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Free 2-Day Shipping on Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now So most hens can lay about 5 eggs a week (on average) for 3 years! this adds up to about 65 DOZEN EGGS. A chicken can grow fast and eat nearly 100 pounds of feed by the time she starts laying eggs. Its costly to feed a chicken for 6 to 8 months and provide labor and medical care too. Our prices reflect these costs Our pullets are female chickens that have been raised to at least 4-5 weeks of age. For details, please see the product page for the breed you are interested in. All of our breeds will grow to become laying hens when mature. However, we currently do not sell any ready to lay pullets, adult chickens, or hens that are already laying Anglia Poultry. Specialists in pure bred poultry and waterfowl. We are a family run business with lots of experience and knowledge in poultry and waterfowl. We are based on the outskirts of Dereham in Norfolk. Point of lay, Day old chicks, Hatching eggs and single birds . Full details of Poultry Breeder Anglia Poultr

Please click on the icon to view our Facebook Page Hi, my name is Pam and welcome to my website. I run a small family poultry business with my husband Dave selling point of lay fully vaccinated chickens. We are on the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds in the market town of Alford virtually opposite the fiv Chickens for sale point of lay Warren, light Sussex, Buff sussex, cockerels also available ready to collect. 7. gumtree.com . Report. 4 days ago. Large choice of point of lay pullets, hens and chickens. Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire. £20 . Lovely healthy young pullets all just starting to lay their first eggs

Suggested breeds for first time keepers looking for eggs: Warrens. Speckledy. Black Rocks. The best way to start keeping hens for eggs at home is to get some point of lay hens. This means that they're just about ready to start laying. Don't forget that you do not need a cockeral. Hens will happily lay an egg despite it being unfertilised Point Of Lay Hens E-mail: info@rjrchickenandeggssupply.co.za Mob. / WhatsApp: + 27 60 442 1136 | Tel + 27 11 083 648 Point Of Lay Chickens & Live Broilers Point Of Lay Chickens Mabhele Chickens does popular types of free range- chickens, fertile eggs and large range welkom@mabhelechickens.co.za P.O. Box 2169 Welkom, 946

Chickens for sale point of lay Warren, light Sussex, Buff sussex, cockerels also available ready to collect. 7. gumtree.com . Report. 2 days ago. Free Range Hybrid/warren Chickens for Sale - Sold Awaiting C . Tregaron, Ceredigion. £2 We are a 12 acre smallholding with an alpaca herd, pygmy goat herd and Glenns Hens poultry business. We often have sexed hybrid day old chicks for sale, along with Point of Lay vaccinated birds. Pure breed chicks and Point of Lay birds available. Hatching eggs sometimes available. Visitors to farm by appointment only Fertile Eggs Our hatching eggs for sale are of the highest quality! The quality of the hatching eggs is excellent and We package the eggs with the utmost care so that they don't get damaged during transport.We do however guarantee you that when the eggs leave our farm they will be fresh and well packaged!We have other clients for the moment we can supply 5040eggs per month

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Various For Sale Point of lay, Hybrids, Chickens, Ducks & Geese pullets hens. This advert is located in and around Sheffield, S Yorkshire. We have a large variation of poultry & waterfowl available, from our Rhode island Reds, Light Sussex to your most popular hybrids such as the Rhode Rock, Silver Sussex, Sussex Star, Bluebell, Speckledy,.. About. We are a family run business based on the borders of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire in West Wales. We have been keeping poultry for over 15years and our birds have gained a reputation for quality and productivity which we are very proud of. Our birds health is our priority, this is why we provide comprehensive health and. 'The commercial layers come from our own farm, the pure bred birds are also from our own farm, hatching eggs, chicks and point of lay birds are for sale. Please ring to find out what we have about!' _____ Holme Farm Poultry Chicken Breeds: Over 70 Breeds Of Poultry Including Rheas, Emus And Toulouse Geese. Address: Beck Bank Kirton Holme Boston. Point of lay hen'sStart with fresh point of lay -hens and a new coop.Layers we have beautiful young hens ,they lay very wellThey are 100% Free range chickens .Eating only from the best of Tokai fynbos .With the beautiful natural resources the chickens can roam freely.Come pick up your hen' s or roosters TodayGive us a call big or small orders. 6. Silkies and hybrid chicks. 97 miles | Luton. Silkie chicks and hybrid chicks available unsexed and at a reasonable price. Cute chicks in need of a good home 1 week old and healthy. We have a variety of colours. £3 each but we can make an offer depending on how... Read more >>. More >>

