inches cord to start with

It is a very short tutorial, since the bracelet itself is fairly to make. The only knots you will need to know are the prayer bead and the diamond knot. The concept for making this bracelet is to alternate the color of the prayer beads by making a bead, then using that color as the core and making the next prayer bead with the other color use both hands to hold the stretch close to the beads & stretch it out by moving your hands away from each other. do this several times to ensure that the elastic is activated(?) & you will able to knot the stretch as close to the beads as possible, creating a more seamless look. next, tie the two opposing ends of the cord together in a. 4th, place the beaded string along the sailor knot, and keep it between a strand (two blue wax wires) as picture shows, you can add or reduce beads to fix the sailor knot, do the other bead string in the same method, at last remember to adjust the size of pony bead sailor knot Step 3: Add 2 beads to each cord strand and push them up to the knot. Stagger the beads a little and spread them out over an inch of the cords. Step 4: Tie another knot about an inch from your first knot with the beads in between. Repeat this process until the bracelet can go all the way around your wrist. For most people this will be 5-6 sets. 8. Remove the Bead Bug or masking tape and the beading needle. Then tie the ends of the elastic cord in a knot. We recommend a surgical knot followed by an overhand knot. To tie the surgical knot, start with an overhand knot, like the first step of tying your shoes. Before pulling it tight, feed one end back through the loop. 9

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  1. I loved this bracelet and wore it until it fell apart. It looked great with my purple bell-bottoms and Holly Hobbie sweatshirt. How to Tie a Sliding Knot. Tying a sliding knot is a little tricky, but is a great technique to add to your bag of tricks; especially if you use leather or satin cording
  2. Hold the bead in place under your thumb. Hold the other side with your ring finger, so your pointer and middle fingers will be open for looping the knot. Wrap the thread once around your pointer and middle fingers. Step 3. Wrap your thread a second time around your fingers and stop in the back. Step 4
  3. I settled on a simple noodle bead bracelet. The trick with bracelets is that everyone has a different wrist size. So I wanted to make it adjustable. Thus the sliding knot. Supplies. Cording Noodle Beads (They come in antique gold too!) First I picked out a noodle bead. There were a ton of choices out there. I went with a 3 mm by 50 mm bead

Tie 2-3 knots on top of the first knot for security. Your handmade Tibetan beaded bracelet is now ready to be worn. Another form of Buddhist bracelet that we carry is the Buddha knot bracelet or eternal knot bracelet. Although you can add a bead or two to the bracelet usually it simply is a red string with adjustable knots in the form of the. String the beads onto the elastic cording or the thin jewelry cord, according to the design you desire. As you string the beads, make sure you leave enough cording so you will be able to tie your surgeon's knot easily. Leave approximately 3 inches for tying on each end

Stretch Magic cord is an elastic cording that is commonly27+ Cool Designs for Hemp Bracelets | Guide Patterns(( Closures )) Adjustable bracelet and an easy way of

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The Chinese Endless Knot means health, safety and security, and good luck in life and career. People like to make this knot as a phone pendant, a bracelet knot, a tibetan malas knot, and as a bead bracelet knot. Many mala bead bracelets and 108 bead malas are finished with this decorative and beautiful knot. Chinese Endless Knot Adjustable Knot Bracelet. Supplies: leather. scissors. nail polish or beads (optional) Cut your leather into a thin strip to the desired length (I just cut a really long strip, like 3 feet). If you don't have leather strips long enough, use the following technique: Cut your scrap into a circle. Cut your leather strip from the small scrap by. The Crossroads Bracelet is a Netting Stitch project, so other stitches might be slightly different, but the knot works for just about every situation. Below this video is another example, working on a project using Peyote Stitch. As a side note, some people like to tie a knot, go through a few beads, tie a second knot, go through a few beads. The basic knot for terminating stringing material. This knot lets you end your piece for use with a bead tip. You can also use this knot to connect threads going in the same direction. For example, this is how you tie the threads together when starting a kumihimo piece

