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Browse through the greatest selection of merino wool online. Your One-Stop Craft Shop. Buy merino wool yarn online today Merino Wool Felting wool Merino wool roving Felt wool Wool Rove Wool Roving for Felting Spinning Weaving Needle Felting supplies Wet felting. woolexperts. From shop woolexperts. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,161) 2,161 reviews. Sale Price $8.25. $8.25 $11.78. Original Price $11.78 Merino Wool Felting wool Merino wool roving Felt wool Wool Rove Wool Roving for Felting Spinning Weaving Needle Felting supplies Wet felting. woolexperts. From shop woolexperts. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,930) 1,930 reviews. Sale Price $3.67. $3.67 $5.24. Original Price $5.24


Felting Wool Merino Fiber + 3 Shades Silky Fibers and Roving Wool for Needle and Wet Felting Kit Great for Beginners Free Instructions Autumn 3.6 out of 5 stars 2 $19.99 $ 19 . 9 High quality merino wool is perfect for wet and needle felting and nuno felting projects such as scarves, jewelry, and flat work. You will love this roving and the incredible colors. This wool is from well cared for sheep, conscientiously raised, and is free from harmful chemicals. # 507 - ounce - $2.75. #507 - 4 oz. - $9.99 Merino wool is a very soft, fine wool that is a favorite of wet felters. Merino sheep originated in Spain, but today, most merino wool is sourced from Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Merino wool has a natural crimp and a staple length of around 3 inches, but its softness is by far the most notable aspect Merino wool is perfect for needle felting and nuno felting projects that will be worn close to the skin. merino wool fiber is the finest and silkiest of our dyed wool rovings. 21-22 micron fiber, staple length approx. 7.5 cm (3 ins) One ounce is about a yard and a half of 2 thick roving. One pound is about a volleyball-sized amount of roving. Superfine Merino Wool Roving. Imported from Australia by Outback Fibers. Superfine 18.5 micron. Excellent for wet felting and nuno felting. Color-fast and light-fast. Outback Fibers offers an extensive color line of beautiful colors. We stock over 85 colors of 18.5 micron Superfine Merino wool roving. We are committed to providing feltmakers.

Merino is the most common fibre found and popular for felting. It comes in almost every colour imaginable and is normally sourced from Australasia or South Africa. It is very soft with a staple length of about 3-4 inches (length of each fibre) and has barely any crimp. It is great for wet felting but less good for needle felting as it takes so. When you start out, I would try to make sure you have all the same kind of wool - different colors are fine, but get all Corriedale or all merino. I taught a class once with some beautiful mystery fiber - all but one color in the mix felted really well and the navy blue didn't felt at all Choosing the correct type of wool for felting is very important when you wet felt wool. I use Merino Wool Tops or Roving for most of my projects. Always lay your wool at 90 degrees to the previous layer when laying down your fibres; 5-6 thin layers are always preferable to using 2-3 thick layers

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Merino wool top is perfect for wet felting, and nuno felting. Merino wool top is especially good for felting scarves, hats, wet felting arm warmers and next to the skin felted apparel and accessories. We are carry fine and super fine merino top. Our 100% Merino wool comes from different parts of the world including Australia Wet felters and Nuno felters love our Merino wool rovings for how quickly and smoothly it felts. Enjoy all of our fun colors of 16 or 19 microns Merino, including our gorgeous honey, leaf, teal, ash, bay, amber and many more! We even offer a variety of beautiful wool and silk blends to give your projects a smoother texture

Flamingo Merino Wool Roving for Wet Felting, Needle Felting, Nuno Felting, Spinning, and Weaving. $ 3.75 Add to cart. 1 Wool. Huge Selection of Wool for Needle Felting, Wet Felting. & Nuno Felting! 100's of Colors to Choose From! Wool for felting and needle felting is our specialty! From Core Wool, to our coveted MC-1 Wool Felting batts, to Merino Top and New Zealand Corriedale or any of our specialty locks, we have the wool for your felting, needle felting and. Outback Fibers supplies wool and silk fiber for traditional and nuno felting. Our top quality Merino wool roving, needled prefelts, and silk fiber is used by fiber artists who look for the best. Felting instructions, feltmaking videos. 60+ colors. Call us on 512-222-9665 or 800-276-5015 51 COLORS AVAILABLE - click Weir Crafts at top of listing, then wool roving section, to see all colors. 。 Buy this very fine, pure wool roving by the ounce, get exactly the colors you want! Merino is perfect for both needle felting, wet felting, as well as spinning and more. Many luscious colors to choose from! 。 。 。 Merino Wool. This felting fabric is made from fine Merino that is carded and then finely needled into pre-felt yardage. These batts have been slightly felted by needles so they make a perfect base onto which you can needle felt or wet-felt a design. Available in white, grey, black, but is easily dyed. Sold in 2 different sizes, 14 x 94 (for scarfs) & 28.