All of our chickens for sale are available at point of lay which is between 17 and 21 weeks of age and are vaccinated. Our selection of chickens which in turn will produce a lovely array of different coloured eggs, from dark brown, light brown, cream, pink, to blue and green. Birds are reared to an excellent standard, their welfare is paramount. These hens are excellent layers and are suitable for new chicken keepers. They are sold at point of lay (16-24 weeks old) and are fully vaccinated, providing them with lifetime cover. You can choose a variety of types as they live happily together. We can provide transport boxes for just £2 (suitable for up to 4 hens) Welcome to Newland Poultry - Based at the foot of the Malvern hills in Worcestershire, we sell point of lay chickens and everything you need to get started with chicken keeping including chicken housing, equipment, feed & bedding. We also stock horse feed, bedding and supplies as well as livestock feed.. We are passionate about hen keeping and welcome newcomers to this growing hobby We are happy to provide advice and assistance on all our breeds of chickens for sale. This list below contains our breeds - as some breeds are not always available please contact us for an update. Fertile eggs will be available during the breeding season at $50.00 & $60.00 per dozen plus postage Chickens For Sale. All Our Chicken Breeds Combine Great Laying With Family Friendliness! The main difference between the breeds is the length of their laying ability, some will lay eggs for as long as they live, others will lay for 2 years and soon after stop laying altogether

£12.50 For Sale Large choice of point of lay pullets, hens and chickens. This advert is located in and around Leyland, Lancashire. Lovely healthy young pullets,all just starting to lay their first eggs. All fully inoculated farm reared birds. Choose from Blue bells Black rocks. Light Sussex Amber lincs Rhode island red. Cuckoo.. Homepage for Peters Poultry - based in Epworth, North Lincolnshire, between Doncaster and Scunthorpe. Chickens for sale include pekins, brahmas, silkies, legbars, point of lay white star / silver highline / lohmann, ducks, geese Her lovely smokey blue plumage makes her an increasingly popular choice for small scale poultry keepers. She will lay 200 - 240 brown eggs per year. only £12.00. Pied Ranger Medium size bird. A popular bird for domestic situations laying 250 - 260 eggs per year. only £12.00 Welcome To Moonridge Farm. We have a wide variety of point of lay chickens, quail, ducks, poultry and water fowl for sale at our family farm here in Devon. We also sell a range of livestock ideal for small holdings. At Moonridge we are passionate about poultry and have vast wealth of experience in all aspects animal husbandry

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Chicken free to good home. 1 pure breed legbar (2month old)boy and a mix legbar boy (3 months). Both looking for a home to no fault of their own. Collection from brackla, bridgend. Read more >>. These are lovely docile birds, once settled into your system they will lay approx, 320 eggs in the first year Point of lay pullets/ Hens/ Chickens. Barnard Castle, County Durham. Hybrid point of lay pullets for sale Nice quiet birds just into lay £7 each Call or text 07730 845063 Laying Hens for Sale 2021 Catalogue - Prices and Stock. Laying Hens for Sale. Please phone in advance if you want to come to buy or look at the chickens. We open for Poultry Sales by appointment. You can call us on 0782 118 7160. The recommended minimum of birds if you are establishing a new flock is 3. If you are adding to a flock we recommend. Surplus hybrid chickens/ pullets/ hens for sale. Just started to lay. £4 to £6 Phone 07419119298. Hybrid Hens / Chickens / Pullets. Brown 'Warrens'. Premium quality hybrid 'Warrens' point of lay hens. These are at their prime point in life for maximum egg laying capability at up to 320 eggs per year We have the highest quality chickens that lay large to medium-sized eggs. We carry the best egg laying chickens that are healthy and will last for many years to come. Experience the difference in quality with our egg laying chickens for sale and find everything you need with our team's help. Join the Flock and Get 10% Off. Categories Categories