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Source - Survival Life. When tying the knot, pull both the cord and the tail at the same time. This is what will tighten the knot! I like to use a crimp bead cover over the knot. These are little jewelry findings that look like a metal Pac-Man. When these covers are crimped over the knot, the knot isn't going anywhere Making jewelry with Stretch Magic is a blast! Stretchy bracelets are easy and fun. Using elastic for bracelets takes away the learning curve that advanced beading wire, cord and fiber require.Elastic is the perfect bead stringing cord for a beginner and it is wonderful for a quick jewelry design

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  1. How to Make a Sacrifice/Good Deed Bead Bracelet Step 1. A. Put the split ring on your string B. Put the miraculous medal on the string and pull it to the middle. C. Leave about 1 bead length and tie a double knot - or do a corded rosary knot (A corded rosary knot is the best knot to do. See instructions for a rosary knot on the next page
  2. The Snake Knot is another traditional Chinese knot, though seldom known by people, it can truly play an important role in making jewelry ornaments by thread and cords.Our course today will show you how to tie a Snake Knot step by step, and after that, you will get to know how amazing the Snake Knot pattern is
  3. Wrap your bracelet around your wrist three times. Pinch the leather cord where it meets back up with the clasp end. Then add 2″ to get the right length. Slide the charm onto the cord to that point. Fold the end of the cord back on itself. 10. Tie a double overhand knot. This is the same knot you tied in steps 1 and 2
  4. Tie an overhand knot about three to four inches down from the bead, and then tie another one about an inch or so from the loose ends. Your one-yard length now looks like this: Attach the bracelet to a board, frame, or clipboar
  5. The prayer beads are a great way to decorate various jewelry. Commonly used in necklaces and sometimes bracelets (see how to make a prayer bead bracelet), the prayer bead is a useful way to make a round knot.This one can be used for decorative or functional uses
  6. Tip: Make sure that either your first or last bead is a large holed bead. That way you can hide your knot! To tie the knot, place one end over the other and tie a half knot. Tie a second half knot and pull the knot tightly. Tie another knot and pull tightly again. Repeat two more times, making sure you pull the knot tightly each time

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  1. Now make a knot on each end of the knot cord (lots of knots in this sentence!) and slide them up towards the main knot itself as you are pulling them close. Also make a knot at each end of the bracelet cords so they can't slip through the knot. You can decorate the knots with little beads or leave them plain. Step
  2. Finally, tie the ends together in a square knot 0r double knot. Since the jewelry cord can be slick, you may want to add a drop of super glue to the knot before you snip this ends. This will just help ensure that your bracelet does not come undone. You are now ready to wear or give this beautiful bracelet as a gift! What I use
  3. You're ready to tie up your bracelet when there's a space that's the size of one bead, which will be your crimp cover. In a regular bracelet, you'll need to leave a larger gap, but not with these stretchy bracelets. STEP 4 - TIE BRACELET KNOT. Time to tie your elastic cord into a knot. Just make a simple overhand knot and pull it tight
  4. 2. Tie a regular old knot in one end, and tighten it. Leave a few inches of extra string at the end before the knot. You'll need it at the end to tie the tassel. 3. Slide a lava bead (or any bead you want) onto the string, right up against the knot. 4. Tie another regular old knot on the other side of the bead
  5. Take one of the end pieces, pull it through the loops and tie back you can tie it in a knot if you think you can get it undone or you can tie it in a little bow. Either way That's how you do the double row zig zag shambhala style bracelet. Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! You recently viewed
  6. After you've beads till ⅓ of the needed hemp bracelet, continue regular braiding again. Keep doing it to cover the final ⅓ of the bracelet. Tie the final knot and use your scissor to truncate the remaining extra hemp twine. Maybe 5-6 cms from the knot. Enjoy your finished bracelet
  7. Beaded bracelet is one of the most popular kinds of bracelets.The beads can be made of different materials, designed into different shapes and come in different colors. Though some bracelets are ended with clasps, most beaded bracelets using elastic wires are knotted to end. In this article, we will show you how to knot beaded bracelets. 1. Elastic jewelry wires make it possible to slip the.