I am very excited to introduce this beautiful 100% Merino Wool batting to the shop! This is DHG extra fine carded merino wool batting. Merino wool is a beautiful material to work with and is known for its softness and gentle sheen. It has many uses in fiber and textile art such as dry needle felting, wet felting, nuno felting, and spinning I use Merino wool when combining wet felting and needle felting in all of my sculptures. (Learn how to combine needle felting and wet felting in the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy) I will be giving Merino Wool a score of 8 on a scale of 1-10. Pros. It's super soft; it felts well; It is the best for wet felting; easy to find; Con This simple step by step free wet felting tutorial utilizes a tumble dryer, a balloon, a bubble-wrap template and some beautiful brightly colored merino wool roving to create this stunning bird pod Merino Wool Roving, Premium Combed Top, Color Black, 21.5 Micron, Perfect for Felting Projects, 100% Pure Wool,Made in The UK. . Super Soft Merino Wool Fiber. Colorful Combed Top Roving for Hand Spinning, Needle Felting, Wet Felting, soap Making and Dryer Balls. Luck of The Irish 19 micron and 23 micron Merino Wool Roving, Finn Wool Roving and Batts, Ramie and Flax Fibers, Pencil Roving, and Wet Felting Tools from Santa Fe Wool & Supply Co

Felting Supplies Australia. Based in Perth, we ship wool rovings & a range of felting supplies Australia wide and overseas. Unicorn Fibres specialises in quality felting wool, felting tools and fabric for nuno, wet felting and needle felting. Our fibre and fabric supplies for felting also suit other fibre crafts such as spinning, weaving, textile art & doll making Merino white 01 wool top 10g. Our wonderful super soft 23mic merino 01 white wool tops are perfect for wet felting, needle felting and spinning. We recommend that you model your projects using core wool and then use this merino to colour over the top of your project. As a tip, if you have never used merino wool tops for needle felting you need.

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Mar 22, 2017 - Our merino wool roving is a great choice for wet felting, needle felting, and nuno work. It is super soft, felts quickly, and has a fantastic smooth finished surface. Plus it comes in over 100 colors. See more ideas about roving, wet felting, merino Merino Wool Pre-Felt Luxury Pre-Felt CHECK THIS OUT! FIBRE FILL & WADDING. FIBRE FILL & WADDING Wet Felting Accessories. What Can This Do. add. Needle Felting. Wet Felting. loop. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to receive emails with latest news from World of Wool. You can unsubscribe to these at any time

Not all wool will felt well. Some types of fleece take a very long time to form into a cohesive unit which can be fulled. Some types of fleece will never make a strong, tight felt. This chart lists some of the types of wool I (or my felting friends) have successfully used for felting. Remember that not all wool is good for every type of felting Assorted Colour Wool Sets* Pure Merino Wool for Needle and Wet Felting Wool Tops White Blue Pink Yellow Mint Lilac, Packs of 60g (Set F) 4.7 out of 5 stars 5 £5.60 £ 5 . 6

PRESS to choose Felting Needles. Something went wrong. View cart for details High quality wet felting kit . Fun and easy for any age. The kit contains: 200 grams of the finest soft merino 70s tops (21 Micron) - Merino is the best quality wool to felt with in 20 beautiful colours including pinks, blues, greens, orange, yellow, grey, browns, purples, reds, black and white; . one large piece of bubble wrap. one large piece of voil A fresh load of hand carded extra soft merino and merino-silk batts in wonderful vibrant colors are now available in my etsy shop All The Pretty Fibers :o) The carded fibers are perfect for wet/nuno felting and handspinning. Also all of my repeatable handspun chunky merino yarns are back in stock. They are 111yds per Continue reading This is most commonly found as Merino wool which is a very straight, fine fibre, but could be any breed. Merino Tops: Great for wet felting (with soap and water), surface colouring, our needle felted water soluble paper flowers (free flower tutorial here