Our chickens for sale are close enough for pickup at our farm from the cities of Olympia WA, Tacoma WA, Seattle WA, Rochester WA, Centralia WA, and South to Portland, OR. We are located a few miles off Highway 12 in Washington near Oakville, Adna, Edna, and Aberdeen Washington. Below we have listed the types of chicks poults hens and roosters. Get a jump start on your eggs with our Black Star pullets. These hens are shipped at 15-22 weeks of age. They will start laying nice wonderful brown eggs at around 23 weeks of age — some even earlier. All McMurray Hatchery started pullets are farm-raised with free access to pasture for foraging Cackle Hatchery® even has a selection of rare breed chickens available. No matter which breed you choose, we can ship you baby chicks in no time. You can raise these chicks to lay more eggs, to serve as meat, or even just to keep around your home as pets. Browse our selection today, and give us a call at 417-532-4581 if you have any questions 12 pure bred Colombian Rock Chickens near point of lay. Born on April 13 and should start laying eggs early in August. Excellent dual purpose birds and very hardy. Selling only due to travel needs. $15.00 each. Call or text 780-982-6222 located in Barriere

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  1. Welcome to the Harepathstead Farm Web Site. We specialise in Chickens, Bantams and Point Of Lay pullets supplying to the trade all over the country and selling from the farm gate to individual customers at the weekend. Our farm is situated in the beautiful East Devon countryside just north east of Exeter
  2. Pullets. Keighleys supply chickens from day old to point of lay. The optimal age to purchase a pullet is from 15 to 17 weeks of age. This allows them time to adjust to their new surroundings prior to laying. A bird generally starts to lay from 18 to 20 weeks of age. Pullets are available for purchase through our shop
  3. We have a selection of rare, pure breed and hybrid hens for sale including Plymouth Barred Rock hens, Silver Sussex hens, Cream Legbar hens and Lavender Araucana. Our stock is free range, we offer rare breed fertile hatching eggs, point of lay and others on request. Barnvelder. Barred Plymouth Rock. Black Silkie
  4. g. Donations of £3-£4 per hen are requested. Cambridge Little Hen Rescue. A

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We have a variety of colours in these hens £22. Warren Excellent every day brown egg layers. Will lay 320 eggs in their first year . Ideal for first time poultry keepers and children. These birds are a commercial egg layer with a very friendly personality . £10. White Star This is the smallest of our hybrids a real dainty bird but still lays. We have a wide range of sexed poultry for sale, chicks to 18 weeks old. All reared naturally on site, socialised and hardened off. Breeds: Silver Sussex, Light sussex, Cuckoo Maran, speckled rock, Blackrock, Rhondda Ranger, Blues, Silver laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Cream Crested legbar

The ISA Brown is the most popular of all backyard layers. They are extremely friendly and lay plenty of large brown shelled eggs. All of our browns are vaccinated and sexed (Guaranteed girls). They are available all year round as sexed day olds for $13.50 or point of lay pullets for $24.00. PLEASE CHECK OUR IN STOCK COLUMN FOR AVAILABILIT

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Free Range Hens & Point Of Lay Chickens In 2005 I decided it would be really good to have a few chickens roaming around - free range hens of course as I understood that would be the best quality I could have for my kitchen and family diet and maybe get my littlest fellow to learn about food and where it comes from I bought 12 hatching eggs from Ryan (he gave me 13 - a bakers dozen) 6 (7) Colombian black tails and 6 cream Legbars. We hatched 12 healthy chicks. 6 girls and 6 boys - a good ratio. He was very willing to give advice. A pleasure to deal with. I would definitely buy from here again. Thank yo SPECIAL NOW ONLIVE BROILERSKslaf farming GROWING CHICKEN RIGHT For all your live bird salesFeel free to contact me Broilers from 1.6kg -1.8kg - 2kg - 2.5kg available Starting from R37.00 - R57.00Cornish, culls also available weekly call/visit to book yours Limited stocksResellers, whole salers welcomeWe are based in port shepstone Large quantities available Discounts on bulk orders Available. They're strong, solid young hens POINT OF LAY $22 each PREMIUM CHICKEN FEED 20KG FOR $21 BAG SAWDUST BIG BAG $10 Located in Midland area I'm open on Sunday from 9 to 4 Weekdays by calling me to arrange a time Please call or text Helen 0449. 925. 193 0449. 925. 193 Thanks for looking. $22. Bellevue, WA Chicken expert Suzie Baldwin has now opened HOLLYWATER HENS near Bordon in Hampshire, a smallholding where chickens rule. With over 300 hens roaming around there will certainly be one here to suit you. At Hollywater Hens we have a variety of organically reared hybrid and pure breed chickens for sale as well as turkeys and ducks