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STEP 4: Add knots to keep beads in the center. Once all of your beads are on the string, center them as best as you can. Next, use the tapestry needle as an awl to add a single knot at each end of the bead pattern. To do this, tie a loose knot close to the end of the bead pattern, place the tapestry needle in the center of the knot, move the. Ok, this bracelet may not be the most fashionable thing in the world, but it has its charm - a bracelet made of a piece of cord and a bead. Here is a tutorial to make this bracelet made with cord and some knots which form its adjustable fastening mechanism. If you believe in lucky stones, this is an easy way to wear it around your wrist

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Repeat this step until you have 10 beads in total. Step 5. Leave about 3 bead lengths and tie a double knot. Step 6. Secure your Sacrifice/Good Deed Bead Bracelet to your wrist by tying the string to the split ring. Start pulling beads and doing acts of love! St. Thérèse, the Little Flower, as a child, used a small string of beads in her. These knots and basics will get you started, but how you use them is up to you. Decorative knots make great jewelry, and you can also apply them to sewing projects as applique. Once you've mastered a few techniques, try combining multiple knots, adding beads to your creations, or varying the tying material out of the frayed end of your bracelet, feed 1 braided end through the loop. Then, tie the 2 braided ends together into a knot.[3] Take off your bracelet by simply untying the knot to separate the 2 braids. Then, just pull the bracelet away from your wrist. 4 Make a sliding knot if you want an adjustable bracelet 24 heishi spacers. two 4mm round beads at ends. To start this bracelet, use about 12″ of waxed cotton cord and slide all but 2 of the spacer beads to the middle of your cord. (You'll use the extra two spacers and 4mm beads for the end knots.) Tie a knot right against both ends of the spacers so the spacers are centered #4 - Start Stringing by Beads With Larger Holes One way to overcome the worry of how to hide a knot in a stretch bracelet, is to make sure your knot ends up where you might have a bead in the design with a larger hole, so you can slip the knot into that bead when you are done

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One might secure jewellery items such as beads and pendants using such knots which do guarantee around 60 percent efficacy. In order to tie this knot simple two steps are to be followed. Take one end of the knot and form a loop with itself. Pass the end through this loop and pull the end back. And you have to yourself the perfect overhand knot Tie the new cord around your ends with an overhand knot. From there, we'll start with the square knots. At this point, it's easier to turn your bracelet 90 degrees leaving your knot at the top. Step 4: Tie square knot after square knot until it's about an inch long. Step 5: Take your two working strands and tie an overhand knot to finish it off Add another bead, and continue until the bracelet is one inch smaller than you want the finished bracelet to be. After your final Celtic knot, tie another overhand knot and pull tight. Measure the diameter of the button clasp, and tie another overhand knot with that distance in mind, thus creating a loop for the button to pass through Step #1. Cut a piece of elastic cord long enough to fit around your wrist, plus about 6 extra inches. Step #2. String the beads onto the elastic cord. To keep the beads from sliding off one end, you can place tape on one end of the cord. Step #3. Tie knot in the cord Tie one set of strands into a tight double knot. This can be a little tricky as the bracelet will try to flip on you but just be patient! When the first knot is tied, tie the 2nd strand into a tight double knot. Then carefully place a very tiny dollop of clear nail polish on both knots

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For those of you who don't know what a square knot bracelet is, it's basically tied a string around a center string or grouping of strings the way you tie a shoe. A square knot are two of those tied knots but you alternate which string goes on top first. I'm also showing that in my video. I saw this bracelet for the first time on Free. Tie a knot on each end of your necklace or bracelet. These will become the handles you pull to tighten the necklace or bracelet. Tip: You might want to add a decorative bead before you tie the knots. Step 2: Set Up the End Strands. Lay one end of the necklace or bracelet pointing down, and the other end pointing up. Cut a second strand of. This sweet and simple beaded diamond bracelet use just a few seed beads and some thread and is finished with a sliding knot. You will need:-1.5m of S-Lon Thread-16x Size 6 or 7 seed beads-Scissors-Ruler-Superglue-Tap