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  1. Corriedale can also be used for wet felting, but it is better blended with a faster felter like Lincoln or Merino. Adding Corriedale to a wet felted project helps to slow the felting process giving you more control over the final result. It also tends to make the final project a little more bulky
  2. Bag Wet Felting Course For Beginners and Advanced. Free wet felting course for beginners. Learning how to work with wool using a resist. Easy to follow instructions and lots of inspirations along the way. Enroll now
  3. Felting Wool. Custom Woolen Mills Carded Wool is ideal for use in both wet felting and needle felting. Using the woollen milling system, our carded wool is brushed, not combed, creating a continuous web with fibres travelling in all directions. This characteristic significantly aids in the laying-out process of wet-felt making and quickens the.
  4. These merino wool fibres with no added synthetics are specially and carefully dyed to preserve good felting and fine spinning properties. Our 28-30 microns wool tops are great to work with. They felt nice in wet and needle felting, carding, embellishing, and they have lots of other craft and hobby uses
  5. Wool Felt & Felting Kits. At Custom Woolen Mills we produce a large selection of supplies for needle felting, wet felting, and fibre arts. These include 100% wool rovings, 100% wool merino and rambouillet felting batts, 100% wool felt, and mohair locks dyed in a variety beautiful colours. We also carry a large selection of felting needles and.
  6. wet felted wool,soft,no shedding,no pilling, super chunky merino wool superfine wool roving DIY needle felted wool 90S,17.5mic,25g/m,100% merino wool DIY felt wet needle fel
  7. Wet Felting. Wet felting is the process by which animals fibres, such as wool, are made into a sheet of non woven fabric through a combination of wetting and agitation, making the fibres shrink and lock together. Usually, this is done by laying out rows of wool tops, 3 or 4 layers thick

In this craft, needle-felting intertwines the wool fibers with each prick of a barbed tool. Handmade pillows show off the details made from three types of wool. There's a halo of yellow merino-wool roving, three yarn patterns (including one with a loose square knot), and felt oval cutouts, all needle-felted to the pillow fabric March 24, 2016. April 1, 2016. / Karen Lane. Yesterday I decided to make another vessel, along the lines of my yellow and grey one, but this time I wanted a simpler, more rounded finish. I started by making several strips of green Merino, wet felted (very lightly) onto organza. By laying a sheet of Lutradur over a piece of Vilene and applying. There are two main processes in wool felting the dry and the wet. Dry involves the use of needles in a punching motion. Wet is utilizing soapy water and friction so that the fibers will interlock with each other. MERINO FIBERS are the chosen ones because they have an available range of fine fibers that are very soft against the skin Wet Felting Kit Beginners, Felting Supplies for Nuno Felting, DIY Kit, Merino Wool, Viscose Fibers, Creativity Starter Kit, Supplies Wet Felting Kit Beginners, Felting Supplies for Nuno Felting, DIY Kit, Merino Wool, Viscose Fibers, Creativity Starter Kit, Supplies $ 50.00. Sold by: The Garden of Felt by Marin

Merino is a fabulous fiber for spinning yarn, wet felting and needle felting! The merino is one of the world's most ancient breeds of sheep. Merino fibers are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibers Wool Information. $15.20. These beautiful merino tops come from both Australia and South America and are carefully selected to ensure constant quality over time. They are mulsing free and dyed in DHG's own dye house which is GOTS 5.0 and GRS certified. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Merino. Merino shrinks about one third, less the thinner it is applied. This very soft and fine wool is wonderful to work with. Details are more accurate than with other types of wool. Merino is the best wool for Nuno Felting on silk or cotton gauze. With the proper felting needle Merino can be delicately molded without single hairs protruding

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Alpaca Red/Brown Natural Wool Tops - great for angel hair from £7.20 Angelina Fibre - heat bondable/fusible, sparkly, glittery - 7g £4.00 Aquamarine - dyed Mountain Sheep carded wool batts - various weights from £5.50 Baby Pink dyed New Zealand Merino carded wool batts - various weights from £5.40 Bamboo Fibre Tops - soft golden, vegan fibre - 20g bag Out of stoc In a nutshell: Wet felting is the process of combining layers of wool roving and/or wool yarns into one flat piece of felt fabric. This is what folks think about as the traditional or oldest felting method. Nuno felting is the process of felting wool roving and/or wool yarns onto another fabric We show samples of our merino cross batting, new zealand corriendale, merino top, merino silk blends and more. Also covers which wool you might choose for your wet felting and needle felting projects. HAVE FUN! www.LivingFelt.co

100% pure merino wool tops in the Basic Colours* Theme of dyed wool in packs of 90 grams. There are nine different colours in each packet, and the weight of each colour is about 10 grams.. These are the perfect packs for beginners wanting to try out felting or embellishing or for experienced wool workers looking for small amounts of wool to finish a project merino felting wool wholesale are certified as pure and are thus ideal for the creation of luxurious products. merino felting wool wholesale from the site have a host of enviable features such as low abrasiveness and lesser incidence of static electricity. These. merino felting wool wholesale are available in singular colors as well as.