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Chickens for sale. Whether you're a large-scale commercial egg producer or a family looking for half a dozen chickens to rear in your own back garden, Hinchliffe's service combines friendliness and expertise backed up with the reassurance that comes from RSPCA Freedom Food and Lion Code certification i have 15 lay ing hens for sale they are not a year old yet they lay nices sizes eggs and better then any one u can... Garden & House Columbia 13 $ Purebred Welsummers - $75 (Round O) FREE Coop and all other accessories with purchase of our flock!!! 24 Young Black Australorp chickens We have 22... Garden & House Greenville 50 $ View pictures Lohman Brown Chicken. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings. ( 4 customer reviews) £ 18.00. A friendly 'girl next door' hen that lays 320 brown eggs. The Lohman Brown is a very popular, great with children ( a common trait amongst our chickens) and very placid. Brave and inquisitive as well !

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Our farm shop is open Wednesday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00 for produce, chicken supplies and we are offering appointments to collect chickens during the times. We currently have a lovely selection of chickens available at point of lay from our range of coloured hybrids including brown, white and blue/green egg layers Day old chicks can be found ranging in price from $3.00 to $15.00 each, while you can expect to pay around $35.00 for an average pullet. 2. Type of breed and bloodine history. The second major factor that will influence the value is the type of breed and quality of the bird's bloodline history sarah@charlotteschickens.co.uk. We are situated in Ashford, Middlesex / Surrey -. 5 minutes from Junction 1 M3 • Junction 13 M25. FEED • BEDDING • FEEDERS • DRINKERS • TREATS • HEALTHCARE. and plenty more. We stock Diatom Pure grade which Kills Redmite in days -. from £3 for 150gms, £12 for large bottle 500gm, £18 for 1.5kg.

50 Free range laying hens /Brown chooks chicken /egg pet bird. Free range home yard laying hens for sale. $13/each hen $25/for 2 hens $60 for 5 hens $110 for 10 hens $200 for 20 hens They are fully vaccinated. Age: about 11-12months old Breed: Hy-Line brown Laying now 50 hens available Pick up in Midland area Welcome to A & J Poultry. We are a family owned business located in the South West of England, specialising in breeding rare and traditional breeds of Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, Geese and Pea Fowl. Our emphasis is on the quality, purity and health of our poultry. Whether you are a first time keeper or long time enthusiast, we aim to.

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Point of Lay Chickens We currently have for sale:-Point of Lay Hybrids - £15.00 each. 14 x Warrens (Hybrid) - hatched 19/02/2021. 50 x Warrens (Hybrid) - hatched 01/03/202 Chickens and Shed. Chickens and Shed. £400. Category : Poultry. Advert Type : For Sale. Gender : Mixed Gender. Due to unforseen circumstances we are selling our chickens with their shed. There are 5 Hens, 2 Cockerels and 3 x 3 week old chicks. Shed is in good c.. We are the online shop of A&J Poultry selling Hatching Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Point Of Lay Pullets, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Pea Fowl and Guinea Fowl online 24/7, 365 days a year for customers who live too far away to travel to the Farm. Phone us on 07531 903067. Follow us on Facebook Point of Lay Chickens for sale in East Sussex, Hybrid Hens. Your basket is empty. Mantel Farm is a UK Limited Company Address: Mantel Farm Ltd, Henley Down, Catsfield, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9BN, United Kingdom Contact: Kerry Weller, Telephone: 01424 830357, E-mail: info@mantel-farm.co.u Broiler Chicken for sale at Stock price. R 49. Broiler chicken is available for sale (R55 per chicken). Stock price is available as well. We are ready to give you discount price for large number of stocks. For your orders, call: 074 476 2605 Whatsapp only: 074 604 1570.