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6. At this point the needle should be removed and a double knot tied at the end where the thread has 2 loose ends. This prevents the pearls from slipping off while you tie knots. 7. Push the pearls to the end of the thread where you tied a knot. (Not shown) 8. Bring the first pearl close to the clasp and tie a knot close to the first pearl Tie a knot in all three strands at the end of the braid. Remove the tape that holds the bracelet to the table. You should have a bracelet with beaded strands in the middle, small braids on either side and knots at both ends. Wrap the bracelet around the recipient's wrist and tie the two knotted ends together to make one larger, secure knot Of all the knots in this entire guide, this is one of the most useful and most versatile. Once you know how to make a snake knot, you can tie it over and over to make different projects. You can make a paracord lanyard and a paracord bracelet with the snake weave bracelet. We have an entire guide on just this one knot, that's how valuable it is Instructions for how to make a Lava Bead Bracelet: Cut a piece of elastic to the appropriate length required plus approximately 10 cm extra. String your beads and tie the bracelet using a surgeon's knot. Place a tiny dot of glue on the knot. Put a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on a few of the lava beads. Wear and enjoy Adding beads: Thread gold bead onto each end of crochet cord bracelet. Tie knots to prevent beads from sliding off. Snip ends to desired length (once pulled tight, my ends were 5 cm/2″ long). ***** These bracelets are quick to work up and have such a minimalist and chic look

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Tie a knot and string on your letter beads with the middle 2 pieces of string. Tie another knot at the end of your letters. Continue braiding until you have reached the length of your bracelet. String on your button. Thread 2 pieces of string through the button holes. If you have more than 2 holes, you can thread your string through more than once Make your measurements & pick your beads! Important Bracelet Measurements Tying an overhand knot requires 4 of leather (the knot consumes 1, the other 3 lend cord to tie) Creating the looped end with an overhand knot requires 8 I usually want 2.5'-3' to use for my wrist and so that's about what I've cut for this project. Step 2 Check you can thread the beads onto the thin thread before you begin! The bracelet is made by tying a series of square knots around the central thread. To begin, tie a knot at the end of the short, thin thread around a safety pin and pin it to something like a cushion to hold it in place. This is the central thread These prayer bracelet 's are also made as necklaces. Instead of 33 knots, they have 100 knots or even 300. We also offer beaded prayer bracelet 's made out of Semi-precious stone, Swarovski Crystals, Wood, and Glass

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Pull tight. Notice how this knot looks very similar to the same one that you use to tie your shoe. To complete the square knot, repeat the process starting from the opposite side. Take Strand 4 and make the start of a four, lay the end across Strands 2 & 3. Lay Strand 1 straight down over the top of Strand 4 Tie basic macrame knots to make a key chain or bracelet. By Rachel J. 1/14/11 4:04 PM. WonderHowTo. This tutorial shows you how to do two basic macrame ties, which you can use to make keychains, bracelets, chokers and other types of jewelry. Add beads, charms and other decorations to your projects - macrame is cheap, easy and fun

Then, thread the needle and tie a knot at the place you start to bead which is the left side warp thread). When tying the knot, don't forget to leave 4 to 6 inches of extra length of the thread. You will work with the extra length later after you are done beading It is also known as the improved barrel knot. Barrel bead knot - It is longer with more turns. Used for decorative purposes. If you are making it with 3 turns, you may refer to it as the triple barrel knot. Uses. Tying Sperry Top-Sider shoelaces (for duck or bean boots, boat shoes). Here it can be used as a tassel knot. To make cord rosary Use your bead needle to easily pick up the beads and slide them on your cord. 4. Once all beads are on the cord in the correct order, take the two ends of the cord, and tie a elastic cord knot (see photo 6) close to the beads and pull tight. 5. Follow the directions of the e6000 glue, dab the knot into the glue, and let dry Instead of putting six SS beads between Mars and Jupiter, put three SS beads, followed a tiny brown (irregular shaped) bead to represent the Asteroid Belt, followed by two more SS beads, and then Jupiter. **For those students with bigger wrists . . . More SS beads can be added to make the bracelet bigger (before they tie the knot) 9.Bring the right hand cord over the left. 10.Take the right hand cord under the main bracelet cords and up through the loop in the left hand cord. 11. Pull to tighten. This is now one complete square knot! 12.Repeat steps 2-11 to make four more complete square knots. 13.Tie an overhand knot or reef knot

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