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  1. 80 colours* 100% Pure Merino Wool Tops for Needle and Wet Felting 10 - 150 g. AU $4.37 + shipping + shipping + shipping. 79 Colours 100% Pure Merino Wool Tops Roving for Dry and Wet Felting, 20 - 100 g. AU $5.65 + shipping + shipping + shipping
  2. Our wonderful super soft 23mic merino neutral 04 wool tops are perfect for wet felting, needle felting and spinning. We recommend that you model your projects using core wool and then use this merino to colour over the top of your project. As a tip, if you have never used merino wool tops for needle.. £0.75
  3. Lavender Merino Wool Felted Soap Handmade Flowers, Home Decor All of my designs are free formed, I never use stencils or patterns so everyone is unique!**The soap I use is an all natural lavender soap made from the purest ingredients and essential oils that makes a rich lovely lather
  4. dfully made using needle felting and wet felting combined to create a smooth, tactile finish to this quirky slice of summer! Each seed has been carefully stabbed into this piece, with details extending to the back- just for you! Each slice consists of 7-9 seeds, finished.

Wet felting tool and net for fast and efficient felting of wool fibres at the wetted out soap solution stage. Place the net over the wet fibres and use in a circular motion.Cuts the amount of rolling needed and speeds up the whole wet felting process Felt Hat Handmade Oatmeal- One Hat- undyed wool wet felted unisex hat. Handmade in Ireland from Superfine Merino Wool with One Circle Detail. This is One- the range made from natural colour superfine merino wool with circle detail. Made from wool from a local producer, finished on a block from local tool maker this hat will give you the. I have been doing loads of wet and nuno felting, and many needle felting projects too. But crocheted felting? Okay, to keep this story short, I handspun a heavy worsted (aran) single yarn (2×3.5oz/110yds) from my 24 micron merino rovings, that can be Continue reading. The crocheted felting experiment. Posted by. alltheprettyfibers June. Silk merino mixed wool roving I find this great to use in wet felting projects as well as decorative accents in needle felting as the wool itself is very soft and takes ages to felt. Can be found in a huge range of colors and I have bought this easily off ebay from a lady who dies her own wool

Also available merino tops kits with selection of 10 different colours for £2.25 each. A Beginner's Introduction to Wet Felting. Watch this short Video Demonstration of wet felting. REMEMBER- You are welcome to order any quantity of yarn you wish from 1 ball up, but of course the p&p will be cheaper for larger quantities Ashford Wool Packs- Carded Corriedale Sliver. Convenient seven color packs of Ashford's popular 30 micron Corriedale Sliver pre-packaged in 100gm bags. The Ashford Corriedale Sliver is made of 100% pure New Zealand wool. It is perfect for all your fiber crafts including needle felting, wet felting, spinning, blending and carding The Ashford Scarf Felting Kit is an easy wet felting project, perfect for a beginning felter or as a quick handmade gift or just to treat yourself. The Ashford Merino-Silk Scarf Felting Kit comes complete with a piece of Silk Chiffon the size for the scarf, Merino-Silk wool for felting and instructions Nuno Felting How To In our Nuno Felting How To Basic Instructions section, you'll find basic information on how to nuno felt. My favorite nuno felting projects are scarves. Creating nuno felt scarves is fun and easy especially when you start with our merino wool prefelt or merino wool roving and one of our blank silk scarves (pre-dyed with a rolled edge hem) as a canvas Mane and Tail Wool Roving Collection for Needle and Wet Felting Horses and Animals Featured Item Alpine Beauty Companion Course Kit, needle felting, wool painting, 2d felting $25.00 Shop Now Collections. Bulky Carded Corriedale Merino Roving Carded Merino Tools.