Churchmans Farm. Yesterday at 2:18 AM ·. Point of lay chickens are ready to go, appointments available to collect this week. Please call 07841026690. 1010. 5 Comments Sussex Garden Poultry offers a range of Point of Lay Hybrid Chickens which lay a variety of white, cream, brown and blue eggs. WHEN ADDING TO AN EXSISTING FLOCK PLEASE DOUBLE YOUR NUMBERS. Please note we NEVER sell single hens.. Please bring a suitable box or carrier to collect your BIRDS. We do NOT accept credit cards, sorry. Chickens are guaranteed for 3 days from the date of your receip Chickens for sale Enborne, Newbury, Berkshire. Call us: +44 1632 96099. Organic. Chickens. THESE ARE THE HENS WE NORMALLY STOCK. PICTURES BELOW ARE A GUIDE TO WHAT THE HENS WILL LOOK LIKE, EACH BIRD IS INDIVIDUAL MARKED. AS THEY ARE HYBRIDS AND NOT PURE BREEDS, THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY OF SLIGHT DIFFERENCES IN EGG COLOUR Welcome to Craigievern Poultry . Our farm is situated near Drymen, Loch Lomond in Central Scotland, approximately 20 miles from Stirling and 13 miles from the North side of Glasgow. We supply poultry all year round. We are mainly a beef and sheep farm but have always had poultry which has grown over the past few years

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The female chicks are streaked with red or gold and can be separated from the solid white male chicks at one day old. This cross, which is one of the most popular used in commercial layer operations, is an efficient producer of large brown eggs Pet chicks for sale normally cost from about $3.00 to $7.00 per chick. Shipping a small order of live chicks can be expensive though. If you just want a few chicks, the total cost (including shipping and any applicable small order charges) will be about $50 to $75. If you are placing a normal sized order with a farm or hatchery (about 25.

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Point of lay brown lohmann chickens available for sale. Bethlehem, Eastern Free State. R 65. 4084 Point of lay brown lohmann chickens available for sale. We have on stock now 4084 brown point of lay lohmann chickens available They are ranging from 16.. Outgate Poultry. Farm. Open until midnight on Thursday. Get Quote. Call 07734 290025 Get directions WhatsApp 07734 290025 Message 07734 290025 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order R 100 Lohmann Brown point-of-lay hens for sale. Tierpoort, Bloemfontein Jun 24. R 110 Point of lays for sale. Boschfontein, Heidelberg Jun 23. R 100 Point of lay lê henne. Rondebosch, Louis Trichardt Jun 19. R 1,800 Hyline Silver Laying Birds. Silver Lakes, Pretoria Jun 18. R 50 Two year old laying hens only red left

We have for sale eggs for food, chickens and ducks for pets, fertile eggs for hatching and more. We have warrens and different coloured hybrids (all good layers). We have Poultry feed and accessories for sale. Call to arrange to visit us at Hare Lane, Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1FR R 265Live Chicken Crates (Holds 10) Forest Haven, PhoenixToday. R 305Epol Broiler Chicken Feed (Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3) Forest Haven, PhoenixToday. R 1,200Black australorp chickens. Despatch Central, DespatchToday. R 60Hardbody chicken. Bloemdustria, BloemfonteinToday. R 45Eggs for sale and Chickens

Poultry for Sale Post an Ad. White Chinese geese below sold delmark88 Teven 06 Aug 2021 Blue Leghorn & Black Leghorn point of lay pullets hotfords Esk Qld 03 Aug 2021 SILKIE PAIR SOLD johncosic Park Ridge, SE Qld 03 Aug 2021 pair call ducks pearcey swanpool vic 01 Aug 2021. Welcome to Vale of York Poultry, suppliers of high quality specialist poultry for domestic customers and small holders. We are based on a small farm 3 miles north east of York in the village of Stockton-on-the-Forest. Following my parents who started breeding & selling poultry here in 1955. We aim to bridge the gap between the productive yet. Point of lay chickens for sale, poultry/ chicken housing/ coops, Omlet's Eglu Go, and Go Up, plus poultry accessories, feed and hen boarding/holidays. We are based in Leatherhead, Surrey. Telephone (01372) 458320 or 07963 013597. E-mail - southmead-poultry@hotmail.co.u White leghorn cross new hampshire chickens, point. Far country, Victoria. $ 25. White leghorn cross new hampshire chickens, point of lay 25 each located purdeet, victoria, between penshurst and caramut possible local delivery, 1276167392. gumtree.com.au Staffordshire Chickens. A family-run supplier of Chickens and related Supplies. Update - 22/02/21. All Hybrid Birds are now in stock call for details! 07748 635116. We remain open and now run an appointment system for all sales. Please just call ahead on 07748 635116 or 07771 767634 and we can book you in at a time to suit you