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Felting Supplies. Wool Felt - Felt Yardage. WFP8. 100% Local Wool Felt, 36X44 - Strong, soft, versatile, in a natural and/or dyed hues. Available in 8oz, 12 oz, or 1 pound weights. Perfect as a chair throw, bed pad, wall art, pet cushion or a base for your own artistic endeavor. $25.00 DHG 19 micron merino variegated temperas 12 great colorways. merino top 21.5 micron limited stock available right now (5/4/21) Hand-Dyed BFL Blue-Faced Leceister. Nube merino from Malabrigo 19 micron. Needle Felting Batts. 1 color per bag. Maori Wool from DHG. Animal/skin colors for needle felting. Mixed bags included! Chubut Wool - 16.5. Merino Wool Pre-Felt Luxury Pre-Felt CHECK THIS OUT! FIBRE FILL & WADDING. FIBRE FILL & WADDING. All Carded Polyester Fibre Fill Wet Felting | Accessories. Refine Clear All expand_less expand_more. Sort by. expand_more. Range. add. Wet Felting Accessories. What Can This Do. add. Wet Felting. How to Wet Felt a Bird Pod Using Merino Wool Fibers. January 26, by Shellie Wilson. Leave a Comment. This adorable felted bird pod is created using a Balloon as a base and some wet felting muscles. This felting tutorial is easy to follow and you can learn how to make your own felted bird house here Huge range of brightly coloured wool tops from merino sheep. 21, 23 and 25 micron diameter fleece. From 50g per bag. Ideal for dry and wet felting or spinning. Merino wool is one of the softest sheep's wools available, due to the finer, smaller scale on it's fibers. It has anti-bacterial properties and an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio

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Wool roving for felting Cotton gauze or silk gauze fabric (lightest weight) cut to 6 -10 inches wide X 60 - 72 inches long then the width of your wool layer would be about 11 inches) Wet the piece of gauze fabric with cold water, then press the water out of the fabric Wool felting foam bases. Needle holder tools. Animal eyes. Wet-Felting Tools. Ballbrauser. Extra wide Bubble wrap. Resist by the meter Felting Wool (available in many colours): 14.5 micron (white only) 16 micron roving (select colours) 18 micron merino roving in almost 100 colours (photo does not include all current colours in stock Perfect for hand felting, hand spinning and many other craft uses. Our dyed Merino range conforms with EN71. Microns: 23mic. Fibre Length: 75-80mm. Top/Roving Length: 4 metres per 100g. Top/Roving Width: 1 inch. (All measurements are appoximate) Commercial Acid Dyed conforming to: Oeko-Tex 100 Quality System Merino wool - South Africa (362) show Merino wool - South Africa; Melange colored (18) Mixed Packs (10) Solid Colours 10g (66) Solid Colours 50g (66) Wet Felting (18) show Felting Equipment - Wet Felting; Olive Oil Soap (8) Other Equipment (10) Felting Equipment - Dry Felting (54). The felting stage is done when you see tiny hairs of wool coming through the scarf. Click Here for an Image c) Nuno Felting How To - Fulling How to re-wet the project. With the nuno felting project unrolled on the rolling mat, remove the cold water from the nuno felting project by blotting it with a towel or sponge

THE PRICE IS REDUCED!!! REGULAR PRICE IS $69!!! This beautiful very delicate scarf is made with the traditional wet felting technique . It features a beautiful combination of shades of hand painted extra fine Merino wool (Orange, Turquoise / Blue, Green) It has elegance and comfort, easy to match and it's the perfect accent piece to go with your favorite winter or spring coat Buy Wool Roving & Fibre pay later AfterPay, Humm or Zip with free shipping orders over $99*.Large range of wool tops, roving & sliver including merino, silk, alpaca, corriedale wool roving and fibre. Great for wet felting, needle felting and spinning.. Quality Wool Roving & Fibre & natural fibres. Shop best price yarn, wool roving & fibre, knitwear & sheein, knitting, crochet, weaving. Felting is a one-time process. It is not comparable to washing or cleaning Merino wool. Felting is a way of altering or changing the structure of the wool. We created our own medium Wet felted Merino wool that will not have shedding and pilling but will still retain its softness. Just add this item to the cart. Please make sure you are choosing. We have all your felting supplies, from felting wool to felting needles, as well as advice on needle felt and how to fel

Try Wet Felting Play with felting wool, water and soap to make felt food, felted pictures, toys & decorations. Fun for all ages from preschoolers up. Learn Needle Felting Older children may enjoy the absorbing craft of making almost anything you can imagine with a little wool and a felting needle. Start Spinning Yar The base is in beige wollen knitted fabric , I decorated with exotic fibers,silk chiffon and silk fibers,Felt clothing , Felting cardigan , Nunofelting application ,Felt art ,Soft merino wool ,Wet felting, Moda artistic design, This cardigan is hand made from australian merino wool by wet felting ,Online Exclusive,Both comfortable and chic,Authentic goods are sold online,Top Selling Products.