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Looking for chickens for sale?We have access to a wide range of chicken breeds through our poultry breeders network. From bantams to standards to ornamental and exotic chicken breeds, we can source the best chickens and other poultry for your backyard chicken coop!If you're a passionate breeder and wish to be apart of Australia's largest poultry breeder database, please contact us for an. Address: Parklea, Poynton Road, Shawbury, Shropshire, SY4 4JP (SY4 4SJ) Brings you closer ! Mail: shropshirepigandpoultrycentre@gmail.com. Phone: 01939809703 Mob: 07519547284 Mob: 07527639045. Please get in touch if you would like to Purchase birds as we are open by appointment only. Contact Us Poultry Accessories, Supplies & Live Chickens. Our family-run business has been enabling Australian families to enjoy plentiful, high-quality eggs for over 8-years! We provide you with the friendliest and best-laying hens together with our highest grade, family chicken feed . Our superior-grade backyard chicken supplies and extensive. Point of lay hybrid hens Point of lay hybrid hens Point of lay hybrid hens. We have plenty of beautiful point of lay hybrids hens including blue, green and dark brown egg layers. Contact US. 07767 822575

01963 363659 / 07474079026 for details. Buy Point of lay chickens from here in Dorset. Hybrid Pullets, Bantams & Pure Breeds. We are a small family concern based in the middle of the Blackmore Vale in beautiful Dorset. You can find our full range for sale on this website Some of us want to look for chickens with certain attributes - such as a specific breed, a certain age (point-of-lay, pullet, baby chickens), and of course how far away we need to travel to pick them up! Exciting news, we have launched a new service where we will find your chickens. No matter where you live, we probably have a breeder near you Purebred poultry in Herefordshire. Selling hatching eggs to point of lay hens. We, in line with a lot of other breeders, have had a pretty slow start to our breeding season. Firstly we had to contend with Avian Flu lock down and then some less than helpful weather conditions. We are now hatching every week trying to build up our pullet numbers Based in South Wales Near to Brecon, Abergavenny, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Monmouth, Builth Wells, Merthyr Tydfil. We are a family run farm diversifying in 1992 into free range poultry. We sell chickens (large and bantam), ducks & ducklings, geese, peacocks, incubators, poultry housing, feeders, drinkers and lots more direct to the public. a new flock of point of lay pullets available now. THEY HAVE COMPLETED THEIR 16 WEEK VACCINATION PROGRAMME AND BEEN WORMED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ARRANGE A COLLECTION SLOT PLEASE PHONE OR TEXT ON 07775166938

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Hyline. Tel: 01501 229735. Our free-range chickens are reared on our small poultry farm in natural, grassy surroundings with ample space to give them the best possible start in life. We have hens for sale all year round and are happy to advise you on the right breed and number of hens for you. We can supply boxes for transporting your hens, but. We deliver our healthy and fully vaccinated birds Australia wide. Choose Bonds Backyard Layers for your very own layer chicks. We sell wholesale chickens in to the Lockyer Valley near Gatton , QLD. Call us today on (07) 46977800 to learn more Situated in the Yarra Valley Wagner's Poultry is little over an hour's drive from Melbourne, Australia. Wagner's Poultry was established in 1965 as a family business, and continues to operate as such with the third generation now involved. Find out more About Us. Check out our new Sho Chickens are easy to keep and can make great pets for children and adults alike, as well as supplying you with your very own free-range eggs. We have a variety of chickens for sale at point of lay, all of which have been grass reared here on our farm. So, whether you are an experienced poultry keeper or are keen to start a new hobby, we are.