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This combed Merino Wool top is 21.5 microns, and is popular for use in needle felting, wet felting, and spinning. The wool takes color well, so we are able to offer a wide range of vibrant colors. Staple length is 70mm or 2.75. We have done our best to display the colors as accurately and true as possible, but dye lots may differ slightly, and. You also need wool fiber, either in a batt or roving. (A batt is formed by carded fibers, a roving is combed fibers). Only a couple of ounces will do for a sample piece about 8 inches across. Merino wool felts best due to its fine fibers. Wool fibers are fairly fragile until they are felted

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Carded Corriedale wool is very similar to Perendale and brilliant for needle felting as a joy to model with. Corriedale wool can also be used for wet felting and spinning so a very versatile fibre.Corriedale sheep are a cross breed of Lincoln and Merino and is the oldest of the cross bred sheep.Ou Corriedale wool is a cross breed of Marino and Lincoln sheep to make a very soft but thick wool which is ideal for Needle felting , Wet Felting, spinning and other crafts - 25-30 microns. Sourced from a UK Wool Mill and of the best quality The pack contains 40 different colours of 70's (21.5 micron) non-toxic Merino Wools. Suitable for needle-felting, wet-felting and spinning. Each colour is an average of 3gm giving minimum of 120gm per pack. The colours may vary slightly from those shown depending on availability - the photo however will be a good representation This beautiful blend of Merino wool and golden bamboo is reminscent of Cimbidium orchids, the colours work so well together. Perfect for laying out and wet felting, needle felting and handspinning yarn. The bamboo will get trapped by the merino and create a wonderful texture in your wet felting. Price is per 100g braid. 85% Merino Wool 15% Bambo Fine soft felted arm warmers in grey with stone mosaic motif, wet felted in nunofelt technique, I am happy to make the cuffs in other sizes and colours, Please contact me, Material: 100% merino wool Decorative fibres: silk, viscose Size/Dimensions: Length: about 23 cm Circumference: approx,Shopping with Unbeatable Price,Savings and offers available,Discover The Largest Selection Of Luxury

Felting and Needle Felting Wool. MC-1 Merino-Cross Fast Felting Batts NZ Corriedale Wool Roving Merino Top Merino Silk Blends Specialty Designer Packs Exotics, Locks & Other Fibers Undyed, Natural Fibers Core Wool-----Needle Felting Kit Wool For Felting Wet Felting Supplies 1 oz Light Pastel Purple Merino Wool Top South American 27 mic SA27,Light Pastel Purple Merino Wool Top South American 27 mic SA27 Wool For Felting Wet Felting Supplies 1 oz,Join our Email Newsletter and get an instant 10% off your order by subscribing here: https://www,acornsandtwigs-blog,com/etsy. These felting wool packs make great project starters and studio builders!! We have some wonderful fun packs of merino wool for your felting and needle felting projects. Over 30 Luscious Colors of fast felting wool to create with! See all felting wool

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Our DHG wool is equally good for wet felting and spinning projects! This wool is MULESING FREE. This DHG Maori wool is available in Hollyhock colour. Hollyhock is a peachy pink shade, lighter than #105 in Carded NZ but similar in colour. Pantone 7611 (my guess only) The body is needle felted BFL and Gotland cross (from Judy Colvin in Montana). I needle felted angora goat locks into it and then laid it on my rolling mat and placed a layer of white merino wool on top, then wet felted it. The sleeves are silk and wool felted then dyed charcoal Felted merino wool mittens from Australian Merino wool 18-micron fineness, baby alpaca bland fiber and of the fibers of silk . The mantra made on needle felting. Very warm and beautiful. Soft and durable, made using the reinforcing silk material, which does not allow gloves to deform. Materials: merino wool, silk, fiber of the silk

Tutorial - How To Make Flat Felt (Wet Felting) (rosiepink)Tutorial - Wet Felt Making for Beginners (rosiepink)cracked mud felting technique and a new challenge (rosiepink)